Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cyber-nosy management (or watch what you tweet)

Not a week goes by when I don't read about the issue of watch what you post on social media it may affect your future job prospects or job you already have. Tesh is big on this but he's big on all the latest trends anyway and he just goes with the latest mainstream thinking as it evolves. My feeling - a boss who snoops in your cyberspace is not worth working for plain and simple. The ONLY matter at hand is are you qualified to get done the job at hand done? Look you get a busted pipe in the middle of winter I don't care that the local plumber may post socialist ravings on his blogsite nor should the plumber's boss care if he's a good one. I'm truly not getting this issue and why it's so much discussed and why some bosses feel the need to delve into your online personas. Of course if you're posting a personal scat video online then ok but by and large Free Speech is like a reservoir, row around and dip in and troll what you like it's all good and it's no concern of anyone else's much less a potential employer. Then again I don't put much stock in your basic job interview, I mean you could suck at them and still be a kickass worker but the smooth talkers and bs-artists always skate through. "What are your strengths and weaknesses?" dunno, my hands shake when I have too much coffee? Discuss:)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Yonkers snow removal (not)

The other morning I called up early to find if street cleaning was suspended as there was still a ton of snow and ice from a previous storm in the spaces. Street cleaning was still in effect despite the fact they didn't remove the snow. Just sayin':)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

When dorks become dangerous

Bored with masturbation and stalking the girl next door they've turned to malicious code. Turns out my techno-problem is fairly common and yahoo'ed it yesterday. Others say too they can't sign into their blogs from their smartphone apps even though they're using such premium browsers like Google Chrome and Opera. Last night I had a fairly long web session on my phone, wasted more than a few minutes but judging from the various sites I visited I came to the fairly strong conclusion we're in the middle of a kind of minor cyberattack. I mean you're trying to download a Kasperskey antivirus scanner but what gets downloaded instead is Spicy Games, c'mon. Tech support forums, imo most don't help the user to resolve his or her particular problem. It's usually the same old pat techno-answers probably by some guy in Rangoon (clear cookies, cache or go to Settings and get a signed browser, works better) and in the end the gadget-user still has the problem. It's like with tinnitus, most mainstream doctors will tell you there's about four or five main things that cause it only it doesn't explain your tinnitus. So whether it's the doctor who can't just admit ignorance and bafflement or one of them techno-advisors it's always our analysis of the problem HAS TO be right, try it again. So the moral of the story is there are alot of sucky sites out there only is the most prominent and gets the most press. Blame those Chechen contractors if you like.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Wintertime ramblings

I wonder if the mayor of Atlanta believes in global climate change. I've lived through bigger snowstorms in the past but this winter has been very disruptive. Yonkers hasn't been preparing the roads this winter, what's up with that? Couldn't get out on some days so couldn't blog and comment. Well I could but my browser app on my smartphone that I've been using just fine all this time has become erratic and I've had trouble logging in lately and here I thought I was cool with the technology. Maybe it's this vast NSA info-vacuum/umbrella they have covering the world right now that have been giving people's devices problems. Guys just what is it that you're looking for? A bad winter for me, not only the app but the roving dog that killed a neighborhood cat, a mysterious pain that comes and goes in my hip area (bursitis?), Dad tripped inside and pulled a muscle but is doing better and work is weird. Philip Seymour Hoffman -- you know I think the Charlie Sheen/Justin Bieber stuff is all made up hype and PR, make 'em into bad boys but the ones we never suspect are really doing stuff. I never got the whole heroin thing, first off I hate needles and what happens when you run out of places to shoot up? I'm just getting back on track here. Guys can I have my app back?