Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So who's more popular, Bill Moyers or Bill O'Reilly?

If you're a big-time channel-surfer as I am you accept the risks going in as in this past Friday evening. Now I can't judge the man but this former speechwriter for LBJ inhabits what is known in an Einsteinian/Hawking sense as a parallel universe. In Bill Moyer's Journal conservatives are evil maligning the tremendous good being done by modern-day liberals - Let the man pass health-care reform already!! - and he gives a complete field guide to the right-wing trolls and other Tolkienesque creatures who live in the dark cave of, well conservatism. The show was a mishmash (or at least a mishmash when you're UI), there was that shooter of a church out West who hates liberals and who had certain books in his house (no need to mention any names but it was Sean Hannity). Now Moyers opposes a revival of the Fairness Doctrine but he'd really like to see you do better. Bill O'Reilly devoting several shows in the past highlighting the work of that wonderful humanitarian George Tiller, beneath contempt. Moyers is quick to point out though that in such cases the shooter is solely responsible BUT, with libs like him there are always more big buts than in the House of Freaks. William Kristol, Michael Steele: BAD. Savage of course although he neglects to mention that even many right-wingers don't like him or that Neal Boortz makes fun of pro-lifers on a regular basis and would probably have put Terri Schiavo on that 2 week diet plan himself and maybe done some grilling and chilling with Michael outside her window letting the wonderful aromas of sirloin and wieners waft in (Peter Luger steak sauce, can't beat it). Now Boortz and Michael Reagan, ok so now he's covering right-wing talk radio, the two of them are dickheads. Boortz said that we should send the illegals back to Mexico with nuclear waste on their tacos (in addition to keeping it psycho this line isn't even funny, don't even THINK of subbing for Conan) and the son of the late President opined on air once that all those 9/11 conspiracy-theorists should just be rounded up and shot and he'd even be willing to buy the bullets (hey Mike if you're passing by a Dunkin' Donuts make mine light and sweet with cream, medium and a toasted coconut donut). Moyers also provided an actual transcript of Glenn Beck saying he has a fantasy of killing Michael Moore, skit? humor? political satire? too much ad-libbing between weather and traffic? whatever but why give ammo to libs like Moyers who are going to use it against you anyway? Now the modern conservative movement is increasingly made up of young people and yet many of these young'ens I've come across in my travels never even heard of this Boortz guy, God knows I've yet to see a Boortz coffee mug in anyone's house. Memo to Bill Moyers - we don't get our marching orders from Randall Terry either, he's soooooo yesterday.

Hey Bill, don't hate, participate.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

In the East life is cheap, in the West life is expendable

In the East: "Here's a pack of cigarettes, fix my car."
In the West: "Sorry, that cancer drug's not covered."

Maybe the government should fix your car too. Kind of missed Obama's speech last night, didn't know it was even on as no other president has spoken to the nation so often but caught some snippets on PBS after it was all over. With ObamaCare it has become almost impossible to not see Obama as a socialist or having socialist tendencies or at the very least belonging to some variant subspecies of the socialist genus (let me consult my field guide here). He's so convinced his vision is correct, a charge often leveled against us conservatives, his is an almost messianic mission. His rhetorical device of always painting the opposition to whatever he believes in, nay knows to be true as obstructionists to Progress, I know what he's doing the slick SOB. Obama has often been compared to Ronald Reagan but he's the opposite of Reagan in almost every way. He's killing us softly.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hot Topics

The 40th Anniversary of Man's First Steps on the Moon

I think we had it backwards. Any rational species would have cured Cancer first, maybe wiped out the Poverty, the Hunger, taken care of a couple other items and then hurtled off into Space. I'm not against space exploration but worry about our own little dot in the Cosmos first.

Walter Cronkite

I know he was a journalistic legend but I got nothing out of him. Very memorable and poignant, him announcing that President Kennedy just died was for me his most classic moment but the Most Trusted Man in America? Who comes up with this bullshit? I think it's because I was born with a bug up my ass but I just don't See Things the way most folks do. Barbara Walters, another one.

