Friday, October 27, 2006

The Mount

Having attended the all boys school at Mt. St. Michael Academy in the Bronx I was taught to think critically when it came time to venture out into this morally chaotic world. During a typical class on morality we were taught that even if there is sincere doubt over when human life actually begins in the womb the primary moral rule here is to presume in favor of life. Nowadays even this is moot as the new science of the unborn known as fetology has demonstrated time and again the humanity of the unborn child beginning at conception. The libs will probably use Madonna's adoption of a poor Malawin kid to chastise once again the "hypocrisy" of all those pro-lifers who say what's good for other people but won't adopt such children themselves. This is a canard as,

EVEN IF EVERY SINGLE PRO-LIFER WERE A HYPOCRITE ON THIS SCORE (WHICH THEY ARE NOT) AND EVEN IF THEIR CONCERN FOR HUMAN LIFE ENDED AT BIRTH (WHICH IT DOESN'T) EVERY SINGLE ACT OF ABORTION WOULD STILL BE MORALLY WRONG (write that on the blackboard 100 times you "choicers"). This is now my Mount education coming to the fore and watch out, there's more of that where that came from. I also had an absolutely wonderful English Lit teacher there as well who made the rather astonishing and shocking claim that most people will never experience the true beauty of sex in their lives, they'll do it and call it great sometimes but will never know the real deeper meaning of THE ACT we all love so much. It was a truly radical statement and he wasn't in the least bit afraid to say it, say this at a Manhattan cocktail party and they'll have you arrested, it was all a part of my wonderful high school education not only in math and science but in LIFE. Another teacher, a Religion/Morality guy, also told us "don't believe all the hype of Hugh Hefner, happiness is not a 10 foot erection" (imagine hearing this in a public school!) I think the Mount made me think outside the box so much and as a result my blogging may raise hackles at times but I can proudly say it will always be 100% honest (GUARANTEED).

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Legislative OCD

Bob Novak, in a recent column, said of the most recent session of Congress that there was "no burst of legislative activity" (this is generally taken to be a BAD THING). I myself think the country runs best when the government shuts down. WHY do we have to always be legislating anyway? It's been over 200 years since our great country was founded and we don't know how it should be run yet? There is even a law in my neck of the woods (local laws are often the most intrusive) that if a motorist accidentally kills someone's cat he has to track down the owners of said dead feline and notify the survivors. Yes folks, the mentally ill are in charge to protect us all from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and if you feed the geese in Mamoroneck in Westchester County NY you could be facing a 15 day jail sentence (whatever happened to simply fining people?) I myself have always worn my seatbelt whether it was NY State law or not but why do we always have to be protecting people from themselves? The power of the few = the tyranny of the many.

Pro-Choice may be a libertarian position but Pro-Choice by and large is not at all a libertarian political philosophy. A third-party libertarian once ran against Christie Todd Whitman for NJ Governor and made the case that prostitution there should be legal ("my body my choice"). The pro-abortion Whitman said no way in hell can a loser pay for sex in the Garden State (although sticking scissors in the back of a full-term unborn baby's skull is another matter). Pro-Choice is against the right of a woman who may be in real danger to protect herself by carrying a gun, Pro-Choice wants to stigmatize and maybe even eventually criminalize the tobacco industry, the pro-choice Republican Mayor of NYC wants to ban those trans-fatty acids that Mickie D's uses for those freedom fries, many choicers are not wild about those gas-guzzling SUVs, Pro-Choice is against any sexualization of the workplace.....I would simply refer to them for what they are, PRO-ABORTION. They are big government types all the way, from FDR's New Deal to LBJ's Great Society and War on Poverty. They are only pro-choice on abortion and the "right" to physician-assisted suicide. Yes, they want to tell everyone else how to live and I really think their narrow focus on "abortion rights" comes down to population control, too many people ruin the planet and pollute and drive SUVs and smoke and pig out on fast food and so what better way to protect us from ourselves than by killing us in the womb or starving us to death in a hospice when we get a little older.People who masturbate your mind

Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm a pro-choice pro-lifer

Hillary Clinton recently went to Long Island to receive the enthusiastic endorsement of the political arm of Long Island Planned Parenthood even though she and Bill have repeatedly gone on record as saying abortion is a BAD THING. There are now about 1.3 million of those bad things happening in this country every year and Planned Parenthood performs the majority of those bad things so how bad does a thing have to be before you decide to stop speaking to a group that is primarily responsible for those bad things, or maybe for her it's just kinda bad or not bad at all when you need the votes. I thought Bill kinda wanted to make the bad thing a RARE THING so where's all the "informed consent" legislation she should be working on? If this be "moderation" on abortion I'd hate to see what a liberal would do.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Amish tragedy

Re the horrific tragedy at that Amish school yesterday where a crazed milkman shot those young schoolgirls and killed three of them, a woman said to me today and I have to agree that in such situations of peril where you have a roomful of people and only one gunman it is far better for everyone to rush him at the same time even though one or two of them may get hurt and lose their lives in the process but that's just it, we've become a nation of victims and we've seemed to accept it. The Amish are historically a pacifist people and this could have something to do with it but in the time it took for this 32 year old psycho to tie up those girls something could have been done. They say he had a 20 year old grudge which would mean he got angry at the tender age of 12. Good grief, people are growing up way too fast these days to have issues at 12 and carry them through life.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Life Chain Sunday

Today is 'Life Chain Sunday" when thousands of pro-lifers across the country bear peaceful witness against abortion by forming human chains and carrying posters. Pro-Choice is not at all a consistent political philosophy, most of the choicers seem to be pro-choice only about abortion. This is not a novel observation, George Will once wrote a column about how the pro-aborts are never for your right to smoke a cigarette or own an SUV or carry a gun for your self-preservation or, to update this, to eat french fries that have been dipped in trans fatty acids. In fact most of the time they are Big Government all the way and so I propose that we use the term "pro-abortion" instead. If they were really pro-choice on all these other issues I'd go with it but they haven't earned the moniker in my book. What about the choice of a woman to carry a gun to protect herself, a woman who may be in real danger and has been properly trained in its use? You'll never hear a Democrat talk like this, instead they want to protect the woman from the risque joke in the workplace.

The prevalent legal view that the fetus has the moral status of Hamburger Helper is the imposition of somebody's else's view of things, it is not by any stretch of the imagination a non-view as Mario Cuomo would have us believe and so I would also propose that you have to demonstrate the fetus's non-humanity before you can kill it which of course the pro-aborts cannot do. Also, how does it make sense that the fetus may be fully human at the 5th month or the 6th or the 7th but not two or three days before these whimsical and purely arbitrary cutoff dates? This is masturbation of the mind big-time and that is my thought for this Pro-Life Sunday. On the Right