Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thought crime

Is thinking now a federal crime? Former Westchester County, NY District Attorney Jeanine Pirro, now running for State Attorney General against Andrew Cuomo, is under federal investigation for talking to former NYC Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik about planting a bug in her husband Al Pirro's room on a cruise ship to see if he was having an affair. Got that? We all have a skeleton or two tucked away neatly in our closets but Kerik has a whole haunted mansion and fun ride deal, real Grim Reaper/Cryptkeeper stuff and you need a 25 volume encylopedia just to read about all the scandals he's been involved in. Anyway, Kelli Conlon of the pro-abortion group NARAL of New York City says that Jeanine once betrayed her on the issue of abortion (read "partial-birth abortion"). Get a grip Kelli and grow up, this is not an episode of Fashion House (or is it?).

Time was the major source of stress in the world was the Cold War and mushroom clouds but at least you could talk and dialogue with the commies, after all we both had the Bomb and it was in our best mutual interests to talk but what do you do with these radical Islamist men who think that if they blow themselves up there will be 72 virgins waiting to feed them honeycakes? Whoever thought that the peace and security of the whole world would one day be threatened by radical assholeism? Mind-blowing.

The New York Post had a story yesterday about gals who, before dating men, have background checks done on them. There are now Internet companies that specialize in this. Now I suppose if you engage in massive dating this all makes sense but why anyone in their right mind would be into this dating crap is beyond me. I prefer the classic model, two people fall in love and then go out, not go out and then see if you like each other. Then you have your people at work who are adamant about don't dip your pen in the company ink, if you break up the woman may then claim sexual harassment against you. True but we are now using the rare psycho cases to influence our decision-making. I don't like groupthink, I don't like herd mentalities. Most of the women I've gone out with have been from work and I still have my job and bank account intact. Fear and worse case scenarios are now the order of the day but I strongly believe in taking chances but then again I think I have a healthier outlook on life because I don't watch a hundred crime shows a week. Don't hate, participate. Do we have to give up living? If so then let me move to Europe where they laugh at us.On the Right

Monday, September 25, 2006

A potpourri

"Hospital Sluts", aka "Grey's Anatomy" Anytime a new show gets overhyped from the getgo then I know something's up, usually the show is like "Sex and the City" and undermines traditional morality. On a recent episode a woman's daughter is about to undergo a life-saving operation and the woman wistfully recalls her "first time" (your daughter's life is on the line and this is the first thing that comes to mind?) and desperately wants her daughter to survive so that she can have her first time too (first sign of contrivance, no real person under such dire circumstances says such things). What about just living, what about just hoping your daughter makes it? Typical Hollywood swill.

There's a bill pending in Congress, I forget the exact name (it's something Orwellian), and the idea is to put our medical records online. It's passed the House and is headed for the Senate. Of course there are the usual privacy advocates voicing their opposition but there is no general hue and cry as yet, certainly not among the Republicans. Maybe the Repubs are giving me yet another reason not to vote this November. If this insidious bill does pass the Senate and gets passed into law then the Dems deserve to take over both Houses. Now privacy is not an absolute value, just like free speech is not an absolute value. For instance if a person made suicidal comments in the past then, once the vetting begins, then he should not be allowed to own a gun, but this is very different from having all kinds of medical records and info on the Web. I'm not surprised though. We have hardly any real privacy left nowadaws anyway so why not just get rid of the rest of it? All of which makes me very suspicious of the Bush eavesdropping and wiretapping program. Now the conservatives have spoken en masse, everyone from Rich Lowry to Michelle Malkin, and they're all in favor of Bush reading our most sensitive e-mails so this begs the question, what is a conservative nowadays? Certainly the libertarian influence is clearly in eclipse.

