Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The rise of the appy savage

Their mentality and overall religious outlook is straight out of the 1400's yet they know how to upload videos to YouTube, cave-dwelling techno-savages who even make trendy and newsy references to events in Ferguson, MO. Next thing you know they'll be blogging. I thought YouTube like all mainstream websites of this nature have a TOS, you know you can't just submit a video say of how much you hate N-words or harass your ex-girlfriend so why is it technically ok for ISIS to upload a video showing the beheading of freelance US reporter James Foley? Various Islamic terror elements also take to Twitter, Twitter feeds, Twitter accounts - they've finally joined the Twitterverse those religious troglodytes! Now libs spend a good part of every waking day concerned about the threat posed by the Religious Right (oooooohhh!) but when was the last time Pat Robertson beheaded an American professor who passionately teaches evolution and then put it on YouTube? ISIS has said the beheading was in retaliation for US airstrikes, they just lost control of the Mosul Dam and the peshmerga are on the move so this is their way of making a Statement. Obama needs to keep pounding away however and I don't see how after such an atrocity you can rule out boots on the ground which should give McCain's heart a flutter or two. So stop worrying about Pat Robertson and Gary Bauer and start worrying about ISIS coming to a mall near you:)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

What's up with the Ferguson PD?

If you were a troglodyte the past week and just popped on the tube you'd swear there was a major terrorist attack in the community of Ferguson MO. OK so let's rap about race and the police again. Despite my recent post re the NYPD for me Eric Garner is not Sean Bell is not Michael Brown is not Amadou Diallo and why don't we throw in Tawana Brawley while we're at it. I approach these cases on a purely individual basis and you can make the case that maybe Sean Bell or his friend was driving his SUV towards the cops OR that yes maybe teen Michael Brown was tussling with a police officer in his squad car and went for his gun after strong-arming a convenience store. Look I get it but put these other cases together and start comparing and they all highlight even more at least for me that the Eric Garner case is the weakest in terms of the NYPD POV & PR. He wasn't running down the street half-naked waving a machete, he didn't have a gun or a device that resembled a gun or even took out a black wallet the way Amadou Diallo did in the Soundview section of the Bronx when four officers shot him to death. So for parts of the right-wing like the New York Post to unreservedly support the cops as a general rule is a huge socio/political mistake imo if the GOP wants to get serious about attracting the Black Vote and no Bo Dietl doesn't know more than the NYC ME. Missouri - well at least conservatives are starting to wake the hell up by criticizing the increasing militarization of our nation's police forces what with all that surplus army stuff the federal gov't doled out to them in years past. Actually you know something? conservatives all conservatives should start reading Twelve Years a Slave if they haven't already and watch the movie as it's obvious they have no interest in or never got the whole Black Experience. Lastly conservatives waste far too much time talking about Al Sharpton:)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The latest celebrity tragedy

While not an epidemic exactly more and more Hollywood stars have gone off the deep end of late as in over the cliff - Heath Ledger, Philip Seymour Hoffman and now Robin Williams (1951-2014 RIP). Of course the truism holds "money can't buy you happiness" but there are deeper forces at work as there always are - drugs and/or alcohol abuse, depression etc. I kinda think the Bieber and Charlie Sheen antics are all for show, they're actually the least likely to off themselves in some fashion. There was a period of time when almost every movie I watched it seemed had Robin Williams in some kind of starring role. With him what comes to mind is not just a great actor but versatile. To go from comedy to high drama ain't easy, can't imagine Will Ferrell doing that. The last one I watched I think was Insomnia with him and Al Pacino. Suicide imo is the most undignified way to go but ok so we have something to talk about besides Ebola and those immigrant kids. Thoughts? You can even blame Obama if you like:)

Saturday, August 02, 2014

I never thought I'd agree with Sharpton

but...I don't think I'll be installing the NYPD app anytime soon. NYPD has a force of about 35,000, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton says they'll have to retrained all of them. I was never big on this broken windows theory of policing or go after the squeegee men and the homeless basically and the Chinese guy with his left nut hanging out. When I used to drive the van for the wholesale flower company I had to go down the city really early one morning, got off the West Side Highway somewhere and there was one of them guys with the bucket and the squeegee and my windshield was dirty anyway so I gave him a buck. Polite, didn't bother me, didn't feel threatened, didn't feel gangsterized. By some convoluted logic of modern policing go after the graffiti artist and the serial killer won't take the girl into the woods, dunno. PBA issued a statement saying that while their thoughts and prayers go out to the Garner family this tragedy wouldn't have occured if Mr. Garner didn't resist arrest. Vile. Disgusting. Offensive. That's a union for you and if Giuliani or even Bloomberg were still mayor they'd be chiming in too on the side of the cops of course. All conservatives can ever talk about is Sharpton's rhetorical style but imo he's being mighty civil in this case. Broken Windows - Broken Lives.