Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Coitus hiatus

You know times is rough when you're in CVS and you see some dork/dweeb buying condoms and you're not. Now I promise to get to Satyavati devi dasi which roughly translated means "the servant of the Goddess Who is the abode of truth" and our old friend TAO of course in a minute but want to touch on our oversexed media here. I remember a letter-to-the-editor many years ago written by a woman to one of those stupid women's mags, could have been Cosmo or Glamour, you know the ones with the incessant sex headlines at the top of every cover and the lady made a good point. The problem with these mags, sex tapes, those books in Barnes&Noble etc. is, well it's not just a matter of taste but it goes like this. The assumption being made is that you're getting IT and the only issue is boredom. The assumption is you have partner(s) at the ready when the reality is large swaths of the population just go to work and go home every day and these articles don't speak to them and their lives, in short they can't relate. I remember sitting in the lunchroom and overhearing this young guy who was quite average in looks btw saying he gets IT any time he wants it. What? are you a sheik in charge of a harem or something? what bullshit! At any rate FRINGE is here to make you feel better, in a parallel universe you are getting it on (although in the 4th universe you might be a homo).

Saty which seems to be the required mystical abbreviation over at Pat's place has taken on Beth saying the usual things about conservatives: that we have (and I'm paraphrasing here) our own pre-set conclusions about things, don't consider other POV's and don't think outside our boxes but since when do libs do this??? hell when do any of us do this?? (I'm particularly thinking of my boss here). The assumption is made by her and folks like TAO that only liberals think and employ reason and are capable of analysis, conservatives just recite their pre-fab POV's handed down from generation to generation. Now I'm pro-life not because of my parents, my religion or my party but I've simply come to a pro-life conclusion in life. IMO or IMHO if that's better I've come to the conclusion that it is better for a society to be pro-life. Now the whole process of concluding implies or presupposes some manner of thought or analysis and so I have likewise concluded the Welfare State is also bad for society although TAO acts like if you don't believe in it then you're somehow evil or at best grossly inconsistent. What they're really saying is that certain conclusions are invalid not that you don't think although we're entering some pretty mystical terrain here I know.

I got some crap in my notes I'm gonna reserve for some other days of the week so as not to get too long-winded so that's it for today -- Sex, Saty and TAO. I'll be back after the New Year with some fresh complaints or some revamped old ones, cultural/societal grievances, agita, angst, perhaps an existential meltdown or two. Not being a strong advocate of the philosophical school of thought known as Optimism (God I hate those people at work who act like you don't have the right to a bad mood day every now and then) you might wanna pop a Zoloft.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spending money & other thoughts

When I brought this subject up the last time, the value of spending and consuming over only saving money it was pointed out to me at the time that you cannot spend your way out of a recession. Not being an economist (when I took Economy in school my eyes glazed over) I'm going to override this point with this. Now your older folk being the frugal types will often say if you make a fancy omelette at home, say two eggs and an egg white with some onions and mushrooms and cheese in the middle the same meal will cost you $7.49 at some diners point being obvious of course, you could have socked that money away. My philosophy is not only do you have the pleasure of dining out with a friend but at a minimum you're making the jobs of all the people who work in that diner possible. Let's say we all did the right thing according to the oldsters and stayed home your diners and restaurants would go out of business and it's really hard to see how that's good for the old economy. Also you can't take it with you. When I'm nearing The End I'm gonna spend it all, sorry it's a philosophical thing.

The Price of Marriage

Friend and I went to the Jefferson Valley Mall in Yorktown Heights yesterday and you always see older husbands waiting for their wives. You know the type, some hang out at the railing on the second floor and look down with bored, existentially pained expressions at the shoppers milling below. At one end there's a group of soft chairs where people can relax and most of the seats seemed to be filled with the duffs of these older tired-looking gentlemen waiting for their wives as they shop for bras, body lotions, dresses WHATEVER. I call this the Hubby Waiting Area. So my question is do these same men drag their wives along when they go fishing or hit the links?? The marriage thing, I look around me and it's like a deterrent.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tiger Woods on hiatus

Well if anything we'll learn the names of some of the other golfers now. If every other scandal-tarred athlete were to remove himself from the game in order to be better husbands/fathers/people we'd have no sports, what do you think? (A-Rod never even seemed to feign remorse, maybe that's the way to go). Guy at work the other day regarding why Tiger would stray so often on his supermodel wife: "you even get tired of filet mignon" - I guess......(ok I was waiting for my session to be extended for 15 more minutes, there you go). Lady Gaga doesn't do it for me, she's trying to be like Madonna but there's only one Madonna and you might say when Madonna wasn't being controversial she had a little bit of talent. Oprah's White House Christmas Special, that's a I-have-to-have-a-gun-pointed-at-my-head-to-watch-it kind of deal (is Brian Williams gonna be an elf?).

Now I'm gonna go get hammered.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The West Point address

I DID watch the bulk of it until the Sobieski kind of took the upper hand and haven't read the other blogs on the matter yet but I have to say the thought occured that Obama is somewhat better at foreign policy than domestic policy. I watched it basically because it was West Point and wanted to see the cadets. There was the element of pathos there, you'd look in the audience and realize that many of them are going to be deployed to Afghanistan and a certain percentage of them are never coming home. I also feel the war in Afghanistan is far more germane and relevant to the War on Terror, to crushing Al-qaeda than the campaign in Iraq was and is and there was a kind of inversion of priorities under Bush when we saw Saddam Hussein swinging from the gallows instead of Osama bin Laden though for the record I oppose the death penalty. The President will send 30,000 more troops over there, many by Christmas and the rest by next summer in a kind of two-step surge and the withdrawal date is set for sometime in 2011. What's a conservative to argue with? the speech was okay unless you like eternal warfare but it's hard to believe we're still at war with a bunch of cavedwellers who haven't been rocked back to the Stone Age yet. Bush kind of led us to believe the Taliban was crushed once and for all and all the action was in Iraq if you wanna be honest about it. I pray for those young men and women we saw last night, lives so full of promise and hope but Obama did well in laying out why they're going over there. Now to the other blogs......

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

keeping it psycho: those White House party crashers

We finally got our exclusive! There they were on The Today Show this morning talking to Matt Lauer. We're talking about the Salahis of course, Tareq and Michaele and Tareq was saying how the media have it all wrong, how they were devastated and their lives practically ruined over this. So it's all our fault, it's that old theme again. They can't talk in detail now but that day's coming and they insist they were invited. Seems they once crashed a Congressional Black Caucus dinner and they were politely escorted out and when Matt brought this up they just called it a gossipy rumor. OK no need to recap all this you know this stuff already but here's why technically they're not lying, they're telling the truth which is not to say the msm is engaged in a conspiracy against them (why for heaven's sake?), the msm do have their facts straight so how can both of them be right??? Very simple,

they're nuts

they ARE telling the truth as it exists in their own heads just like O.J. didn't murder those two people and UMA sent love signals to Jack Jordan. Now the Salahis are not Charlie Manson insane, they're what is known in the trade as being functionally insane. Worked with a woman like this once and you don't catch on right away until the stories they tell, the things they say don't make sense, don't add up. They can hold down jobs perfectly well, tie their shoelaces in the morning, brew their coffee, pay their bills on time and chat with their neighbors. They make it through the day just fine but they're still major bonkers. Even THEY don't know they're nuts.

it's awesome!:)