Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Donald Sterling Matter

A thumbnail summary for the few troglodytes out there - LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been banned for life by the NBA Commissioner for making racist comments in a private conversation with his ex-girlfriend. She kinda looks like a model and he looks like a sagging bag of flesh so the word golddigger comes to mind but I digress. What if you went to your uncle's place of employment and said to his boss "you know what Joe said when he came over on Thanksgiving?" Many people have conservative Dads, do you want EVERYTHING leaking out about what was said in the living room especially after the goblet's been sipped a few times? OK you say the uncle is not a millionaire who owns a sports team so episodes like this is gonna churn out the usual pc self-righteous commentary. I already know you never said anything stupid in your life, hell you could smoke ten joints in a row and nothing stupid's gonna come out 'cause your software programming is so right on. Maybe it's because Al Sharpton has predictably involved himself in this case so I reflexively go the other way, dunno. OK throw your coins into the fountain:)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Thoughts on the double canonization

Yesterday's double canonization in Rome of Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II -- I think most of the three million pilgrims were there for the latter to be honest. I hate to be a balloon-popper but I still don't get why the "good pope" of Vatican II was even elevated to sainthood. If it was simply that he changed the Latin Mass into the vernacular and did some other hip things that's not too high a bar imo. Even in death he could only muster one miracle not the two usually required for the Catholic Hall of Fame so they simply waived that standard and included him yesterday. I don't think most folks have the slightest issue whatsoever with canonizing John Paul and there were so many saintly pointers during his life and papacy but I think it was his divinely patient endurance of his acute suffering near the end that easily pushed him over the line. So WHY was John XXIII elevated? Here's my theory -- not that long ago there was serious talk of elevating to sainthood none other than Pope Pius XII, he was on the edge but it soon became apparent that that wasn't in the cards, ain't gonna happen and if you have to ask me why you haven't studied your history. So my astute theological hunch is that Roncalli was a substitute for Pius yesterday, they wanted to do a double coronation anyway but didn't want to burn the bridge to Judaism in the process. At any rate I know who I'm praying to during tough times and it ain't the Vatican II guy.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Is a Sebelius book in the works?

She's now being kinda more blunt and candid on the talk show circuit about the whole health care debacle. Yeah yeah I know she voluntarily resigned but in my book the president still threw her under the bus. Makes ya wonder why Jay Carney is still sticking it through when it would probably be better for the both of them to work on the same book and rake in the dough. Smaller networks of doctors and higher premiums, the federal government deciding what treatments you get - what's not to like? They say in particular cancer patients are gonna be screwed bigtime under ObamaCare. I don't think though the Sebelius resignation is gonna swing the midterms in a more positive direction for the Democrats if that's the strategy here, I mean it's not like she's the Frankenstein who created the thing in the first place.