Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Manchester Attack - the new normal?

At last report there were 22 dead and at least 100 injured including 12 children in that suicide attack at the Manchester Arena Ariana Grande concert. ISIS is now claiming responsibility which was almost a foregone conclusion. The lone suicide bomber a 23-year old man by the name of Salman Abedi. So nobody's really talking about it at work today just the normal grind. I brought it up a little and there was a small discussion but it's like these things are now accepted as part of the day's news just a normal and inevitable element of the news cycle. President Trump in Saudi Arabia said to Muslim leaders you need to drive the extremist elements out and likened the War on Terror to a battle between Good and Evil. Not much to disagree with there. I felt maybe the security in Britain could be better but others see it as no matter how good your security these tragedies can and will still happen. NYC Police were on a heightened state of alert last night as to be expected which begs the question why does it take an incident for police departments across the nation to be on a heightened state of alert? It seems only a matter of tragic time before this gets imported here and becomes a part of the nightly news. One thing I see though Obama's intellectual decision to refuse to call radical Islamic terror radical Islamic terror has done absolutely nothing to defeat extremist ideology.

Friday, May 12, 2017

The bizarre and trendy world of theoretical physics - go quantum!

Here's the thing, even if all this stuff is true what difference does it make? What would be the purpose of a parallel universe or several of them aka the multiverse? If Hitler were bad in each universe it's just a variation of a tragedy. Many redditors have talked about the JFK assassination and how in the original timeline as they call it the JFK car was a 4-seater with four occupants and in this reality it's now a 6-seater with six people (just go along with this for the sake of argument). This is literally just one of hundreds of examples of what believers call "the Mandela Effect." Again though even if this were true what difference would it make? It's still the same tragic event with some critical details changed. Maybe in another version Lee Harvey Oswald forgot to brush his teeth that morning. Biocentrism is another yuuuuuuge idea and all the rage now and one of its controversial propositions is when you die say of a sudden heart attack or car accident you automatically get shifted over into an almost similar dimensional experience and continue with your life as such. Even Charles Manson? Whatever happened to Hell? Don't expect Pat Robertson to get on board with this. The New Age Movement is now inextricably linked with quantum mechanics and have greatly expanded on the ideas of theoretical physics but in the way they like. A prime example is life coach Cynthia Sue Larson who to be fair does have a degree in physics but she posts some fairly startling things. She and many others say you can literally reality shift your life into more positive directions as in literally quantum jump to other more favorable alternate realities. Now even if this is true (did you pick up on my theme yet?) you'd still have to go to the same job in the morning. So the name of your favorite breakfast cereal might be slightly off it would still not be enough to make a difference imo. Getting back to biocentrism for a minute if you go to YouTube and type in "we're all dead" at least 50 and probably more videos come up. Only on YT can you have a cabdriver with no college degrees expounding on quantum physics. The death theory is interesting on certain levels but again why would we still have to go to work in the morning? Some redditors have made another issue of the human anatomy evolving over time (if only Charles Darwin were alive today! Oh wait maybe he is) but again what difference would it make? still get the same crappy constipation and make the same 3AM bathroom trips. I can't wait for the next PBS special on all of this:)