Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In the interests of fighting terror we have to know the size of your penis

Why doesn't Janet Napolitano step through the thing? 'tis the creepy season. Whatcha got up your bunghole buddy?? Anything is theoretically possible of course but I don't think a bladder cancer survivor with a urine bag is gonna blow up a plane. The TSA says 90% of passengers are behind the patdowns and full body scans, that's an awfully high % for any poll don'tcha think? OMG is that Ron Jeremy?!?

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Trojan Pope

Many years ago when I was more active at Catholic religious forums I recall a hot theological topic at the time. Catholic theologians were beginning to carve out a narrow exception for licit condom use, that of a married couple where the husband is say HIV positive. No big deal I thought at the time so the other night when I'm groggy and getting ready for bed I heard something on the news about Pope Benedict saying condoms can be ok in certain cases and I thought again no big deal as he's finally resolved this quirky theological problem. So the next day in my morning paper I read that in some book he wrote he was actually referring to male prostitutes. Last I checked many people still have moral problems with the practice of prostitution, certainly the Church has never endorsed it. So what to make of all this?

More and more rather than relegating Fatima to the dustbin of History recent events have made this prophetic message more relevant than ever. The prophetic element having to do with some sort of antipope towards the End who would lead the Catholic masses astray drawing away 1/3 of the Church hierarchy with him (i.e. 1/3 of the stars of heaven), the wave of diabolical disorientation to come well you have to say putting the most positive spin on things maybe Benedict wants to make a point about all this. The Vatican is denying this is a revolutionary change in Church teaching of course but it is, not the part about an HIV husband but the male prostitutes and first and foremost if a Pope teaches in error you have no duty to follow him. It's disturbing though and what other revolutionary changes in Church teaching are just around the corner although they won't be termed such? Make no mistake, this is one pope I am not following and that is the inherent problem in Roman Catholicism, always has been and that is blind obedience to a pope who can teach in error thereby putting into jeopardy his flock's salvation. It sows confusion in the minds of the faithful but on a happier note Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Some of the more controversial conclusions of Stranded

Blogging for four years now and here they are in no particular order but it does show a mind out of order with mainstream thinking at times. Blame it on the H2O but I have a problem with group consensus but maybe I'm just anti-zeitgeist:

Dieting is the proper balance between starvation and nutrition. A wife gives her husketeer husband a banana, an apple, two pieces of cheese for lunch, hell let's throw in a carrot. I think this is why the Italian woman at work finds this so controversial, deep down she recognizes the principle -- if it wasn't this you wouldn't lose weight.

Most Pro-Choice is Pro-Abortion. When you study their various comments at various blogs and forums you can safely begin with the Premise that they are not Anti-Abortion so you're left with this vast undefined area, a kind of asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. I call it Pro-Abortion, they call it the Whatever.

You should enjoy drinking, absolutely but Z finds the Effects are better when you don't polish off the whole bottle. I'm wondering whether John Tesh ever drinks but I'm guessing no. He strikes me as the type of person who if Connie wants to use the anal beads he'd have to devote a great deal of study to the issue first and even then it's not a given.

Stalking. Didn't hear much about this in the 50's or even the 60's or 70's, in fact it was kind of celebrated (Dudley Moore/10, at least he had a goal and we're all for that right?) but when you get right down to it the pivot point is you're just not into him or her. Sure you'll say it's the behavior but you'd have no problem with the hunk living in Apt. 5F sending you a fruit basket. It's legislated subjectivity and not only that, it's a stupid subject.

We should get rid of most sexual harassment law. Don't like the banter in the workplace find another job. I don't hear the illegal immigrants complaining.

Exclusive homosexuality is a stylistic affectation and thanks to independent-thinking feminist Camille Paglia for this theory. I get that they want to polish a knob every now and then but as for homoism I ain't buying it.

Your reward for hard work is simply MORE hard work. It's a means to a means, sorry to break this to you but you've bought into conservative propaganda all these years. It's generally why I don't like Work, I see the reality others refuse to see.

Liberalism doesn't help people. A perfect example is I was in a CVS before and signs in the Pharmacy dept. have words in both English and Spanish. This doesn't help the Spanish person to learn English but it makes liberals feel good.

Prejudice is not always irrational just like paranoia is not always irrational. Most shoe or undie-bombers tend not to be Swedes and just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not talking about you. In fact they probably are.

That's enuf on our plate for today. It's a controversial buffet, the tongs are over there and please cap the soda. Keep it civil.

Friday, November 05, 2010

A word about the Election

Optical Scanners - made the decision to go vote with my folks and an elderly neighbor and so we go in the place and the first thing I notice is where the hell are all the voting booths?!? Then ya got these DMV-type workers (liberal cousin: are you trying to say they were all black?) who hand you the sheet and a black marker with no verbal instructions whatsoever from Uniqua and Pumpkin and so everyone is helping everyone else and my Mom's sheet got crumpled in the machine somehow and so the lady takes it and scribbles VOID over the top and sets it aside and the thought occured WHERE THE HELL IS THE PRIVACY? Back in the day, yesterday in fact you went in the booth and closed the curtain and you didn't have to tell a soul about it afterwards if you didn't want to, could've left some jizm in there now everyone including the janitor knows how you voted. Well I hope the NY Post is proud of themselves, Andy Cuomo is now the Governor here in NY - WTG!!! I mean I get it that they didn't endorse Paladino although I disagree with it but to push for a liberal Dem from the only purportedly conservatve rag in Town? It's clear State Editor Fred Dicker has a thing about social conservatives, I think that's what animated his reporting if you could call it that all along but anyway so the Repubs took back the House which just goes to show the ancient wisdom of the old Z-man Rule that no political party has permanent power although to hear the liberal chattering classes in Washington talk about it after Obama's Rise to Power. It's like the American Voter is schizo or something, no firm political identity they just make one chamber into Republican and the other chamber stays Democrat. It's clear though Obama doesn't see his Agenda as being at fault and I really wasn't that jazzed up about it all 'cept glad to see Nancy Pelosi having her gavel taken away. What's your take? I just think everyone is on drugs.