Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Our off-center political season

Every once in a while something happens in the fabric of time which defies Logic. It's bizarre even. If someone had made this prediction even ten years ago you would have been told that's an irrational phobia. A shrink would have counseled you to have the thought but don't work it up. I'm referring to what most conventional political wisdom is now telling us, that Donald Trump after his SC win is well on his way to wrapping up the GOP nomination. I think two things are driving this - first off pc has gotten so out of hand in this country folks are tired of it and Trump is going against this and secondly I think it's the political id of the American public finally coming out (e.g. construction workers with t-shirts saying I'm ready to start building that wall). Jeb Bush just blew through about 130 mil with nothing to show for it because his main political strategy seemed to be not about building a vision but bashing Trump. Now they're talking about a Trump/Rubio ticket. Again it's one of those things a Stephen Hawking would have trouble explaining but there it is:)