Thursday, March 28, 2013

Workplace malaise

I think it's time for a fresh blog.  Politically I can't latch onto anything at the moment and so I figured I'd do another work blog.  The workplace, it's been said companies and corporations have become more impersonal over the years.  Now I've had many jobs in my life, a quite varied resume but back in the day you were more like Family.  Most recently I've been getting over a severe groin pull and told my boss about it and even called out sick one day.  This is really a weird ailment because the pain is worse at night and in the morning but when you're active during the day you kinda forget it even exists.  Mild activity is better than staring out your bedroom window all day but anyway I took the one day and when I got back nobody really asked me how I was.  While everyone knew what the problem was because I told them and it's kind of awkward talking about your nether regions but no person in authority came up to me and said do you need some time off? not that I would've used it but it's nice to ask.  You know, concern.  Then there's the winter weather.  You could have 1 1/2-2 feet of snow and the place is still open and if you do call in there's a kind of weird silence on the other end of the line ("you mean you're not coming?").  Minor criticisms -- now I'm of the opinion that let's say you've put in 20 years at a place, they know your work product and on balance you're damn good and so one day some boss levels a mild criticism at you for whatever.  Nothing earth-shattering mind you but imo it shouldn't be brought up as the bulk of your work production over the years really outshines the minor bad and you do work through various ailments which people tend to forget so what's the purpose of the nitpicking point?  Oh yeah they're cutting back the hours on alot of people because of ObamaCare which I'm sure it's not Obama's fault and I ain't understanding the problem correctly.  I've got some years to go but I'm retiring the first day:)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Why not have a telepathic smartphone?

You can scroll up and down the screen and tap the icons merely by thinking about it, the sensors will pick up the specific cerebro/electromagnetic codes.  Samsung has a hot new model coming out totally involving eye control, instead of touching the screen merely moving your eyeballs will do the trick.  Somehow the sensors pick it all up and if you're in the middle of your favorite video let's say if you happen to look away the smartphone will stop and wait for you.  ALSO if you're eating a ham and cheese sandwich loaded w/mayo you can simply wave your hand over the device to answer an important incoming call.  You know it's funny they say we're living in hard times but everyone seems to have the latest gadgetry, call it techno-malaise.  Maybe come 016 we'll even be able to vote by smartphone.  Your muscles aching you after a hard day's work? get a virtual massage.  Samsung came up with this idea of eye control to compete with the more traditional iPhone and it'll probably work.  It's an absolute wonder of technowizardry, it's an eye-phone in the literal sense and will definitely make our lives easier.  Maybe you can even do the whole divorce proceedings over it, Raoul Felder on iPhone.  On the downside everybody may be blind in a few years:)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pope Francis I

Argentinian Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the first pope from the Americas.  One news station treated him as a political candidate and flashed on the screen "opposes abortion, euthanasia and same-sex marriage."  Well every pope in modern times has opposed those things, it's part of official church teaching if you haven't heard but then again the msm is so used to covering politics maybe it's hard to switch gears.  This was a great day for the Spanish news stations like Univision.  When I first heard the news that we have a Pope Francis I went on my mobile web and found out he has only one lung because of a lung infection he had as a teen, he has prefered humble living quarters and public transportation and has a special concern for the poor.  I have a good feeling about him.  At 76 he defied conventional conclave wisdom that held the 115 cardinals were gonna go with somebody younger and so as one commentator put it maybe they prefer shorter-term papacies now, God knows that would be a good idea for politics.  It's said he supports many social programs for the poor so we'll see how the National Review crowd reacts as they've been critical of popes in the past who have seemed to veer to the Left in their eyes.  Oh yes he chose Francis which is my middle name, Francis of Assisi one of my favorite saints:)

Monday, March 11, 2013

OK so Florence Nightingale she's not

I found this item on the website of the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network.  Since the TS Life & Hope Network is obviously an anti-euthanasia organization I just had to read about this incident but after reading it at least two times I came to the conclusion there was no pro-euthanasia motivation that I could detect on the part of the nurse involved or her place of work although I do think she and her facility were tragically mistaken.  I blame the lawyers.  At my workplace for instance one of the co-managers came over one day and we had a kind of impromptu meeting and the gist of it was if a customer is in need of some type of urgent medical attention just call 911 and leave it at that.  Attend the person in need but that's it, don't try to help them yourself so I politely said what if someone is choking on a chicken bone can't you perform the Heimlich?  I mean by the time the paramedics arrive and he said well ok but you have to be properly trained and certified in these life-saving procedures.  Well the reason he gave that you're not supposed to help the person in need besides calling 911 is your workplace can be sued later, YOU could even be sued if something goes wrong.  Better to sit back and do nothing and wait for the ambulance to arrive and just hope they're not navigating heavy traffic.  Again I blame the lawyers.  Interesting scenario though, a lawyer is choking on a chicken bone......

