Sunday, May 26, 2013

Rumblings that Big Labor is going against Obama

Voting for Obama is like having bought a smartphone that you're disappointed in.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Why conservatives should be against the death penalty (but they aren't)

The perverse Jodi Arias jury, deadlocked now and can't decide whether she lives or dies.  Lost track of how many days they've been deliberating her fate, there's been a devastating supercell tornado in an Oklahoma suburb and the blanket media coverage of the aftermath days after and they STILL haven't arrived at a decision.  I was pondering all this on my walk today and I think it's a fair guess to say most conservatives these days like to be known as libertarian to varying degrees, to different shades and their animating principle is of course they're against increasing the Power of the State and don't even like the power it already has.  The State however has the power and authority to imprison you, that's a major power but they also in some cases, in many cases have the power to also put a person to death.  That's an awesome power, a disturbing power.  For me my personal opposition to the death penalty has nothing to do with sympathy for the criminal in most cases but more a disturbing sense of the Power of the State, it bothers and nags for some reason.  Dunno what the official libertarian position on capital punishment is, I mean I know their position on that other kind of capital punishment (ka-ching ka-ching) that Obama represents but where they come down on putting a criminal to death I really don't know or haven't gotten the memo yet.  Yeah you'll say but it's in the Constitution and that's true but I've been wondering too of late should the Constitution be the be-all and the end-all? our Bible especially when it kinda contradicts libertarian tenets at times and while we all revere the wisdom of the Founding Fathers but being human and all and not the demigods we make them out to be they could've been assholes on occasion (see eminent domain).  Yeah I haven't talked about the death penalty all that much here down through the years primarily because people's minds are mostly made up and what's the point but have finally crystallized at least why it bothers me so much.  IMHO it should also bother your average conservative.  Maybe Rand Paul can tweet it:) 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

When government turns on itself

This is interesting, the FBI may investigate the IRS over its targeting of conservative political groups filing for tax-exempt status but then who then investigates the FBI, the CIA?  Obama has recently castigated the IRS for the scandal, will the IRS then audit Mr. Obama?  I must've missed the smoking gun where the President ordered the IRS to go after the Tea Party movement but conservative commentators are acting like this is so.  I'm sorry m'am, just the facts.  AG Eric Holder didn't know his deputy authorized subpoenas for all those AP reporter and editors' phone and interview records, that's interesting an underling having more power than the boss.  Of course there's still Benghazi but allow me to say something about Brooklyn Federal Judge Edward Korman.  I've been reading about him in the paper of late and he's the one who struck down all age restrictions and prescription requirements for the Plan B morning-after pill.  It's not really his decision that struck me, it's to be expected but his reaction to those dissenting parties including the Obama Administration that gets me.  He's one of the most hubristic judges I've ever heard about acting like he's the final arbiter on a contentious social issue and doesn't seem particularly keen on the right to appeal (his decisions that is) which is a cornerstone of our democracy blasting HHS Sec'y Sebelius and anyone really who disagrees with him and he just seems to me to be off the rails, off-center from a judicial temperament pov.  Did you hear Chris Matthews' latest rant about conservative criticism of his beloved president? he's still pushing the racism angle that old yellowed dog-eared card and it's funny but people like him never seem to get laryngitis.  Tawana Brawley had a fundraiser the other day, did you give?  Lingering question though, will the IRS audit those rogue FBI agents?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another medical thread - Angelina Jolie

There's been an outpouring of public and celebrity support for her and the Twitterverse really cares.  Hollywood is really patting itself on the back but let's get one thing straight, Angelina Jolie is not coming across as your typical Hollywood airhead and not too many celebrities can even write a decent Op-Ed piece in the Ole Gray Lady.  Writing about her recent decision to get a preventative double mastectomy she's definitely adding substance to the discussion and I find her much more useful than K-Dash or even Madonna.  She's also hopefully helping us move past our national Hefnerized adolescence, a culture obsessed with boob jobs and longtime love interest Brad Pitt is coming across as noble, as being a good character.  I don't have a good knowledge of this area, BRCA 1&2 and the 87% chance of breast cancer and 50% chance for ovarian and all that so I'm rendering a nondecision here.  IMO breast cancer gets far more press and attention than say prostate cancer, that's another issue but having said that I find her quite articulate in her cause.  This ain't a case of Sean Penn writing down his deepest thoughts with crayons or Rodman palling around with the North Korean Psycho and so since we've been covering alot of medical ground here lately I've been thinking of starting the Z-man Foundation for the Research and Cure of Tinnitus.  I also never got the whole current conservative fixation with reading NY Times editorials, as an old Times ad used to say read what you like.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Facebook Follies

