Thursday, July 26, 2007

The continuing controversy about the Third Secret

You'd never know it from watching the American media but there's a huge controversy roiling the Vatican right now and it pits a respected and mainstream Catholic Italian journalist, Mr. Antonio Socci, against the powerful Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone and it involves the famed Third Secret of Fatima. In his book The Fourth Secret of Fatima (Rizzoli - 2006), meaning the second part of the Third which has never been disclosed, Socci makes an irrefutable case that the Vatican revealed only the vision of the prophecy on June 26, 2000 and that more is to come. In response Bertone published a book of his own, The Last Seer of Fatima (2007), refuting Socci and even calling him a liar. Bertone appeared on the nationwide Italian TV Channel RAI on a program called "Porta a Porta" to debunk the book but instead dug a deeper hole for himself. One compelling point Socci brings up in his book concerns Archbishop Loris Francesco Capovilla who was the personal Secretary of Pope John XXIII and has confirmed to another Italian journalist, Mr. Solideo Paolini, that there exist two texts to the Third Message.

It all goes back to the controversial Secret of La Salette, the last part that begins "In the Last Days Rome itself will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist." If you compare the famous diplomatic version of the Third Secret published in the Oct. 23, 1963 edition of the German paper Neues Europa (or "News of Europe") to this final part of La Salette, through the similar phraseology and apocalyptic themes you have the actual text of your Third Secret. Fatima is merely a reiteration of La Salette and this is at the real hidden root of the mishegas embroiling Rome right now. Antichrist would probably be a political leader or maybe just a demonic entity in general but successive popes feared misinterpretation and so kept leaving the matter to their successors.

"In the Third Secret we read, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church begins at the top." -- Cardinal Mario Luigi Ciappi, who was papal theologian to five popes spanning 40 years

Things are just getting heated up folks so grab a chair and switch to Italian media unless you want to hear the latest on Britney Spears, I'm getting a little tired of it though.

Lindsay Lohan

It really is a shame, imho she's more useful than Britney and Paris combined. That rather cumbersome alcohol-monitoring device she has to wear strapped to her leg at all times is the perfect emblem of our puritanical age and it's not like she can fall back on soda, as the Today show's chief medical correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman informed us yesterday soda is a big no-no according to a study in the venerable New England Journal of Medicine and this morning she told us our friends can be bad for us too, they can enable your obesity, better to be a vegan loner I guess which is why you don't hear any bad stuff about Moby. At age 21 Lindsay cannot have a drink for the rest of her life, that's pretty gangster. A less puritanical person would say get to the root of your problem and by all means separate the drinking from the driving but give the gal a drink once in a while, she's thirsty like the rest of us. Here's hoping the pop tart falls back on her feet.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Big write-up in yesterday's Post about Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Written by New York Post writer Maureen Callahan it took up the better of two pages. The article, "The Survivor", points out that she has lasted longer than most of her View co-hosts, Meredith Vieira, the original Star Jones and Rosie of course. Liberalism has become so accepted these days at least in certain quarters that getting abortions and committing adultery is now considered normative, small wonder that conservative Hasselbeck comes across as an oddball for saying such erstwhile traditional things as adulterers make bad parents. Sarah D. Bunting, co-editor in chief of the website Television without Pity, has a very popular forum on "The View" in which people sound off on, it seems, mostly Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Bunting: "If I were one of the women on this show I would just be tired of her at this point. Joy Behar, I think, is even done trying with her." Funny but I find Behar's political views, or the expression of them, to be downright obnoxious with her own rigid and overly broad characterizations of conservatives (and btw most female comics are not the least bit funny). Geez, you'd think this was some supermarket job and Elisabeth was some seafood manager not pulling her weight so seriously do some people take this show. Why its continuance is basic to the survival of the Republic escapes me. Of course two of her former "Survivor" co-stars have nothing but bad things to say about her (where are they now?) and even the Donald chimes in with she is "one of the dumber people on TV and an imbecile" (pot-kettle-black). Last season "Law and Order" even had an episode where a victim of rape and murder was named Elisabeth Hassenbeck.

It's only a show, it's like she's getting the Dan Quayle treatment or something. As the libs like to say don't like it change the friggin' channel.

Chelsea Clinton for President in 2016

Keep the Dynasty of Socialism going.