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Rand Paul's filibuster on drones

By all accounts he got rave reviews from across the political spectrum and well deserved I may add.  The only sourpusses in his own party were John McCain and Lindsey Graham.  McCain's probably just jealous he couldn't do such a thing without making periodic trips to the bathroom or else wear a catheter.  Look it doesn't matter that Paul was discussing a hypothetical, it's valid anyway and today's hypothetical may be tomorrow's reality.  He finally got his answer from AG Holder stating that no Obama does not have the constitutional authority as president to use a weaponized drone on a US citizen on American soil who's a noncombatant or something like that and I think we all agree Jane Fonda is safe in her cafe.  Rand Paul is fresh, McCain and Graham by contrast are old and stale and represent the old guard.  So John Brennan was confirmed as new head of the CIA but that's not the point and that point is that drones are now a valid part of our national political discussion.  It's not so much an attack on Obama but do you want to live in a world where politics and sci-fi eventually meet?  So hear hear to Rand Paul libertarian Senator from Kentucky and he somehow pulled it off without sounding like Alex Jones:)

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Thoughts on the health care field

Since this blog is sometimes distorted the following is NOT an attack on the health care field but fastly approaching the midpoint of Life your thoughts turn to the health care field.  It's as if the fun days are over, your stupid youth is gone.  There can be a surliness in the health care field just like in any other field.  Last year when I had my yearly blood drawn and your app't is at the end of the day let's say and the black woman in the room there has probably been taking blood all day and so I clenched my fist as told and she put the needle in and she snips back "ok OPEN your fist now" 'cause I was a little slow and there was just a touch of irritation in her voice, impatience.  Where's the love?  Also there are some nurses in the health care field who aren't watching their weight not that I care but it's ironic.  My doctor is rail thin, the perfect weight for years but I wonder does he ever have a pizza and a beer?  OK so what I'm leading up to is couple years down the road...the Topic came up tangentially yesterday as if in passing but the colonoscopy which I know what this is but I wasn't aware of the finer details like they give you a special liquid the day before so as you get diarrhea which I've long passed that particular quota in my life thank you (hook up a DVD player in the bathroom?) and then the whole procedure which is about twenty or so minutes also requires sedation, a kind of IV drip as the doc explained and so naturally my first thought was what kind of position do you have to assume although I didn't say this.  Now AGAIN I'm not attacking anybody in the health care field, God knows some things are necessary, it's amazing what modern science can do but they go in through the Anus and sugarcoat it as you will but that's


Couple years back the doctor goes to me about my next upcoming app't in a few months "and then we'll discuss rectal health."  No let's not discuss rectal health.  Seems like when you're approaching the 50 mark everything revolves around the ass area and not in a good way.  So naturally last night since I have a new mobile device where I now happily get the Mobile Web I just had to wapipedia the whole colono-thing and of course any kind of sex'chal thoughts, romantic fantasies that might have popped into my head were purged for the evening and now there's supposed to be snow coming but I got next week off when I can delve into certain areas, googleable subject matters.  Actress Valerie Harper has a very hard to treat form of brain cancer and the prognosis is not good and so definitely my prayers and I can only imagine what this is like but they say she hasn't lost her trademark humor.  On the plus side though Hugo Chavez is dead:)

Monday, March 04, 2013

Obama Fatigue

You had it with Bill Clinton and George W. Bush now I think it's beginning to settle in especially with the sequestration.  Obama is slowly but surely going down in History as The President of Bad Times.  It's as if he doesn't mind so long as he doesn't get blamed for it, so long as he can blame them Republicans.  Also you have to ask yourself how stupid was it to pick a fight with Bob Woodward, I mean he's not some new squirrel in the park.  At least with Clinton he felt our pain, Obama abstracts it always into some political issue that throws him in the best light.  Drama Queen-in-Chief, our existential leader and now I get this on my Mobile Web day in and f'ing day out.  QUESTION: does the IRS get sequestered?   Followup Question: can Woodward deepthroat Obama?