Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why we're not an intelligent country

Trending right now at least when I first signed in around 10:30 this morning are:

(1) Gaga boyfriend
(2) Kim Kardashian
(3) Katy Perry and Rus......
(5) Rachel Uchitel

I never got this, you go to the library let's say or are at home and have a very valuable chunk of Time and you're looking this stuff up? So what was I trending just now? Old black news anchor Bill McCreary who once hosted a show in NYC called Black News in the '70s on Channel 5 and oh yes I found for Saty a fully employee-owned company at and just the other day I was googling different detox teas and that whole subject and well I'm eclectic but not stupid. Did you know there's such a thing as Radio Frequency Hearing which often gets misdiagnosed as tinnitus? I mean I follow the Gaga stuff just a touch, tangentially like I know she's 25 and doesn't have a boyfriend (Patrick get in there!) but millions of Americans googling these same stupid subjects day in and day out across the fruited plain? amateur experts on pop ephemera and we VOTE!!! Kelly Clarkson just endorsed Ron Paul btw ( So I'm gonna be gone a little bit and go check out that food market again:)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I've none, I already lost the weight. They say most folks gain a few pounds over the holidays. Well for me the way I combat this is I took a long walk the day before and on Christmas Day itself I ate very well of the main course offered and then some traditional desserts and no I didn't hold anything back but I didn't eat anything before this or after this for the rest of the day but it lasted me the whole day and into the night. Scotch, now there's a tricky potion. Got some Dalmore as a gift and later on that night with nothing on the TV I got bored, depressed and a tad irritable all at the same time thinking about work the next day. So I was all set on my day off this fine Tuesday to go to Balducci's the Food Lover's Market in the lovely and very Bronxville-esque town of Ridgefield CT and was doing some online research just now about getting there from the scenic Merritt Parkway when lo and behold they closed down! another victim of the bad economy and most of the stores and places I've become accustomed to shop over the years have likewise closed down. Rewatched Easy Rider few days back and the classic scene where the two bikers go to New Orleans and hitch up with two gals one played by Toni Basil and later drop acid and are wandering through some cemetery on some pretty bad trips. There's something weirdly hilarious about the scene and just heard on the news that moviegoing this year is down about $500 million from last year and all sorts of reasons were given but how 'bout most movies suck these days, they don't make 'em like they used to. I don't know what to do with myself today but might hit some Asian store later, the Ridgefield arc of my day is lost. Back to the regular sucky non-holiday music on the radio, don't remember a time in my life when music sucked so much and this is bad for long trips which I am wont to do. Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas, I've no problem just don't make me feel guilty if I go with Merry Christmas. So where are Jay-Z and Fitty's special holiday albums? (suggested song titles: Silent Night Deadly Night, Frosty the Blowman). This is what happens when you pigeonhole yourself in the bad, folks will laugh if you do something nice for a change and I read somewhere Fitty dropped a whole boatload of pounds going on some liquid diet so he could play some cancer survivor in a movie, might be interesting. Happy Whatever:)

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Most people seem to accept IT and it's the reason why I've not been online that much of late. WORK - it's not that I'm for it or against it but as Beth once said a long time ago she doubts if when we're on our deathbeds and we look back we'll be happy with all those hours we put in. This social commentator handyman who used to come in, one day he says to me "ever wish you were fired?" and I go "yeah, maybe then you can finish that book you always wanted to read." Unless you're in business for yourself or doing your own entrepreneurial thing you're really not in control of your own life, the master of your own ship like today I have to go in late and some days you can't go for that long walk you planned or go up the line to Walmart. I'd like to hear libertarians who are all for Maximum Freedom explain this. Libertarianism is a pipe dream in so many ways and the fact that most folks have to get up at some ungodly hour and go in with their lunchpails means others are in control of us, we're working on their terms and again it's not a good or a bad thing, it is what it is but Maximum Freedom it ain't. WHO invented Work and why can't we change or shift the paradigm a little so as to have more leisure time to cultivate, oh I don't know Family Values which conservatives are so big on? My brother doesn't complain that much about work, his philosophy is work is supposed to suck that's why they call it work and if you want to get all theological about it you can blame Adam and Eve our first parents. I'm in a work frame of mind today, it's an old old topic around here so why not let it riff?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cap'n Obama will get us through this