Hillary clearly has Barack beat on foreign policy issues. The latest, re Monday night's YouTube/CNN debate, or is that the CNN/YouTube debate?, Hillary said he would be naive to meet with the leaders of rogue nations like Iranian putzhead Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, North Korean madman Kim Jong Il, Syrian leader Assad and Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez. Hillary is clearly coming across as more manly than the rest of the bunch, she's coming across as so militaristic of late that Rudy or Whomever better think twice before going down the all leftwingers are pussies on foreign policy road. Barack though seems to be developing a John Mayer kind of foreign policy waiting on the world to change. Even though I was against the war from the start this song has always annoyed me, it's all too typical of the naive and sappy left-wing idealism of celebrities these days and I also hate him because he has lived first-hand your body is a wonderland with Jessica Simpson. As a kind of afterthought if Reagan had a MySpace page and answered a question about global warming from a talking snowman it would have lacked a certain gravitas but there we are, you might as well throw in a question on Lindsay Lohan too. The Repubs, by not participating in any of these "fun" debates (or were they even asked?) come across as the Boredom Brigade, they probably even stopped having sex years ago. I mean who can beat Obama Girl?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Hummer Liability Act of 2007

(no, get your minds out of the gutter)

I want a new law passed. Whenever you are forced to park next to a Ford Leviathan or Dodge Behemoth the SUV should have a passenger in it at all times so when you are done with your shopping or whatever and have to back out he or she will stand out in the road and help you back out, wave you on when it's okay. Failure to do so or not having a passenger in the SUV at all times while the driver is out doing his thing is an automatic summons of $150 AND if there's no one to help you out and an oncoming car creams you the owner of the SUV is liable for all your damages and then some. If nature calls carry an empty Snapple bottle.

Life on Interstate 684

So it was early in the Christmas season and I decided to go to the Danbury Fair Mall and on the way back I stopped at the Bedford rest stop and was sitting on top a picnic table enjoying a nice soda pop on a fine sunny day when this young and tall, rather stern-looking state trooper with a muscular build and the close-cropped hair approached me:

"What are you doing? Where are you from?"

"I just came back from the Danbury Mall to do some Christmas shopping and I'm on my way home, I live in Yonkers, why? is there a problem?"

"We've been getting alot of complaints about this particular rest area, people drinking beer, smoking pot and having intercourse in the woods."

"Which path do I take?"

Friday, July 20, 2007

Queer eye for the Democratic guy

The Great Gay Debate is coming up for the democratic presidential contenders, this right after the Howard University forum focusing on themes of interest to brothers. It's all about identity politics but imagine, just imagine, no, conjure it in your head, there you go! what if the Republicans had a Right to Life or NRA-sponsored debate, the fit would hit the shan (btw Lee, would you allow this? pooper-scooper wants to know if it's a filter bypass). I think they could have saved time by actually combining the black and gay debates.

Next up, the NOW Debate ("who's a better advocate for women's rights - John Edwards or Hillary? Well let's find out, let's oil up the abortion machines and see who can kill more kids")

The Greenpeace Debates

The Cindy Sheehan Forum

Here's a radical idea, how 'bout just having a debate?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hedge funds headed for disaster

with Bear Stearns stock dropping like a rock to wipe out $512 million after two of their hedge funds are now almost worthless to investors,

with Wall Street now saying NO to giving cash to hedge fund companies that trade mortgage-backed securities,

with home foreclosures skyrocketing resulting in massive junk mortgage bonds which could result in wealthy hedge fund managers being in a blue funk mood anytime soon

the handwriting is on the wall. For the vast majority of us making ends meet means busting your hump. For some it means working in a hot kitchen six days a week with crotch rot. There ain't no get-rich-quick scheme, you're a gerbil on a wheel, and it ain't over 'til the Fat Lady sings or the politicians in Washington say when you can retire, we can always raise the retirement age you know until you croak and the bennies don't have to kick in. For most it means putting up with a prick of a boss 'cos you have 20 years to go on your mortgage and you just go to work everyday and get up on your boss's desk and assume the position, reamed 'n' cleaned without the Vaseline, until you retire with a bad foot from phlebitis and, if you're a man, a wet noodle and your kids put you in a nursing home and play games when they visit you like throwing peanuts in your gaping mouth with your head back because you don't know what's going on and they hate you and as soon as it's official they meet up with the lawyers to divvy up your estate, that overpriced hovel you and your wife bought 30 years ago,

but at least you don't have the hedge funds to deal with. Keep your life clean.

Society 200+ - Pervs 24

(Remember, you're innocent until proven guilty in a court of law)

In the three years since it's been on Chris Hansen's "Dateline - To Catch a Predator" series has nabbed well over 200 men trolling Internet chat rooms to have sex with underage girls. Not one has been let off, they have either pled guilty or been convicted or the cases are still pending, until now. In Murphy TX 25 men were caught in a sting including a prosecutor from a neighboring county. When cops approached Louis Conradt Jr.'s door to arrest him, this assistant prosecutor from Kauffman County killed himself. Now Collin County DA John Roach has decided to drop all charges against the remaining 24. Roach says one of the factors in his decision was that people other than cops were involved in the operation. Many of the fine citizens in Murphy also have a problem with Hansen's show to which Hansen has said that town is the only place where the show has encountered resistance.

