Monday, August 25, 2008

Those little rascals

WOW!!! Hillary now is really irrelevant. This is like not only being passed over as a potential love interest but even as a possible friend. Not just rejection but

Absolut Rejection,

as in now being a member of the outer ring of the damned floating through the darkness of infiinite space, a debris of your former glorious Self in an orbit nobody even cares to pick up with a telescope, as in I'd sooner have the hots for Pee Wee Herman as my running mate than you but for once I agree with Dick Morris who says McCain can capitalize on this by choosing a woman himself. Enter RUDY with all sorts of opinions.

This is definitely not the Year of the Woman. Obama picking Joe Biden as his running mate, well put it this way, if anything it has energized that not insignificant pro-Hillary/anti-Obama faction. As reported by NBC News McCain in a new ad is going after all those disgruntled Hillary supporters in an attempt (a smart and shrewd one in Z-man's opinion) to pull them over to his side in a kind of Center/Right Coalition. Rejectee still has to be a Team Player and give a major speech at the Convention, like one of those dreadful but obligatory social functions it's a pop a Zoloft before you go moment. Black or white, Bam and Joe, they're boys.

(Z-man has been stockpiling DVDs for years now, at last count I have at least 200 and there will be a few discs in the player this week. For tonite's major missus speech it's either that classic car chase scene in Bullitt, a few scenes from Blacula for some campy kicks, maybe kick back with some Peter Gabriel videos or that sexy scene at the end of the original Planet of the Apes where Charlton Heston and nameless woman are riding horseback on the beach.)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New word for today kiddies, verisimilitude

which Wikipedia defines as "in a literary context the fact or quality of being verisimilar, the appearance of being true or real, likeness or resemblance." Just heard on the radio on my drive over that the American Cancer Institute would like to see less smoking on screen, they feel this is the real reason why teens are lighting up (I thought it was peer pressure but I'm a yokel what do I know?). Well yeah and maybe we can have less cursing in gangster movies while we're at it. So let's say in 10 years the whole PC Movement finally gets their way big-time, no smoking in the movies, nobody has any sex, no cussin' or swear words, nobody even scratching their nuts, eating salads all day with that ever-present bottle of Evian George Carlin hated so much 'cause people these days have to be constantly hydrated. I like my movies real and while we're at it maybe we can edit out all those classic Twilight Zone intros with Rod Serling with a cigarette in his hand.


Hey guys that was a Halloween thing, I was an abortionist

Barack Obama even has some conservative pundits like Kirsten Powers bamboozled with his newfound moderate tack on abortion designed primarily to attract the Catholic and evangelical vote which is considered key in most elections. Well you know

"Throughout my career I've been a consistent and strong supporter of reproductive justice and have consistently had a 100% pro-choice rating with Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America."

I'll say! As the latest newsletter from Operation Rescue points out Obama "opposes the partial-birth abortion ban, promises to appoint pro-Roe judges to the Supreme Court, wants to include abortion in Medicare coverage and have taxpayers pay for child-killing, would sign into law the 'Freedom of Choice' Act, voted against the confirmation of Chief Justice John Roberts, voted against the confirmation of Justice Samuel Alito, voted against parental notification for abortions on minors, supports embryonic stem-cell research, supports homosexual 'marriage' and more!"

Obama even voted against the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act. This is pretty gangster, at what point in time do you begin to suspect that you're hangin' with people who are, well I can't put this charitably, sick in the head as they say? Operation Rescue promises to be there at the Denver convention in August with a bevy of Truth Trucks. I'm not the protesting type, never have been, but hell throw it into the mix anyway, it's all good. If this be moderate what's a liberal?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My cat eats better than me

Opened up a can of Fancy Feast for him this morning, "yellowfin tuna florentine with garden greens."

