Thursday, May 31, 2012

The little irony of Obama's birth control mandate

Birth control or the oral contraceptive is not without its complications:

Does ObamaCare cover this?  Something tells me no and if not why not but if it did how is this saving $$$$$$?  A little feminist conundrum if you will, enjoy.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Etan Patz Case - some doubts

You'll remember not that long ago in fact some guy came out of the woodwork claiming to have some intimate and important knowledge of when and how Jon Benet Ramsey died, we all got excited but then he turned out to be a kook and we got introduced to the whole abnormal psychology concept of false confessions or false confessors and were told it was not as uncommon as you think.  NYPD police now seem to have wrapped up the 33-year old Etan Patz case the 6-year old boy who in 1979 was allowed to walk to the bus stop for the first time alone in SoHo in Lower Manhattan at West B'way and Prince St. not that far from home in fact and went missing, practically vanished into thin air and was the first kid really to be featured on milk cartons.  Now they seem all set to prosecute this 51-year old Pedro Hernandez guy who confessed and his story goes he all of a sudden got the sudden urge to kill the kid, out of the blue really and took him in a basement of a local bodega where he worked as a stockboy at the time and strangled him THEN put him in a garbage bag and kept him in the walk-in box until he could put him out with the trash for the day.  OK so we've all heard one of the criticisms of the investigators or the investigation here that for starters Hernandez would have a history of killing other kids or at least be a suspect in other cases, think budding serial killer who stopped after one victim and resumed a normal life but let me cover the whole walk-in box angle for a minute since I worked in a deli/gourmet kitchen kind of deal for many years myself.  Now a bodega is generally thought of as a kind of Spanish or Latino deli/mini-market/grocery store, a deli in a Hispanic neighborhood otherwise being known as a bodega and they tend to be busy if I'm not mistaken.  Think hot day in the middle of July on Jerome Ave. in the Bronx and now the walk-in box which is really deli slang or lingo for cooler or the big refrigerated room where they keep the meats and cheeses and raw chickens to be spit and salads etc., temp just above 32 degrees but not a freezer by any stretch, that'd be in bakery.  So let me tell you how many people, workers on average go into and out of the walk-in on any given day - ALOT - and so Hernandez apparently lugged this big heavy trash bag in there and left it there for a time w/no one noticing.  Now someone asked me today but what if the walk-in was disorganized and messy? well yeah but any decent enough deli mgr. or bodega mgr. in this case would at least have a rough inventory in his head of what's in there and would almost certainly over time ask what's the bag all about?  Believe you me many deli mgrs. watch you like a hawk all day ("what are you looking for?" "where's Moussa?") and some of the Spanish ones are practically humping you where I told one guy to back off, where's the fire I said.  Just have my doubts is all:)

Friday, May 25, 2012

What this election is NOT about

- Osama bin Laden
- Women's lack of access to birth control
- Mormonism
- gay marriage
- Romney giving a gay kid a haircut
- Trayvon Martin/hoodies
- Stop 'n' Frisk
- Bain Capital

"Throw another log on the fire Cory"

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm evolving on the issue of unions

Since it's in vogue these days to evolve, try telling your wife she'll eventually evolve on the matter of your affair, I've been evolving on the matter of labor unions.  Now if you caught me about three years ago I was far more pro-labor union than your average rank-and-file conservative typical right-winger, a kind of political oddity like having a third nut but lately man......Got my union newsletter in the mail a few weeks ago and as you know I work in the food industry so I'm perusing it with my fine Romeo and Julieta cigar (cigars help me think and to pass the time, everybody needs something) and the last page was devoted to helping the average union member how to vote and it offended me, pissed me off really.  We're not telling you how to vote mind you and I paraphraseth, that's up to you to decide but conservatives are bad for the following reasons >>>>>> and so I put it in the blue recycling bin on the porch.  Oh let me provide a link here which I will get back to -- (they don't make these links easy) and that's the United Food and Commercial Workers union a biggie in the food industry.  So I'm working with this new Asian woman a few weeks ago, nightime shift and she's new to the country and she's improving her English slowly but surely but she said to me and I didn't even bring up the topic but she's catching on fast imo and so she goes to me what is the purpose of our union anyway? do we have a better workplace because of them? and boy can she sure use that money that they take out every week.  You know I could go on and on about unions but if even one local of the UFCW is tied to the mob the question naturally lends itself how many of them are corrupt? and by extension how many major food markets in this country?  Hearkens back to the old Jimmy Hoffa days and btw where is the guy buried?  I think it's time we solved that one as well as who was Carly Simon singing about? maybe we can get Geraldo on the case.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A quik tv analysis & report

