Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The fog of race

I have to say it was dramatic and intense coverage over on the CW Channel 11 News here, while the prosecuting attorney over there in Ferguson Missoui was droning on and on about the finer points of the grand jury verdict on the bigger split screen they were showing live and growing reaction among the large crowd gathered to hear the no indictment verdict against Ferguson PO Darren Wilson in the tragic Michael Brown case. It didn't take long for the first police cruiser to be set on fire and for the tear gas canisters to be shot in the air. I've noticed more and more in these type racially-oriented protests the increasing number of white protesters joining the African-Americans so it might sound contradictory to say we've made some racial progress but sometimes you have to look for it. There's no way in hell PO Wilson can go back on the streets in Ferguson or any predominantly black community across the country. He'll just have to make some sort of drastic career change so that's a kind of social price against him despite the verdict that was rendered by the jury.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hiking your troubles away

On the Purple (History) Trail at the Cranberry Lake Preserve in N. White Plains NY. I really think for a greater challenge they should make a hiking trail modeled on Kim Kardashian's rump.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Electile Dysfunction

The NY Times gives the Repubs a 70% chance of retaking the Senate by a slim margin, Wash. Post gives them 90% odds. Practically ALL the Democratic ads in my neck of the woods touted the candidate's strong pro-choicism but the Times recently had an article about the Dems highlighting birth control issues front and center while putting jobs and the economy on the backburner. Dunno, seems like they have some type of prurient interest. Cuomo will most likely get reelected Governor of the Empire State but Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino seems fairly popular just judging from all the lawn and road signs I've seen. I still kinda prefer the old-time voting booth with the curtain and the levers. You no longer have 100% privacy since if you're a little rusty you'll probably ask the election clerk for help with the ballot sheet going in the scanner. I'm actually surprised at this point you can't just vote from your smartphone. Sure there are issues to work out but everybody's confidently doing their banking on them. I was an election worker once in Dobbs Ferry. Had to be there like 5AM and stayed 'til 9PM. Never again. It'll be nice though when all the political ads are over and we can get back to those Cialis commercials where the husband gives his wife that goofy look in the kitchen.