The Wendy Williams Show

This supposedly hot hot show has pushed my Channel 9 News past 10 o'clock well into 11 because I have to listen apparently to this happening chick prattle on endlessly about absolutely NOTHING. People in the audience ask for her advice, for example a 28-year old woman stands up to ask if there's anything wrong with her going out with a 23-year old and Wendy all hip says "do him" but I'm thinking what's so radical about a mere 5 year age difference? It's the type of show you find yourself watching about twenty minutes too long with the remote in your left hand and the Christian Brothers to your right and then it hits you like a revelation, why the hell am I watching this?

Sex Tapes

Supposedly there's now one of John Edwards with the lady not his wife but I don't wanna know. The last one was horrible though, Amy Fisher and her fat Italian ex-husband like she's giving him a blowjob and he's squatting there all hairy after he ate too much pasta. It's the kind of stuff if you were housesitting one night and you're all alone and someone left it on the coffee table on top of the gardening book and the TV Guide and there's really nothing at all on TV like Wendy Williams, some lame 2 & 1/2 Men syndicated repeat and some crime show on Ch. 2, you're like you're only gonna watch it for laughs. You ARE gonna pop it in for perusal, not at first, it's only a theoretical concept then, just an intellectual note that it exists and you're aware of it for keeping tabs on the culture but then your robotic arm puts it on the beckoning discholder and it will be rationalized as a comic evaluation to talk about some day around the water cooler should the topic ever present itself and you'll be the knowledgeable hipster but even porno pete is ashamed.

It's like the man has legislative OCD or something. He's like the person at work handing around a petition, "here here, quick sign this" and you don't even have a chance to read it. If he's doing this much in six months what's he gonna do in four years?? Maybe I'll just be like my cat and sleep it out.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The REAL purpose of Government

I've heard it said that the First purpose of Government, maybe the only legitimate purpose of Government is to keep us safe. It's not to pass health-care reform, God knows it's not to take over the auto industry, it has absolutely nothing to do with teaching kids about sex. It's not paying for abortions or funding some aspiring artist who may be controversial, it's not any of this and yet in their primary purpose the Government fails miserably. OK we've done a better job with terrorism since 9-11 but just the same the average citizen should be safe from violent crime in general ya think? So why is it the chief role of Government to keep us safe? so we can enjoy our God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that's why. I know I'm speaking as an old fart here, soapie and I be geezers with our walking sticks who aren't with the times but if the Government can't keep you safe on the street or in your home or at the airport or on vacation here or abroad WHAT THE HELL GOOD IS IT?!? OK good I now have government-run health care but I've just been shot, well whoop-dee-doo!! OK so just to review the real purpose of Government is what again?

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Yeah guy, it took some real cojones to say that one

Republican Congressman from Long Island Peter King commenting on the demise of Michael Jackson, ding-dong dell the Pervert is dead or something like that. This is what I call false bravado like John Stossel complaining on the ABC News website that 20/20 pulled his Canadian health-care special by giving a whole hour to MJ. Yeah you have to really go out on a limb on that one when you already know that half the country AGREES with you. They don't make testicles like they used to so what's the next one gonna be? Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are a couple of dicks? OOOOHHOOOOHH!! I'm bored.