Many shows are being cancelled but word on the street is FRINGE will be on for only one more season after this.  It's garnered some critical reviews and a loyal fan base but not the expected ratings and there really is only one reason for this.  The competing show on Friday nights over on the CW is Supernatural and this show is so whacked out it's interesting, it's FRINGE on acid.  I can't get into Idol this time 'round but I tried.  Dunno why, maybe because it's become so generic like the political commentary and analysis on the more serious stations these days.  Major Garrett and Mark Shields, basically it's safe and consensus commentary usually and most assuredly and predictably from the Leftist POV, they must check with each other first but I'm glad they feel the homophobic Romney bullying preppie student episodes won't have much traction.  There's way and I mean WAY too much crime on tv these days, I mean back-to-back and wall-to-wall serial killers and psychos mainly and this right before you hit the hay.  A little Hawaii Five-O action ok but what's with this particular genre taking over the tubes practically and becoming so dominant? pop a Prozac already!  Any thoughts on the current tv season?

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Obama class warfare schtick ends at the Hollywood banquet table

Look I have nothing against George Clooney personally and I'll go see a movie from time to time it's just when Hollywood and a liberal presidency become somehow enmeshed politically that gives me agita and turns me off.  Obama just raked in a cool $15 mil from a fund-raiser organized by Mr. Clooney, nothing illegal or undemocratic about that as I'm sure BB is ready to point out but if I were an Obama campaign adviser/strategist I'd say it just doesn't look right, feel right if you're thing is the middle-class.  You're basing a large chunk of your campaign on the infamous 1%, the Hollywood version anyway after railing against Wall Street since probably the time you were born.  Obama's liberal condescension towards gays, he's now for a little Brokeback action.  That crowd should be offended by him and say what took you so long? oh so we're good for votes now at least in the major metropolitan East and West coast population centers?  Oh I forgot gay males many of them anyway are rather affluent themselves, the arts & croissants crowd, the museums and galleries/B'way set and I'm getting the definite impression that Obama actually does dig people with deep pockets if they're on his side politically.  One thing I know he hasn't been reaching out to conservatives of late not that he ever really did and last I checked a slight majority of Americans self-identify as such so to me he has a very skewed view of what American pluralism is all about.  So I'm sure there'll be plenty more Hollywood fundraisers where that came from, I think he already has some type of record for most campaign cash amassed by a sitting leader of the free world but to me it just doesn't play well in the Heartland Mr. President.  Been back to Tornado Alley lately? 

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Tanorexia and hypocrisy

I'm not addressing this post to all the cave-dwellers out there who don't know what the hell is going on but this tanorexic woman from Nutley NJ, Patricia Krentcil who allegedly took her 5-yr. old daughter to a tanning salon.  Well first off why isn't the owner of the salon facing any charges? do they just let anybody walk into the room and second the owner of the first salon she toasted herself at now has banned her for life.  So when she was allowed to go there all that time he didn't notice anything off-center and gladly took her money and now all of a sudden with all the bad publicity and late-night jokes he says she can't come back???  This reminds me of the bartender who keeps serving drinks to the well-known neighborhood alcoholic only to wash his hands of the whole thing when he wraps his car around a tree.  Hypocrisy all around.  Libertarianism as a philosophy and what it means to me - as tanorexic as they wanna be.  I'd prefer to make love to a baseball mitt though.  C'mon let's have some fun:)

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

What does OWS & ice-fishing have in common?

Not much.  I lost alot of respect for them when they stopped protesting throughout the winter months.  Sure some judge told them they can't camp out in Zuccotti Park anymore but what was it? by late December or early January they weren't even in the news anymore probably replaced by some Kardashian crap and the latest political scandal.  Lost alot of steam imo by hibernating like this, even the 'possum risks ice-frost every now and then to get a bite to eat.  The brave May Day protests to shut down work, schools and banks, expect more brave protests throughout the summer months, probably into the fall as well.  This blogpost is not about whether you agree or disagree with them, you probably don't and will comment as you see fit but real protesters protest in whatever kind of weather.  12 degress in the middle of January, you're out there with your frozen snot and a chapped ass, a rumbling belly because you're body expelled all that fine OWS cuisine and you have to use the Port-o-San at least 10X because you had a couple cups 'o' joe when you woke up in the morning, now that's Democracy in action and I can respect that politics be damned!  They really need to watch reels of those old-time black civil-rights protesters from the 60's getting pushed back by fire hoses and bitten by German Sheperds these hippy/yuppie hybrid malcontents.  Bunch 'o' pussies, meteorological cowards.  They don't make protesters like they used to:)