The novelist Tom Wolfe once said he does not feel political correctness is a problem we should be concerned with. He says that it's actually a good thing that we cannot say the n-word at a dinner party with which I would agree except pc goes far beyond this. Sean Hannity has repeatedly sounded the alarm over hate crime laws, he says the real goal is to punish thought. I never knew what he meant until now and I think many conservatives rightly see a slippery slope, the ultimate goal being to take our minds prisoner, a kind of real life "Minority Report." I lean more towards Sean than Tom on this. Even browsing through the newspapers one day I came across an item on PageSix. In LA Tom Hanks' ex-wife once successfully got a restraining order against him because he used to verbally abuse her. I didn't even know this was possible in a court of law absent a real threat or physical action. So Hanks had some thoughts, which he expressed, and there were no accompanying actions on his part, and the whole thing to me has a faint totalitarian whiff to it. I sense the ubiquitous feminist influence here as they have a penchant for expanding the definitions of our current laws, rape for instance. Some college campuses now have official policies that state a man must ask a woman each step of the way "can I touch you here?" and "can I touch you there?" ..... You cannot be that much outside the mainstream anymore but it's getting to the point that you cannot even think that much outside the mainstream either. After all, I have the right to be wrong about things, you know.On the Right

Friday, September 22, 2006

The government is NOSY

If conservatives truly mean what they say then they should work for the repeal of the Bank Secrecy Act which states that any money transaction over $10,000 has to be reported to the appropriate governmental authorities, this from the same crowd that brought you Pro-Choice. What business is it of the government if Mom wants to loan her dire straits son more than 10G? I know this is all about money laundering but it fails my two yardsticks on whether a new law is good or not - is it of the utmost importance to pass said law and does it violate our fundamental and Constitutional privacies? I agree with the conventional political wisdom that holds that women want more laws on the books and men want less and that's why women vote heavily Democratic (aka the nanny state) and men vote Republican. Since I see very little difference between the two parties in power right now I don't vote in off-year elections anymore, the whole reason for the career of a Senator or Congressman is to constantly be passing new laws but the more laws you pass the less privacy you have. Why don't they get real jobs and leave the rest of us alone?

Hats off to independent thinker Bill O'Reilly for a great column today in the New York Post. He talks about those "hyper-partisans" (ideologues) in both parties. He says there are more of them on the Left but I say it's about even. The War in Iraq could go on for another 20 years and there would be Sean Hannity cheering on the Republican president. I am at heart a conservative but not an ideologue and I believe you can be a good liberal and not an ideologue as well. Let's do it!

Dennis Miller had a good point on Sean's radio show yesterday. Speaking about the CBS Evening News saying no to Bill Maher's diatribe against religion on their new freeSpeech segment Dennis said "once you open up the Pandora's box of free speech you have to adhere to it." I agree but maybe someone was trying to tell Bill that his spiel about faith is so yesterday, it's BORING already yada yada yada. If Bill really wants to go with it then Katie Couric should let him but I ain't watching and oh, btw, have a Hustler in the green room for Bill before he goes on (lol).On the Right

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Get back in the closet already!

In my view former NJ Gov. Jim McGreevey has not stepped up to the plate and taken full moral responsibility for his actions but then again who does these days? Forget for a moment that he's a self-proclaimed "gay American" (well bully for you) and focus instead on the pain and suffering he caused his wife and children with their show marriage (although she didn't know it was a show at the time) and there is a huge moral lapse that at press time he has refused to acknowledge. He's on the Oprah today no doubt regaling the audience with his anal adventures at truck stops while Governor but you cannot use the storyline that society's homophobia pushed him into the domestic hearth scene, not in this day and age. The msm is having a field day with him. No, you cannot be even mildly anti-gay anymore, the media make you out to be like that deranged Marine colonel in American Beauty.

Funny, but the only one who has, in my opinion, stepped up to the plate recently is Peter Cook, Christie Brinkley's soon to be ex (that is, if you don't count Mel as being sincere) and yet it didn't mean squat to this former supermodel with soon to be 3 divorces under her belt. He gave as an unvarnished apology as he could for his affair with that 19 year old toy-store clerk what's her name and NY Post gossip maven Cindy Adams writes that many thought Christie would ride this one out since she'd look like a three-time loser by divorcing him. Now maybe he is a cad and she made the right decision after all but it is rather alarming how little the Christian doctrine of forgiveness weaves itself into the warp and woof of our daily lives.

