Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Next Generation

When I was a kid I was out there collecting snakes, with today's kids it's the iPad. Playing on Mom's smartphone the next gen is gonna be more techno-literate than I was. Having this discussion here recently should the Gov't teach kids about sex or Mom and Dad? Well today there's a third option - Siri.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Amateur Herpetology

During the warm summer months along the Saw Mill River in Westchester County NY you should always look towards the edge of the bike path while walking. Just sayin'.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

The Government/Verizon data-mining I was going to say scandal

But it's clear that many don't even see it as a scandal and I'm even reading those on the Right like John Podhoretz who actually seem to support it.  OK so millions of Verizon customers have had the duration but not the content of their phone calls tracked, the numbers of both parties are even on the record and the times of day but ultimately there is just too much to sift through so some pretty advanced NSA computers analyze the metadata to look for what are called "suspicious patterns" and then if that turns up then the feds can go further in their pursuits.  Didn't prevent Boston but I'd like to know what a suspicious pattern is and as for the millions of other customers of the other major carriers they're probably in the Database too but the government hasn't said so yet.  Simple rule here though - if Obama does it it must be good but if Bush did it then it's bad.  The major players like Microsoft and Google are fully cooperating of course, it's yet another corporate/government Leviathan monster arising out of the ocean and as for myself as regards my phone I just do what I gotta do the government be damned.  Life's too short and the government bureaucracy being what it is they're gonna fuck it up anyway.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

I don't care what you do (but I also don't wanna know)

Call it libertarian respect, a kind of social compact/truce that has worked down through the years.  A few famous people these days seem to be applying the Angelina Jolie Template customized of course to their respective diseases/ailments (mainly cancer though) and we hear all about the nexus of their disease and their lifestyle choices.  Let's say in an interview a well-known person, some household name says "every time I hang upside down and someone sticks a thumb up my ass I get cancer,"  don't wanna know, not a public service imo.  Don't wanna hear PSAs about every sex act known to man.  IF Celebrity Q a woman likes to guzzle it down like a milkshake but then it gives her problems down the road, cancer of the stomach kind of deal DON'T WANNA KNOW.  Bob Dole was brave on the battlefield but I don't think he was brave about ED, he was just TMIing.  So I walk in the supermarket the other day and the newsstand is right there and I'm just standing there for about 15 or 20 seconds looking at the cover of one of the papers and the produce guy and I are talking about IT.  People call it heroic I call it TMI.  The Angelina Jolie Thing stands on its own don't try to use it, that's her you just like to share.  The orals the anals don't need it on the cover of TIME or Newsweek when I'm checking out.  Let's nip this one in the bud before it pops up all over the place.  Look I don't care but I also don't wanna know ok?

Saturday, June 01, 2013

St. Francis with an iPad

The Backlash Against Technology -- Lately in conversating with some old-timers there seems to be an anti-technology feel out there, a kind of anti-modernist vibe.  It irritates me at first, can't these codgers get it that you can't have the '50s forever but then I ponder for awhile and there's a point to be had also.  Some are fond of saying we were better off before the TV but as a device the TV is neither good nor bad.  It's not the TV's fault that most of what's on is pure crap, it's not the apparatus that's evil.  Texting and driving and cyberbullying, it's not the technology that is good or evil in itself it's how you use it.  Just 'cause your relatives or friends come over with their iPads and smartphones and start using them instead of honing their social skills well that's just incivility plain and simple and in the right hands tablets and Androids are wonderful devices.  There's Internet porn and bomb-making recipes on the 'Net of course but for every negative on the Web I can point to a positive, it's a yin/yang thing.  I recently learned some online groin pull/sciatica stretching exercises that I'm convinced fast-tracked my road to recovery so for every old-timer who says technology, the Web/smartphones, whatever is not good for your mind I would point out the ability to increase knowledge in a good way is right now at your fingertips.  I also had this thought today, I think we're in for another bubble bursting down the road, the smartphone bubble.  Half the population has these gizmos it seems and it no longer seems to depend if you've been wise with your money throughout your life and have made responsible decisions to allow you the finer luxuries.  I had to wait for my prescription yesterday in a lower-income part of Yonkers and you get to observing.  You got teens coming out of rather seedy apartment complexes with smartphones, not cells but smartphones and I'm thinking besides the cost of the device itself there's coverage right so how can these young'ens afford it?  I think something has to give down the road, it's natural economics but for now at least everyone's a technodude.  The new Pope even has an iPad and the other day I saw a photo in Catholic New York of some prelate showing him how to use the new Vatican app.  Point in closing -- if the dark side of Technology bothers you so much make the decision to use it for Good.