So score one for the pervs. Ah, sweet liberalism, giving the pervs a fighting chance!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pro-lifers are single-issue people? Would that were the case

The more pro-life conservatives expound on other issues the more I wish they would just stick to pro-life. Dr. Laura, a stalwart pro-life conservative woman on the radio giving traditional moral advice to the confused until one day she wrote that women should look at a man's bank account prior to making a decision to go out with him, in short the moral case for golddigging, and now where is she? I mean why sour your base with a materialistic crapshoot of a point, and then there's National Review's Rich Lowry, more useful than she but who never met a Big Business practice he didn't like and then there's that hot Asian babe, the Malkin chick, who pretty much thinks the whole anti-war movement is about giving Michael Moore a rimjob. Laura Ingraham, same deal. Now Malkin, Lowry and Ingraham are the best in the pro-life biz as far as I'm concerned, their argumentation is fresh and vital to a debate that George Will considers stale but it's the other stuff, like Laura once pooh-poohing studies that show Americans are in a blue funk mood because they're overworked and don't have enough leisure time.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Should conservatives help Obama's campaign?

He says he's a fresh face who wants to end the partisanship in Washington and solve problems, sounds good but behind his moderate mask is a doctrinaire liberal who reflexively criticizes recent conservative Supreme Court rulings having to do with affirmative action and late-term abortion. The question before the Board today - should conservatives help his campaign anyway in order to defeat Hillary? This is purely a pragmatic calculation and it's been done before, support a liberal against another liberal because you like that liberal even less, and even if Obama is the Democratic nominee any Republican contender worth his weight should make short shrift of his inexperience in the Congress and his naivete regarding foreign policy. And he's not all bad, he talks about blacks taking on personal responsibility which sounds like he has Coz as a campaign advisor, that's more than can be said for Hillary who just this past March took money from a rapper who used the n-word at least 20 times in a song. A Hillary presidency would definitely revive Rush's radio career which, let's face it, has been in the doldrums of late. Though he denies it to this day Bill launched his career and Hillary can ripen it but what's in it for the rest of us?

The New York Times has noted a small but fledgling movement of young Republican conservatives who have decided to help Obama and says it may be a harbinger of things to come. I think these people are attracted to his character not his policies, they would agree that Bill's recent condemnation of Bush's "pardoning" Scooter Libby only shows how arrogant this Washington power couple still is despite them living with the owls in Chappaqua. Barack is like opening the window to some moldy and cobwebbed attic and letting the sunshine and fresh air in, that musty old yearbook of the Clinton scandals lying in the corner, just put it on the sidewalk with the rest of the recyclables.

So please help the brother. Make checks payable to Barack Obama.....

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The weight of the evidence

We've all been brought up to believe that stereotypes are

a bad thing

and so we go through life and come across situations that seem to bear out their truth at least to a degree but we know this is

a bad thought

and so we put it out of our heads until you're a chef let's say and your new black co-worker comes in everyday and the first thing on her mind is "did you make the fried chicken yet?" and you say "I saved a piece for you" and then you're frying some chicken tenders just to give them some color before you shoot them in the oven but she's bothering you again and you say "they're still raw, just wait 10 or 15 minutes."

I've heard many chefs say that Jewish customers in restaurants kvetch all the time. Jackie Mason even jokes about this, they complain about EVERYTHING even the salt and pepper shakers. Now this ain't a prejudiced thing 'cause I hear even politically liberal chefs say the same thing or

Spanish guys and their libidos which never seems to take a holiday.

Gays never talk effeminate of course or have limp wrists,

feminists are all fun and games of course and just love men in between all the heavy politicking. Just don't follow them around or have your florist send them a bouquet.

It's just the weight of the evidence, know what I'm saying?

I know I'm supposed to blog about Scooter Libby

this is what some talking head said last night on "The Jim Lehrer Newshour", that the blogosphere would be going wild, rightie bloggers and liberal bloggers shootout at the OK Corral, but I'm an independent blogger, ok? Bush did the right thing by commuting Libby's 2 1/2 year prison sentence and so let's put it to bed. If this is the sexiest thing the blogosphere can come up with these days then I'll go elsewhere for my kicks. I really think Bob Novak rocks though.

Here's the deal. If electing a woman president is so important why don't the other male Democratic candidates get out of the race altogether, and that includes you Barack, and throw their weight and resources behind Hillary? No primary, ok, just achieve the last crowning achievement of the women's rights movement and put her in the Oval Office already or maybe this is just paying lip service to feminism. It's like step aside guys and put into practice what you've been saying all these years. Why does Hillary even have any male competition? This is so sexist. It's like Barack saying he's all for a "woman's right to choose" even to the point of partial-birth and then he picks up the abortion instruments and says "I can't do this, you're killing me."

How 'bout the Republicans putting up Condi Rice and making the race a real catfight? Rudy's face looks like that skull and crossbones emblem you used to see on the bottle of rat poison under your Mom's sink that used to scare you as a kid. We can do better than this and we must. Jungle fever, make it a chick thing is all I'm saying.