The mainstreaming of abortion

It's become a part of received wisdom that nobody takes abortion casually anymore, people agonize over it before they even go in. Consider my very first job in a department store and I'm sitting in the break room one day and these two workers are in the open office area talking, one's an older man and the other woman goes to him (within earshot of practically all the other lunch-breakers) "Mary called and said she had the abortion." I know of someone else and one of his co-workers called up one day and told the boss "I'm calling out sick today, I have to take my girlfriend to get an abortion." Another one, a young male stripper who does parties and has sex with married women in their apartments while their husbands are at work told one of his lovers who'd just gotten pregnant to "just kill it." Last one, young guy in the deli comes to work and just broke up with his girl but made nice to her for "one last piece of ass" and she wound up in the family way and so he's practically asking everyone "how much does an abortion cost?"

Ah sweet Privacy, the foundation of all things Roe! Now I wouldn't have even known of any of these four abortions if the players involved didn't blab about it, like the woman who undresses in front of an open window and then complains about all the voyeurs in the neighborhood, like waving your dirty underwear around in public and then bitching that pro-lifers are panty-raiders. Looks like we're stranded but why not? people talk about the most personal things on their cells. Famous quote from "Catholic" Dan Ackroyd that Sex has nothing to do with Morality, as it stands he wouldn't have sex with a dog or a cat because they lack consciousness and it wouldn't be fair but IF they had...people who open up your head and take a dump inside. Sodom and Gomorrah, if Bill Clinton were back there in those good ole Biblical days he wouldn't know which place to go to on a Saturday night.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

But Howard Wolfson this begs the question

If the John Edwards scandal would likely have put all his voters in her corner just how did the Hillary Handvac fail to suck up this dirt? When you're watching TV at night sooner or later you have to realize the cat threw up behind the couch, there's a centipede on the rim of your coffee mug, or the mouse that got stuck behind the wall is just now starting to give off those wonderful aromas. Come on Hill, this'd be like on a big fishing expedition for lunker bass catching a bluegill on a strip of baloney on a warmup cast from shore. Losing the old Clinton touch, they have to have a time machine for these things, it must keep you up at night. BTW I bought my copy of the National Enquirer yesterday and got up to speed on that love child, yes my reading range encompasses Atlas Shrugged as well as Mike Walker, it's good to be broad-based as they say.

Monday, August 11, 2008


The longer you live the more you become a student of human nature, things you took for granted in the past now form patterns not just for me but I've heard others say this. You're now a detective of the human psyche and of course there's a chance you are wrong but you don't think so. Take insomnia and here I'm talking about the chronic of the chronic cases, those people you come across like at work who never ever seem to get a decent or at least an adequate night's sleep. I'd have to say this is highly unusual, even the big-time insomniacs admit it's an off and on problem. Um, in my book this falls under the "you killed somebody buddy" category, maybe a hit-and-run, who knows? and brings to mind the Bard's classic "Macbeth doth murder sleep" speech. Discussed a person like this with somebody once and she goes "must have so much on his conscience." Or take the person you're ice-fishing with and it's an unusually severe winter, we're talking at least 3 feet of pure ice and just auguring the hole and your body will be sore for the next couple days so the two of you are walking out into the middle of the frozen lake and he goes "don't walk so close to me." Or maybe you're boating with someone else and just coming out of the harbor to catch some monster blues and he goes "don't go so far out" but that's where the blues be. So you start thinking ok so what did he do? It's almost as if they expect to see the Hand of God come up over the cliff ready to smite them, they know their Bad Karma is a couple weeks overdue and they're taking precautionary measures, I mean caution is a good thing and all but what's up with the overcaution? They're not ready to meet the Maker yet. Bishop Sheen was great at seeing through all this and held that unacknowledged or unconfessed guilt create unending neuroses, shadows in the mind. I'm all the listening ear but some people are just a tad off-center is all so the next time that chronic insomniac complains to me sleep sucked again last night and is it time to go home yet I might just pull out of my pocket a "ok, so what did you do?"

