Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I am a solipsistic, self-absorbed, self-pitying, narcissistic and vindictive gay American

I am so not on Jim McGreevey's side in his nasty custody battle with ex-wife Dina Matos McGreevey regarding their young daughter Jacqueline. McGreevey, former Democratic governor of New Jersey, resigned the statehouse in August 2004 when scandal swirled when he, um, tapped his lover Golan Cipel for the job of Director of the NJ Dept. of Homeland Security. He wrote a coming out book about it all called simply The Confession in which he admits that, even when he was acting governor, he had quickie and anonymous gay sex at various rest stops along the Interstate. His ex-wife has now come out with her own version of their marriage, Silent Partner. McG wants little Jackie to spend at least half her time with him and his male lover, Australian money manager Mark O'Donnell, and in court papers filed he says her intent to block this shows her "irrational fears of his sexuality" (or perhaps all too rational fears). Quoth he:

"She is in deep denial. Why would she question what I have made clear? To try and lessen my gayness by making me bisexual is a clear form of homophobia." So now calling someone a bisexual is some kind of slur? and how did he have sex with her all those years?

What is going on in this guy's head?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

How to push people right or left, political mind games

Rush bashing liberals, the liberals say we're not like that and so even they get pulled rightward instead of saying everything he says about us is true. The more they insist they are not pro-abortion the more obvious it is they are but they get sucked into Rush's rightward vortex and will say things like abortion is a bad thing, I don't know anyone who is for abortion, do you? never met the guy, must be a psycho or something to be for feticide. So you go against the criticism by moving in the direction of the critic and the same thing happens to the conservatives, the more the libs paint them as rabid anti-abortionists the more reasonable, dare I say, liberal they become, "oh no, even if Roe is overturned tomorrow rest assured most states will still allow the procedure and the whole country was moving in the direction of, em, reform on abortion policy, wait a minute, did I just say reform."

Beth is the only one I understand.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The masculine/feminine culture debate revisited

I blogged about this not too long ago but it has resurfaced in the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy. Conservatives Michelle Malkin and Jay Nordlinger and now libertarian Neil Boortz are saying that when a group of people are threatened by one long gunman you're going to die anyway and so the best course of action would be to rush the guy and thus limit the carnage. Makes sense to me but Lionel, who recently said that he wants to hear and read EVERYTHING, said this is beneath contempt. Maybe his point has to do with how Malkin, Nordlinger and Boortz presented their argument as somehow blaming the victim or what he called "the wussification of America" but I sure hope he's not actually criticizing the validity of their point. It's true fear is a great paralyzer in such a situation and you almost need a telepathic consensus to pull this thing off, hey wait a minute, that happened on Flight 93 that was headed straight to Washington on 9/11, the heroes on board all gave up their lives but a far greater tragedy was averted (hard to see it this way in the context of the other similar events of that day). In a way we have become a nation of victims and I don't mean this disparagingly in any way, it's simply a statement of fact whether Malkin and company present it politely or not. So why is pushing people to defend themselves more so controversial? Why can't schools hold classes in how to defend yourself and others in such a situation? This is another reason why I much prefer a masculine to a feminine culture.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What's wrong with building a little mystery?

Since the subject of the loner is once again in the news here's another case where the past is considered a bad thing. The loner of the past was a mysterious individual but in a more positive and romantic sense than today, sexy even, in the movies he is the rugged individualist, the drifter through town. But when you get rid of the past you get rid of its poetry, its magic. So while it is important to talk about this national tragedy in terms of failures of security and whatnot let's clear the ground first of all media bias and debris against the past, let's rid ourselves of hostility against whole groups of people who aren't really bothering anyone. What the man lacked who did this terrible thing was a universal and objective moral code to live by which is why people with all types of grievances against society don't commit these acts.

The real issue is Right and Wrong.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Should we criminalize the past?

just like in 1984 and Brave New World

The past was about real romance, not The past had a breadth and depth to it that the modernists don't know they're doing away with. The past climate that is said to have produced an Imus is said to be bad and the past, pre-Clarence Thomas, that encouraged men to ask the same woman out more than once was bad too. Conservatives are about preserving the past and liberals want to change it. Why is the past bad?

