Thursday, May 21, 2015

I hope David Letterman doesn't pull a Bill Moyers

Not that long ago liberal journalist Bill Moyers announced his retirement so I'm channel-surfing one night maybe a year or two after the big announcement and there he is again on PBS doing some trademark liberal special of his. Lotsa folks don't out-and-out retire anymore like in one job I had they took this elder lady out to a country club for her "retirement" and a few weeks later she's back at work again on a pt basis and I need a computer and she's using it. I didn't watch Letterman all that much, I was more into Leno but I remember one special he did where in one sketch he got behind the mike at some drive-thru burger joint and a guy is giving his order and Dave goes "is everything all right you sound depressed." I like that stuff. I think there's been a tad too much news coverage on this subject but what the heck. I never much cared for Bill Maher, he's generally too political for me and so his humor gets sullied by his long-simmering liberal anger and I really didn't care to know that he cleans his pipes right before every live show like I have enough stuff in my TMI closet already. BTW is Dennis Miller around anymore? I think he was at FOX or something. So rap on Letterman and whatever else you wish.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Why throw rocks at a junkyard dog?

The Garland TX Mohammed cartoon shootings, our little version of Charlie Hebdo - ISIS is now claiming responsibility which even if true you'd think they'd be a bit hesitant as it hardly came off in their favor, not their best work you could say. Pamela Geller of her American Freedom Defense Initiative coordinated this event in TX and from what I understand it was some sort of cartoon contest for who could come up with the best sketch of the Prophet Mohammed I guess. I might be in the minority but her subway ads in NYC which the MTA had a huge problem with I don't find them the least bit offensive. I'm sure you've heard of them and they always have the angle of radical Islamists are anti-Semitic which they are so it's kind of hard for me to unravel just why the MTA has their collective knickers in a twist. However having said that what was the point of this little sketchathon in Garland TX? Are they suddenly interested in this particular faith system? Are they contributing to global culture? Was the whole affair designed to be provocative? (x) I'm thinking we have enough to worry about. Thanks guys and gals and all you Bob Ross wannabes.