Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What's app with that?

NYS State Governor Cuomo announced the launch of the See Something Send Something app for iPhone and Android.  I'm probably gonna install it but just the same is a Muslim man and his friend allowed to take pics of the GW Bridge at twilight or of the Croton Dam?  Meanwhile Charlie Sheen who's a public health menace could be having sex in both places and it'd be no biggie.  I'm gonna go to the Play Store right now and check it out.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The French 9/11 and limited intelligence

First off there should be an investigation of the French intelligence agency to rule out any radical Muslim sympathizers in some top spots. President Obama plans to forge ahead with the G20 Summit in Turkey anyway which will focus on climate change naturally. Yesterday's ISIS-coordinated multiple terrorist attacks in the heart of Paris - NBC News is going with the planners involved probably used social media codes to pull it off to escape the usual cell phone and other surveillance. I agree and thank you Mark Zuckerberg. I've always felt and made the point that a disturbingly high % of users on social media are a bad element and in particular a terorrist element. IMO ISIS terror is coming to the shores of America and that very soon. The Xmas shopping season is just around the bend, it's a definite Christian ritual and ISIS has said this is the first of a storm. Personally although I never did I would not go shopping on Black Friday. Don't participate in the madness. For the near future I am no longer going to the Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack and the Danbury Fair Mall in CT. is a definite soft target. I'll also see Mockingjay not on a crowded weekend showing but on an off-day. The Russian jetliner and now the Paris attacks, these are highly trained professionals who know what they're doing and some of you have made the point you're not concerned with what's happening over there because we have other things to worry about over here like Pat Robertson. Mistake. On another related note it has always been my personal view that the famed vision of the Third Secret of Fatima publicly released on June 26, 2000 pertains to a future terrorist event of enormous magnitude perhaps even involving Pope Francis himself. ISIS itself has a peculiar theological fixation on the city of Rome if you've noticed. The Sodano Interpretation is so much bullshit and it's just as well Benedict XVI who should know better retired when he did (bad conscience?). I've always maintained ISIS deserves our top priority and attention and not things like processed red meat causes cancer and the latest doings of the Kardashians. ISIS has upped their game when our world's intelligence agencies are woefully lagging behind:)

Monday, November 09, 2015

Gimme that old-time religion

I was watching Bishop T.D. Jakes last night on Daystar.  He's a black evangelical minister and his audience is mostly black although I saw some whites.  Suffice to say he's extremely passionate in his preaching and his listeners really get into it as well.  All in all a very passionate evening.  Compare this with your typical white average Catholics who go to Mass every weekend and who barely know the readings in the OT & NT.  You might catch some rolling their eyes at a long homily and then somebody else has to crane their neck to see who just arrived in the back of the church.  Then some old guy's cane falls and everyone looks around for five minutes.  Some be leaving around Communion time, someplace to go I guess.  You never see anyone leaving during a Jake's sermon though.  Pull up a chair we're just getting warmed up.  The faith of African-Americans puts us Catholics to shame!

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Here's a question

When we push the clocks back to gain that extra hour do insomniacs get an extra hour of non-sleep?