The economic weather of which he has no control over, at least that's my gist of what he told Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes. It's a kind of interesting analysis this fatalistic version, wonder if the public will buy it. It'd be like if Jimmy Carter had said the same thing that despite long gas lines and inflation I'ma gonna be the guy to steer us into better waters and nicer climes. All Obama has to do is push the right policies that will make a difference in people's lives like make them buy health insurance, can't help it if Fate's a racist. Obama the Orator vs. Newt the Debater, should be a good one:)

Friday, December 09, 2011

The evolving thread

Since my threads have a way of evolving, meandering, diverting in different and often interesting directions we'll take this pebble and throw it in the Pond. For me Alec Baldwin is an asshole not because of his politics, not because he's a liberal, he's just an asshole although I still say he was great in Glengarry Glen Ross so I'm able to put personalities aside for the sake of Art. So he got thrown off a plane for refusing to turn off his cell, 80-year old grandmas are being told to drop their pants so as TSA agents can check out their colostomy bags. Weight Loss Phase 2 - Maintenance. Now the societal reaction is are you still losing weight? Well no not according to my Homedics bathroom scale I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond so it's like why ain't he gaining some of that weight back? which so many are wont to do, must still be starving himself. There's something about shopping at BB&B that's soothing to the mind and I just love their new Gourmet Food Market, great for gift shopping. I can't wrap if my life depended on it, are women better at this than men? Unemployment rate now at 8.6% I think it is, I ain't gonna micropick the figure like some conservatives but it's still too high a number to win reelection on. So why hasn't the incandescent light bulb ban been rescinded yet? Guy told me if you wake up in the morning and it makes a clean break you're gonna have a good day, ain't had too many of those days lately. Job Stress, there should be something in the contract where you can send your laundry bill to the Company for skid marks in your drawers, gliding and sliding all day and that'll be on a rare blue moon day when you meet a hot chick. Evolve baby evolve:)

Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Thomas Sowell Experiment

Clarence Thomas/Herman Cain, clearly there's Something at work here -- Now black conservatives are either hopeless horndogs, right-wing Afro-American sex addicts, hypocrites of the first magnitude or pose a threat to the Established Order. As I concoct this thread Herman Cain is discussing this right now with the Missus. There have been at least five females to date who have accused Mr. Cain of sexual harassment in one form or another when he was the head of the National Restaurant Association (please stop using the acronym NRA as it confuses me) but now a Woman has come forward to accuse the very married Cain of having a 13-year Affair with her although no intercourse apparently was involved. Back in the day that used to known as a friendship but if it serves the Larger Goals......Now I do believe in the VLWC or Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy but regarding the treatment of black conservatives how do you prove it exactly? It's tantalizing, it's elusive and is part of a kind of larger Super-String Theory of Politics. Whose house do they meet at? who is the leader? how do they network, do they send out coded tweets? etc. etc. Well as in any scientific theory you have to conduct experiments so what I propose is

The Thomas Sowell Experiment

the noted black conservative economist who's against things like Black Victimology and the Welfare State, you know those things that make for a good butt massage for the Left. So have Mr. Sowell run for some high political office and see if the Pattern continues. Oh and lo and behold what do we have here, some secret porno stash of Mr. Sowell's? maybe he exposed himself in an elevator once to some young and startled female staffer just starting out or maybe more mild stuff will do and build from there and so somewhere along the line like, oh I don't know maybe Mr. Sowell deftly made use of some double entendre involving the word lollipop or simply him eating a roasted baby portobella mushroom in her presence bothered her. I'm tired of the small stuff of Politics, I want to see the Big Picture, some unified field theory at work here. I think the power of the Newt Gingrich Surge is that most of his stuff is behind him now, old skeletons from an old horror movie and so it's like Okay but he has some good ideas let's hear them. The Gingrich Surge frustrates the conservative punditocracy who has declared unanimously that he should be a second or a lower-tier candidate by now and just to throw this in but if Saty ever had an erotic dream about Newt I think she'd have to kill after the Thomas Sowell Experiment we can have the Shelby Steele Experiment just to nail it down and present the paper to some prestigious political journal:)