I am not all that jazzed up over Meredith Viera joining the "Today" show. During her stay at "The View" she proved herself a real potty mouth and time will tell how she does at her new gig. My eternal view of her was formed, however, when I was channel-surfing a few months back and she had on Michael Schiavo hawking his new book Terri - the Truth, and, to use Marlon Brando's classic phrase in Last Tango in Paris "what a steaming pile of horseshit." She promised each member of the studio audience a free copy of the literary work, no doubt mostly ghostwritten with Michael spewing his intellectual diarrhea into a tape recorder. She was so in awe of what the guy did, starving his wife to death and all over the course of 14 long days, that I'm surprised she didn't go for his cojones. On the Right

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fitty cents will get you a cup of coffee

"Do you have fitty cents? I wanna get a cup of coffee." The other day in Queens, NY rapper "Fifty Cent" was driving a new Lamborghini when cops pulled him over and arrested him for not having either a driver's license or insurance and registration. Many in the crowd of black onlookers sided with Fitty over the cops and said things like "stay strong Fitty." Maybe they wanted to give Bill Cosby something to talk about in his next speech but this anti-cop mentality is a bane in the black community. Let's see, what did Fitty do wrong? You have a car that costs as much as a house and you don't even have the proper paperwork, I dunno know what the problem is. Every now and then the rappers have to do something to maintain their thug image, like DMX the other day putting down Jay-Z for wearing sandals, said it's a sissy thing for a man to do (I kinda hate sandals on men myself, the men always have ugly feet sometimes with yellow gnarled toenails). Continued DMX, "he's only doing it 'cos he's in love and follows everything Beyonce tells him to" (honestly I'd have to admit I'd follow most of her directives myself). Sounds like a rap feud brewing which happens when the gangsta front has been too peaceful of late (how come you never hear of Gwen Stefani taking a shot at Mariah Carey or Celine Dion involved in a drive-by?) Seems like most rappers don't want to go the Diddy route of social respectability, hell Jadakiss is still hustling. Other than that there's really not a whole lot Cos can talk about.

What's with the Donald of late? He seems to have become a caricature of himself ("Martha's show was an abysmal failure while my 'Apprentice' has been a tremendous success.") MAD TV doesn't even have to have a scriptwriter for this, the Donald provides all the best lines himself.

I'm not voting in the midterms. Republicans and Democrats are more or less the same beast and both support leviathan government that intrudes upon our personal lives. When was the last time you heard a prominent Republican call for not more laws but less? I'm conservative/libertarian at heart and there's really no one out there for me.

I've learned alot from the Mel Gibson saga. Not only in the future am I not going to apologize for things done in the past but I'm also going to refuse others' apologies to me as well. Oh what a wonderful world it will be.On the Right

Monday, September 11, 2006

Some spiritual musings

"The way of the world is so far along the road to perdition. There is little hope but God's Justice. Mankind has fallen to its lowest depths and it shall be only by a Supernatural Intervention that can save him otherwise he will lay waste his soul to the slavery of Satan" (Message of Feb. 4, 1989 from "Our Lady's Message of Mercy to the World", copyright 1997 - Friends of the Mother of the Divine Mercy - 46 Ash Grove, Glencairin, Dooradoyle Co., Limerick Ireland, Nihil Obstat: Dublin 22 March 2000, Rev. Brendan Leahy DD., Deputy Censor Dublin Diocese - Printed with ecclesiastical permission, ISBN 1-899177-08-6) Our Lady of Fatima: "Look, my child, don't be surprised if, at a certain moment, a certain diabolical disorientation affects the best of minds, a disequilibrium, so that they no longer judge according to the voice of My Son and of Peter." The Secret of La Salette: "In the Last Days Rome itself will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist."

