Monday, August 31, 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton compared some of the Republican presidential candidates to ISIS

From a free speech angle I got no problem if that's how she feels but where's the blowback, the media firestorm? just sayin'. Well she's at least updated the tired Nazi analogy. Trump says things that are half true and he's got the universe on edge. On the positive side at least she acknowledges that ISIS is bad for women.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hippyfied health care

CVS won't sell tobacco products but medical marijuana dispensaries seem to be sprouting up everywhere these days.  Alcohol continues to be heavily demonized (e.g. nearly every insomnia website warns don't drink before bedtime) but hemp use is actually being medically encouraged within a limited for now framework of course.  Granny don't smoke, Granny don't drink, Granny light up a joint in the cancer ward.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Donald Trump's menstruating campaign

I don't know how large the voting bloc is in this country for those not easily offended but apparently it's quite sizeable. The more Donald Trump offends the more he surges in the polls. One week Trump insults Mexicans then El Chapo the drug lord and then it's on to John McCain and finally we have Fox News host Megyn Kelly as the target of his gigantic and egocentric wrath. There has to be some sort of Howard Stern demographic at play here. Trump is single-handedly destroying political correctness in this country which is a good thing and I'm all for but how he's doing it!!! Roger Stone his campaign advisor who just quit but sounds like he wants to get back on board appeared on the Today show this morning and said he wants Trump to get more into the Reagan mold which I take to mean more dignified and stately for God's sake and to talk more about the bigger issues and his policy positions rather than getting into these once a week side squabbles. Then there's Marco Rubio who recently touted his position against abortion in ALL circumstances. At a time when liberals are desperately trying to Sasquatch those excellent and professional imo undercover sting videos against PP Rubio has to bring up rape and incest non-exceptions which is the #1 topic (and #2 and #3 and #4) pro-aborts just love to talk about. Christie just sounds angry all the time like this is gonna play in Peoria. IF it does come down to Hillary vs. Trump in the end I'd have to do the right thing and vote for the Donald but in the meantime he's making us conservatives nervous like when your slightly buzzed uncle comes over for a very important family gathering. Is there some kind of pill he can take?

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Medical apps and insomnia, sometimes just technically wrong

The Web MD and Home Remedies apps both have a variation on the same official formula when it comes to insomnia. WebMD says if you don't fall asleep by 20 minutes get up and perform a quiet task (??) and Home Remedies advises if you don't fall asleep within 30 minutes go in another room and start reading but keep the tv off (maybe the book Stephen King's Insomnia?) Traditionally and down through the ages we've always defined "falling asleep" as that sharp and definitive moment when the curtain magically drops and you lose consciousness and awareness. For practical purposes that definition is fine and works most of the time but many times it doesn't work that way. The best starting point for managing your insomnia is to simply lie in bed the whole night with your eyes closed. It's a scientific fact which the apps somehow neglect to mention that if you do this you will have brief periods of sleep which you're unaware of hence the feeling of being awake all night. You'll make it through the next day adequately as opposed to following their advice and getting up every 20 minutes performing quiet tasks and going in the next room and picking up a copy of William Manchester's The Arms of Krupp. It helps if you have or cultivate good dream recall because during such torturous nights you can often remember brief dreams you've had and you can use this as a kind of yardstick. The other thing which I've never understood is the official medical line mandating that everyone needs 8 HOURS OF SLEEP A NIGHT otherwise bad medical things are gonna happen like maybe five years from now they'll have to remove a couple of diabetic toes. At this point you're working on your sleep and doing the best you can and you don't need this added pressure. Chuck it and while we're on the subject I've been wondering what else the medical apps which are so popular these days are wrong about. TIPS - Next time you have trouble sleeping count all the names of the Republican presidential contenders over and over again in your head. Charlie Rose also works for me or maybe you can DVR a late Sunday afternoon golf game:)

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Defunding Planned Parenthood

I have sincerely tried to understand this liberal apoplexy whenever the subject of defunding Planned Parenthood is broached but when I've posed the question throughout the years I never get a clear answer or quite often no answer at all.  WHY is Planned Parenthood entitled to or why are we morally obligated to subsidize this organization through millions of dollars in federal taxpayer funds every year???  Even if I were pro-choice I wouldn't automatically come down on the side of the federal subsidy.  There are quite a few organizations in this country who do yeoman's work on the side of good and yet they don't receive such a subsidy and yet it is mostly a Democratic Article of Faith that PP needs to be federally subsidized and if you don't quite morally calculate it this way you're on the side of darkness and devils.  I have to say though I have always found the pro-abortionism of the NY Times editorial board to be quite stunning even with the string of undercover sting videos by the pro-life although I'm supposed to say the anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress. So throw your coins in the fountain here or if you prefer just walk by and glance and give the old Sitemeter an uptick.