From the New York Times for April the 14th, "Shock Talk Without Apologies", by Robert Wright. He's all for political correctness and feels Ann Coulter should be held to the same standard as Don Imus but the liberals of a bygone era said free speech means nothing if it doesn't protect the ugly and offensive. If people like Mr. Wright had their way things would be, well, perfectly boring. Anyway he makes this rather common but flawed point when he says:

"If social harmony is the goal sanctions should be focused along the ethnic fault lines that are most precarious. The black-white boundary is such a line given both the history of oppression and ongoing economic disparities between blacks and whites" (emphasis z's). I've lived close to a public housing project for much of my life and have noticed just as many poor whites living there as blacks. I myself, white as snow, have never lived high on the hog, most of the time I struggle like the rest of us. I wish I had a little more economic disparity to boast about, I would't have had to sell my used fishing boat a few years back because it was like having two cars.

Abandoning the past is not progress.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hillary is a political ho

ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

so arrest me

The social conservatives' real message to Rudy has been all along, "look, we know you're not really one of us but we also recognize the poetic requirement that you be the next president to fight and win the War on Terror so if you at least do a few things for us we can throw you our support, things like parental notification on abortion and banning taxpayer funding for it." But Rudy said NO and just the other day reiterated his long-standing position that not only must abortion remain the law of the land but the taxpayer must foot the bill for poor women to exercise their reproductive options and you call this a courtship?

Meanwhile that political ho, Hillary, just took all the money raised by rapster Timbaland at that Miami fundraiser on March the 31st. It really wouldn't be all that difficult to beat her Rudy but you have to do it now without even the slightest shred of social conservative support. Good luck!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Yeah, "nappy-headed hos" is a bit icky but.....

it is quite possible to say the most offensive things without having had the slightest intention of offending people and as moderator gdoane is fond of saying over at the Hannity forums "intent is everything." I was very lucky in two cases. Many years ago I worked at a store and the cheese clerk left and a black man was being trained for the position so I said to him because I knew he had a sense of humor "you're the first African-American cheese clerk, affirmative action." The joke was making fun of a hot political subject just for the heck of it, there was no pro or con involved and he got it. Then I worked with a Muslim guy and a few weeks after 9/11 he was calling someone on his cell phone and I said "oh, you must have bin Laden on speed-dial" and he got it too. Too bad Imus ain't so lucky but it might be time for him to call it a career anyway not because of anything he said per se but the climate has changed for the worse. If you've ever gone up against a truly pc authority figure they are utterly humorless, try telling them your humor is really making fun of stereotypes, they are not the least bit interested in nuance and context. The only humor they really dig is the safe kind on a par with "why did the chicken cross the road?" and even here you have to be careful, make sure it's not a Jewish chicken you're talking about.

From the Z-man to the I-man, your old joke about PBS's black reporter Gwen Ifill being a cleaning lady IS mildly funny. I'm reminded of the roast NBC had on years ago for some black celebrity and Don Rickles said at the end of the show "I really admire you black people, you've come a really long way with civil rights and all. By the way after everyone leaves you can clean everything up." You know something? people got it in the old days.

I honestly don't take the time to read New York Post sportswriter Phil Mushnick anymore, the guy literally complains about everything these days including "Wheel of Fortune". Though he denies it he's politically correct to the max, you'd tell him a good ethnic joke at a party and he'd probably just look at you and then call the cops to report a hate crime. His writing is just insufferable these days and so for him to pan the I-man ain't no big thing. I mean here's a guy who got his knickers all in a twist recently over Rosie's "ching chow" imitation.

Actually the whole thing got me interested in Don Imus again. I have 660 WFAN here in NYC preset on my car radio but haven't listened to him in a few years, I think I will again. Maybe there's something just a tad conspiratorial about the whole thing.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Finally some good writing on TV for a change

I've only sampled a few episodes of "30 Rock" on NBC, starring SNL's Tina Fey and actor Alec Baldwin, but the script crackles and pops with some bold writing. The show is about the goings on and inner workings at some sketch comedy show. The Tina character doesn't get along with some black guy and the guy says "you don't like me because I'm black" to which she replies "no, it's because you're a jerk. Why can't we all just not get along?" In another episode she falls madly in love with some guy she saw at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting who spills every secret in his life to his group and she later says she was faking alcoholism to meet him, "ok, I'm a real nut-Anne Heche job". Then to make it up to him she spills some of her own secrets like "come next election I'm going to tell my friends I'm voting for Barack Obama but secretly vote for McCain."

anything politically incorrect is dear to z's heart.