Monday, July 06, 2009

...and then there's this

Sunday dinner conversations

Now you have some people who have to bring up certain topics...put it this way you're out on a nice sunny picnic, you have your red and white checkerboard spread out and you're all getting set to dig into the bucket of fried chicken and WHAT WAS THAT?!? and there it is again, a big fat raindrop that lands smack dab right in the middle of your forehead. So you got some of your relatives over, in-laws, people from here and there (now I don't want to be TOO specific as people may be reading this) and this woman goes that she heard on some cable show that "men turn into serial killers but women tend to just take out the whole family" and I'm like where the FucK did that come from??? Pop a f'n Prozac lady, please!! Then you have your mindfucks, people f'ing with your head all the time and then denying they're doing it like one day saying because you hear helicopters and stuff really loud "sounds like somebody gave you acid" and then one week later "you really should check with the ear/nose & throat doctor...neh neh now you're being paranoid" so WHY'd they bring it up in the first place?? or say you like some chick and one day they're saying you mistook her friendliness for flirtation and then two weeks later they say "well maybe she really was flirting with you." So how do you read the signals in The Future? you don't, you mind your own business because you're confused or to be more specific other people have confused you and so the next one thinks you don't find her hot. Thanx you bunch of mental perverts. The MindFuck, psychological terrorism.

I have a question -- if Elvis were still alive he'd be dead by now so how'd you note the second real passing? You see the trouble with this conspiracy is if he were still alive you'd have to have him eventually make the Big Announcement say in the middle of American Idol otherwise what's the whole point? ("yeah Tricky Dick got me into the Witness Protection Program" after doing Suspicious Minds). All I'm saying is conspiracy folk have to think through these things a little bit before posting and so there's the stuff that washed up onshore over a long three day weekend.

Sarah Palin's resignation

This is hard for me. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announced her intent to resign last Friday, July 4th eve and libraries were closed that day, the holiday of course and Sunday too due to summer hours. She did it on purpose but just wanted to say this was a slap in the face to every Alaskan voter who voted for her. They wanted HER to lead, HER to govern them, no one else and she obviously doesn't recognize this moral and political obligation on HER part. Either way you slice it it ain't good, somewhat fruity and nutty in the middle, slightly eccentric on the outer edges. It either makes her look suspicious (there was a menage a trois between her, SC Governor Mark Sanford and this Chapur babe down in Argentina) or weak (who knew DAVE had so much power?). Oh God it feels good to get this out ("I'll be out in a minute!").

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Cancer detectives

We covered alot of ground in our phone conversation last night Beth and I and so I wanted to explore further a theme about cancer I brought up and it's this: just how old is cancer? when did it first appear on the scene? when exactly did people start dying from it? Even as a kid there is something about the cancer problem that has always struck me, something unusual, we act like it's an old disease, ancient in fact but is it? I've read alot in my life, reading lists we had in high school and then just for the pure enjoyment of it later on and I said I don't even remember cancer being a topic of conversation let alone people dying from it during the Middle Ages, in the colonial period, even during the Abe Lincoln era. Did Shakespeare ever remark "the Queen just died from cancer?" So we mulled this over and Beth said maybe cancer existed back then but people didn't know what it was but I lean more towards it didn't really exist until modern times and by modern times I mean at least the framework of the 1900's. I'm now looking at cancer historically, in the context of History. It's the timeline that interests me the most and as we all know that Nazi doctor Dr. Josef Mengele became infamous for conducting medical experiments on human subjects including dwarves but what kind of experiments were they exactly? specifically what was he looking to do and what kind of work was he really doing for the Hitler regime and why? Does cancer disproportionately affect people of certain races? Does cancer have something to do with the explosion of modern technology and were we all better off in the days when we lived a more natural life as Beth seems to feel?

You know one of the most beautiful things about blogging is you get to exercise total creative control over your work, I'm happy with it and if you don't like it just move on and so what I try to do here is to come up with an Original Thought or two every now and then. Just heard on the news this morning that Obama has appointed some type of Cyber Czar to monitor people's online habits so where are all the liberals on this one? Frightening! but at any rate they're more than welcome to read this.

I don't have all the answers, I only pose the questions. BTW my sitemeter crashed the other day, it's apparently broken like some odometer that goes back to zero so pay no attention. I'll be off tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday of course since that's the schedule of most public libraries in my area around this 4th of July weekend. Make it a safe one and enjoy and see you back on Monday.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009