I am convinced that the general nastiness in the air today is due to the prevalent modern disbelief in Hell. St. Augustine taught that man can be good and repent and avoid sin out of imperfect contrition, that is, an overriding fear of Hell, perfect contrition being when you do good out of goodness sake. Both are acceptable in the eyes of God but the latter is obviously better. Take away the punishment though and many people let themselves go, making fun of the retarded, taking their spouses to the cleaners in nasty divorce battles, getting your rocks off and heading for your friendly neighborhood abortion clinic to clean up the mess, starving your incapacitated relative to death who has become a burden on you and your finances. You can see the "wave of diabolical disorientation" that Sister Lucy of Fatima fame said would sweep over the world during the Latter Times, for instance in this cultural rut we're in, the attitude that we can forgive but not forget and it's all acceptable to Jesus. There is an exquisite pain in the sinner who repents, it disturbs and cleanses at the same time, and yet his pleasure at saying he was wrong becomes unacceptable to others and so he is left demoralized and only the angels in Heaven celebrate. This happens in marriages, in friendships, in relations between men and women. Through a subtle shift in emphasis (it's ok to forgive but still remember) the Devil convinces people that this is really the Gospel of Jesus when in fact it is a diabolic counterfeit and people fall for it. You can also see the deceit in the American Catholic Church's annulment industry where the standard used today is one of "emotional immaturity" and presto chango, you have your annulment and can marry in the Church again and validly receive the sacraments.

The famed Third Secret of Fatima is not the impenetrable mystery of the ages that many would have you believe. On Oct. 13, 1963 the German newspaper "Neues Europa" published a diplomatic version that was read by Kennedy, Kruschev and British PM MacMillan that led to the signing of a historic nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani, head of the Holy Office (now the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith), when asked about its veracity said "publish 10,000 copies, publish 20,000 copies, publish 30,000 copies." Compare the last part of the Secret of La Salette ("Rome will lose the Faith ...) with the elements and language of Neues Europa and you have your Third Secret that has been buried in the Vatican archives ever since.On the Right

Saturday, September 02, 2006

jungle fever

"Why won't you go out with me? Because I'm in love with the ape." I watched the new version of King Kong with Naomi Watts, I mean starring Naomi Watts, and I think it was a great pic, cinematography second to none, but I'm a teensy weensy uncomfortable with its, shall we say, sexual themes.

Revenge of the Man (a futuristic society in 2508) - women now have to ask men out. Man: "I wouldn't go out with you if we were the last couple on earth after a nuclear holocaust and God told us to be fruitful and multiply." Yeah baby!

To those beautiful women who complain about all the men bothering them, when you get out of the shower take a good hard look in the mirror and then you'll have a clue. I mean, look at what Helen of Troy did.

A pot/kettle/black moment - The Donald recently fired Carolyn Kepcher who ran his new golf course in Briarcliff Manor NY and sat with him on "The Apprentice", reason being she got too full of herself owing to her celebrity status and he also fired the old guy. Turned on Martha after her version of "Apprentice" tanked. Donald, please, don't be my friend.

The porn thing, they say it makes more than football, baseball and basketball combined every year but the stuff makes me retch. Should be used in high school abstinence programs to turn teens off to sex. If I wanted to have sex this way she'd divorce me big-time and take me to the cleaners.

What's up with workaholism, you're in the minority these days if you have only one job ("what else do you do?" "um, nothing"). I love these guys who toot their own horns and love to talk about their great work ethics and think a mansion is in their future. Beyonce could call up and want to go out and they'd say "oh no, I have to work." Where's it getting them? Are they in a hurry to get to their graves (according to the latest studies anyway).

I was never into the whole wake scene. Man dies tragic death after getting hit by Budweiser truck and friends and kin are worried about the cold cut platters and then the little kids have to march up and see the dead man. I also don't know if it's proper to ask a girl out at a funeral home but knowing me as I do I'd find a way.

On the Right