File this under paving the road to hell

Went to the Big K on Saturday after work, they have an Internet cafe you know and you get 60 minutes for yourself so first thing I did was check my e-mail, so far so good. Now I had trouble in the past at this place logging onto such political sites as the Mark Levin Fan Forum, ACCESS DENIED pops up and the usual reason given is porn. I'm sorry but even porno pete wouldn't go to MLF to get off. Anyway I had the hankering for some good blogging so I typed in Beth's web address and the whole "porn - access denied" thing happened again and the computer practically shut itself down. The problem with these kiddy filters is they are way too broad and catch too many fish in the net (good luck googling breast cancer you ladies) and maybe somebody at 5ft3 used some salty lingo, who knows but you'd think since I haven't been there in a while they would've gotten some complaints and fine-tuned the damn thing so I couldn't even blog about John Edwards or Putin bombing Georgia or the Beijing Olympics for that matter. BTW the usually superb Bob Costas gets many kudos cubed last night for bringing up China's "abysmal human rights record" as he called it in his interview with President Bush. So feel more than free to comment about any of these sundry topics and more right here and now and as for the K-Mart Internet Cafe they need to add just two words so we don't waste our time - "...for Kids" as in totally.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lifetime impressions

or a Celebration of All Things Nostalgic and Wistful

She reaches in and grabs right hold of your heart...
I don't really know her, I only know her name
But she crawls under your skin, you're never quite the same.

(Invisible Touch - Genesis)

We all have them, people we've met for short periods of time but who have made lasting impressions on our lives. Could be a philosopher at a bus stop, a Good Samaritan, a co-worker perhaps. Worked with a chef guy once but for several months, he was a fly-by-nighter obviously overqualified for the job, we'll call him Frankie but some time after he moved on another co-worker remarked to me "you know Frankie is arguably the nicest person I ever met." Another job I had once, a guy worked there only about two weeks before getting fired (over trivial reasons imo) but he definitely added something, I was totally in tune with his humor but maybe it didn't jibe with this overly serious workplace. Anyway he used to bring this small personal coffee maker to work and he was told by the perpetual bad-mooder of a boss there that he can't do that and I even told him one day why throw rocks at a junkyard dog but he sure did brew a great cup of joe! Keeping it gangster but anyway had another job once delivering flowers for a wholesale flower place, it was only meant as an interim job to pay off some bills but I really did get into it just the same. Though low-paying it had an aesthetic dimesion to it, long rides up the line in the country with "Nights in White Satin" by the Moody Blues playing on some classic rock station and to this day the job greatly expanded my knowledge of driving and routes so when people ask me "how do I get to Timbuktu?" I can proudly point the way.

The Swamp (or why I'm really a closet environmentalist)

When I was growing up a buddy and I used to go to this place we simply called The Swamp and it was so cool. We'd collect garter snakes and salamanders and bring 'em home. Some of the snakes were quite big and I even got bit a couple of times. Boys were boys in those days, we weren't out seducing our teacher or cybersurfing porn or doing opiates and we even got a couple of those snakes and put them in a terrarium and fed them nightcrawlers and one even shed his skin for us. We put it all together into a great big project for our school Science Fair and got the blue-ribbon for 1st Prize!! So a few years went by and they built this large senior living center apartment building there with an urgent care center on the bottom floor but to this day I'd go with the Swamp, if I were a political kid I would've protested the thing. It's the same deal when I used to be a regular angler at this reservoir upstate, you could go there with problems galore but the rustic picturesque sense of the place slowly entered your spirit UNTIL they built that damn Pepsico building or IBM thing overlooking the cliff where even fishermen in their johnboats can hear the constant hum of the corporate AC humming all day.

Anyway talking with Beth last night and she told me she knows someone who said to her he's reluctantly going to vote for McCain. So how come we never hear of somebody who's reluctantly going to go for Obama? Dems never talk like this, only self-loathing conservative Republicans do who are willing to water down their own principles just so their team can win. People are going for Obama right or wrong because he's made a lasting impression while our side has become contented driving around in some grey broken down Dodge Dart with too many miles on it with a stale air-freshener and a tricky passenger door. Like that creeping happy feeling you get after that second mildly strong tumbler of cognac, so today we raise our glasses and get a little misty-eyed and give a toast to all those persons places and things that have given us fond memories over the years, the yin of the yang to balance out all that Bad, here here!!