Thursday, May 29, 2014

App Permissions - for the NSA to collect your data

How many saw Brian Williams special interview with Edward Snowden last night? Probably didn't make much of an impression on ole BB though we learned for instance that the NSA can turn on your smartphone even when it's off and take pictures. Don't know what they'd do with my cat though or me watching Home Shopping Network. Brian Williams called this chilling and then we also learned that Mr. Snowden was not just a low-level "hacker" or NSA contractor but had worked for the CIA as a spy overseas, had training in this area and so knows what he's talking about. Also he had a nice haircut and for the ladies out there a couple of moles here and there. NSA's main concern is preventing the next big terrorist attack or even small ones leading up to that but with all these lone fuseboxes out there getting ready to blow who populate the social media and leave copious e-trails with not infrequent weird rantings you'd think there'd be an algorithm for that. I mean if we're gonna give up our privacy en masse in these massive data-mining sweeps it's not too much to ask to go to the mall or get a bite to eat in relative safety. He also said ask the US Government why he wound up in Russia. Then I went to bed.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Other thoughts on the Santa Barbara shootings

I was watching the PBS Newshour last night and Judy Woodruff was interviewing reporter Adam Nagourney of The New York Times. I didn't know this but Mr. Nagourney stated quite clearly that the guns 22-yr. old shooter Elliot Rodger used in the seaside massacre in Isla Vista were all legally purchased and CA has some of the nation's strictest gun control laws on the books. I've long felt while I'm fairly in support of gun control in many cases and welcome some legislation to that effect I'm also realistic enough to know it's not the magic bullet if you'll pardon the pun. It was truly a bizarre manifesto Rodger left behind and my first thought was angel dust or bath salts but you know what's scary? if you're this Nutz and you're NOT on drugs, I mean at least ex-rapper Big Lurch can fall back on that. My other thought was let's say Rodger in his YouTube videos and other postings steered clear of the more violent and weirder elements it would have come across as angry and whiny but truth be told many men would have agreed with him. So instead of discussing maybe a valid social issue or two once the person behind the "cause" resorts to violence that invalidates the cause right off the bat so then the trending topic turns to potential armies of psycho virgins training in the caves somewhere instead of maybe what alot of men can relate to. I honestly think if he was this far gone take away ALL his guns he would have easily found another way to commit mayhem perhaps with a samurai sword say. This is one of the very rare times when I actually agree with the Scientologists as I don't put much stock in psychiatry as a whole as the guy had his therapists and counselors and look what happened. The debate needs to go beyond gun control and the latest theories of the shrinks but that's where it seems to be stuck:)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Is Hillary too old to run?

I'm thinking Dole and McCain who between the both of them probably have a few colonoscopies under their belt and all of a sudden this is an issue? They already have Hillary using one of them walkers with the two tennis balls in the back going to bingo games. First off let me just say Karl Rove is a dick. For me the issue is not Hillary's age but why is it required or somehow foreordained that she has to run? What with the Bushes and all we're developing a kind of dynastic presidency (Sasha and Malia down the road?) and personally speaking I think I speak for a large swath of the country when I say I have Clinton Fatigue and Benghazi has nothing to do with it. She'll run purely out of political ambition of course, that's her pre-set factory default setting but is it the right thing to do?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Radical Islam still happens

It's nice to see Hollywood celebrities and liberals in general finally addressing the real war on women. One yearns for a Jack Bauer-type to take on Boko Haram and rescue those 276 Nigerian schoolgirls being held hostage probably in some primeval jungle but what we got instead is Obama's Hamlet tendencies in the foreign policy arena, hashtags, Anne Hathaway and hey can you believe they're STILL talking about Donald Sterling? At this point I DON'T CARE, don't care if he has the N-word tattooed on his ass cheek. I think the latest version of 24 rocks but if there's one thing Chloe constantly looking like Ozzy Osbourne fighting terrorism is massively distracting. 24 too is getting back to having radical Islamist elements in their plotline and all this just might take the spotlight off the far lesser threat if you can call it that of the Christian Right and Gary Bauer (BB & Saty opening). Some Techno Thoughts (Again) The other day at work everyone was walking around looking at their smartphones and the thumb was constantly scrolling. You know one day homo sapiens is gonna evolve to the point where we all have thumbs like the great apes and we'll be walking hunched over into traffic. They say technology has an asocial effect, don't wanna say anti-social but there are times to be perfectly honest when I'd rather be with my tablet than my friend no offense. Downloaded a great app the other day, not just a file manager but a real file explorer so you can actually see what's taking up all that storage space and why. Root capabilities is even on the menu but that's soapie territory and I don't intend to go there. OK so to tie it all together do you think Boko Haram really cares about the First Lady's hashtag?

Thursday, May 08, 2014

The contradictory world of technology

This happened to me once, you'll be on your tablet and a startling message comes up - "You're running out of storage space." Once you calm down you realize it's not all that tragic as you have many files that aren't that mandatory for you but you were in a downloading mood. Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" video never made sense anyway but all the same you were encouraged to put all that content in in the first place. So this important notification suggests deleting media content, unpinning stuff, uninstalling apps so you get yourself a cache cleaner and you feel like you're cleaning house. Google Play boasts they have over 700,000 apps in their appstore and not that long ago you were actually encouraged, nay pushed to get all the apps you could muster but now a very important app comes along, actually it's an App Uninstaller because you may have installed too many apps that you don't really use that much. I was looking over my download history this morning and this mobogenie apk file must've automatically downloaded like over 10X. I don't know whether to say thanks for the pup, I actually like mobogenie but I feel like BB sometimes that maybe it's a good idea to take a break from the technological scene once in a while. You're pushed to download as part of this digital consumerism then you're told you should clean house. It's like taking up smoking just so you can quit.