That other 9-11 conspiracy theory

Though for the record it can be said the Bush Administration never officially said the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein planned or had anything to do with 9/11 the idea that our campaign in Iraq was to avenge the events of that fateful day somehow took firm root in the popular conservative mind. A co-worker of mine, from the time the war started, said good, we're finally doing something about bin-Laden! On the other hand Bush never cleared the air on the matter and let the conspiracist notion float to the point where today we still think we're fighting a War against Terror that is connected to al-Qaeda and 9/11. It's a War against Terror in the sense that it's far better to have another democracy in the Middle East besides Israel but this is in a general sense. A real test for whether you are a true neocon - if you had to choose (and you can't choose both) which would you prefer, that we did what we did and captured Saddam and that the Iraqis hanged him or that OBL face ultimate justice?

conspiracy theories - and we make fun of Charlie Sheen. Now Rosie is a dope, she has demonstrated this well, of that there is no longer any doubt, but Bill O'Reilly is strongly hinting that she should lose her job over her saying that the U.S. government planned 9/11. This is very dangerous to a free country, that only those who think inside the box like O'Reilly should have full unabridged free speech rights, I mean where would the z-man be? This is very selfish Bill, very selfish.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I mean it's one thing to be a little edgy

Leftie commentator Christopher Hitchens has just published a new book damning all the world's religions, yeah, he's that same Hitchens guy who once wrote a book bashing Mother Theresa in The Missionary Position. Being edgy without being charming is an unpardonable mannerism of style, you're just a hater, you may as well just flush yourself down the toilet. I mean is there anyone or anything this man likes? He's like Dante's Lucifer in his Inferno in the innermost core of hell encased not in fire but in a block of ice. You'd hate to bring such a guy to see your aging father in some nursing home - "yeah, when I get in that condition I'll tell ya what, you all can have some fun and have a game throwing peanuts in my mouth." Nice guy.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

When celebrities bitch and moan it ain't the same thing

"Today" show co-host Meredith Vieira is now complaining that she has to get up at 3 in the morning every weekday and be driven into Manhattan at 4:30 to do her show. She calls it sleep deprivation but I ain't feeling her pain. I too get up early every day but I don't have my lack of sleep compensated by millions of dollars a year. Celebs also court fame but hate the paparazzi. I ain't defending them but stop acting like Britney and Lindsay and Paris in public, be low-key and operate under the radar. I don't recall seeing too many stories and photos about Danny Aiello.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

24 is starting to resemble a bad comic book

Milo has taken an interest in Nadia. Now they both have very important jobs to do at CTU preventing the End of the World As We Know It but somehow Milo sees himself as God's gift to the female species and cornered this Islamic hottie last week and planted a nice wet one on her face and she seemed to like it. I found the whole thing annoying, it's not the z-man's style, and then there's President Wayne Palmer who has been working diligently to foil Vice President Noah Daniels' plan to nuke the Middle East. Palmer keeps asking his doctor for adrenaline shots to keep him from lapsing back into a coma and letting Daniels take charge of foreign policy even though this is raising his blood pressure through the roof. Palmer didn't like Daniels calling him weak and decided to launch the nuke strike anyway to prove what a man he is. This Oval Office definitely needs a Dr. Phil type. The show is just jumping the shark every week and it wouldn't surprise me if this is 24's last real season. It's more a graphic novel now than a drama, wrap it up and call it a season, put it on DVD and put something else on next January.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Discussion forums on the walls of men's rooms

I'm quite a tolerant person, no really, I am. I'm very passionate about my own views which are right of course but I have no problem with different political views and things like that, that's cool, but I cannot tolerate mindlessness. There's currently a very lively discussion group taking place in the stall at the men's room at work written in pen, magic marker, whatever (at this point crayon will do) and it all revolves around, yep, you guessed it, SEX. I am absolutely astonished at the sheer mindlessless of it all, it takes your breath away because the posters mean what they say in all seriousness, this is the next generation, the future leadership of the country, things like after some profound gay philosophical insight involving the word "cock" comes this response - "eat p**** you a**h***" and some poor girl's name who gives bj's for only 15 bucks ("n-words welcome"). BTW are these actual workaday whores or is Chris Hansen going to show up at your doorstep with a posse of sheriff's deputies?

This is the strongest argument yet for banning most mainstream hardcore porn, not the usual moral reasons but the utter mind-boggling mindlessless of it all. I mean if all you can come up with for your work is "Asian cum-slurpers" you should be facing some serious prison time. Titles alone are usually pretty good clues as to the mental universes of the morons and idiots who inhabit them. I'm not a nerd by any stretch but it's time we start reversing the dumbing down of America. It's scary, I mean put all the dopes on some island where they can hash it out and leave the rest of us alone so we can take care of our business in peace.

keeping it psycho