Let's face it Mark Zuckerberg was a genius and social-networking trailblazer but lately there was the FB IPO which sucked and now in business news AT&T has decided to sell the brand new Facebook Smartphone for just 99cents since that turned out to be a flop on all fronts including even the software and apps.  Facebook has also had troubles and controversy of late with some pedophiliac-themed pages which have popped up every now and then and well anyway now the next big kid on the block is Pinterest and while I don't think Facebook is gonna go the way of MySpace (MyWho?) anytime soon I really think he needs to give the big Ralph Kramden brainstorms a rest for now.  In other news Ariel Castro he of the infamous and bizarre Ohio kidnapping case now says he should have just stopped at two women as sex slaves.  Yeah you got greedy bro!  Also some big ABC News producer, the he became a she and walked on the wild side and the marriage is kaput with two kids in the mix.  Used to be you could practically go days on end in the news cycle and it was boring now it's offensive, strange for some reason but in an interesting way.  I used to like Pink but her songs are now like crabgrass on the radio, new songs every week and I've kinda had my fill and who is this Phillip Phillips guy?  They made a big deal over what Justin Bieber wrote in that Anne Frank guestbook over in the Netherlands but I categorize it probably as a brainfart, basically an expression of a thought you can't even explain or express properly and I thought what people write in the logs at museums and galleries is kinda private anyway.  Got a buck? I wanna go get me a new smartphone, maybe ten.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Thoughts on NJ Gov. Chris Christie's lap-band surgery?

How ironic that he chose to do this and now the nearly extinct TWINKIE is about to make a big comeback. Has the hallmark of a classic Twilight Zone, Burgess Meredith on the steps of that post-apocalyptic public library after having just broken his only pair of glasses with which he loved to read - It just isn't fair!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

The moral puzzlement of ObamaCare

Company XYZ, a major business makes the deliberate decision to cut all part-timers' hours to under 30 per week so as not comply with the federal ObamaCare mandate. Is moral blame to be placed squarely on the company or instead on the President? Union ABC has always supported Obama and his policies but why if in this case it will make the country's underemployment situation worse? Great free-market questions.

Friday, May 03, 2013

Smartphone techno-geek support forums

Since I still have some technical questions/issues with smartphones in general I've been browsing some of the more popular online tech-support forums of late.  They're a real hoot to read, basically the geeks are having nervous breakdowns 'cause they don't understand their smartphones.  Look it takes time and one of the more common complaints you'll see is when they use their WAP browsers to roam the mobile web they hit on a site they really like and up pops the ever-annoying "Page too large - open mobile site."  I'm kinda resigned to this by now and am still playing around with my own mobile settings but have come to the conclusion for serious computer work you probably shouldn't even be using a cell in the first place, at least get yourself a tablet.  The other day another common complaint I saw was some folks were having trouble connecting to WiFi using a certain product although it could be any product it's just a general techno-geek angst out there and when somebody does answer their technical questions or tries what's funny is nobody really has any answers or real solutions it's just moral support from fellow geeks-in-suffering.  Guy was having trouble logging onto Wayport at Mickie D's or something and I'm thinking are you just gonna sit there at that table and hog up the space for an hour or more after eating your cheap burger that you didn't really want anyway but it was just an excuse to go to a local hotspot and some family wants to sit down and enjoy their value meals but Dorkman is still experiencing technical difficulties.  When I encounter problems I don't understand more likely it's something I don't get yet rather than it being the smartphone company's fault and there's just the hint, the merest whiff of a Corporate Conspiracy at work among some of these posters like they're deliberately programming cells to give you a hard time so you'll buy more Airtime cards or something.  I just came up with a good expression though - My brain is experiencing technical problems, please stand by. 

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

OK so you're gay

I'm not sure what we're supposed to do.  Used to be the love that dare not speak its name but as someone once said now it's the love that won't shut up.  Yeah I'm talking about 34-year old Nets pro-basketball player Jason Collins coming out in a big new writeup in SI, gotta love identity politics.  So he likes creme de l'cock, again I'm not sure what we're supposed to do.  The Rev. Fred Phelps's group can boycott his funeral when he reaches 85 or so and passes away if they're still around by then but as for the rest of us should we send him a nice little Hallmark card or simply ignore it?  He's also a very presentable African-American gentlemen so here you have your classic 2-fer, a pcer's dreamboat with a cherry on top so I guess if you make even a mild joke at his expense that makes you into a racist homophobe.  Look I'm tired of being forced into the TMI Zone over and over again most commonly at the checkout line at the supermarket and I don't care if it's the hetero or homo news of the day and now you got the image floating around in your noggin' of some young sculpted gay ebony men well-oiled in a classic Greco-Roman sense bucking each other, Django Uncorked and now they say this is only the Tip of the penile iceberg, they say more star athletes are readying themselves for their respective outings getting ready to take that call from the President (start writing Mr. Obama).  Any Yankees or is all that going out with different women starlets simply a ruse, fronting?  What's next the Gay Olympics?  Even some of Jason Collins' most ardent team supporters have expressed some Twitter-reservations about the whole male shower scene, I mean he is 34 and all not nearing 50 like me and at that prime age the thing has a mind of its own.  Actually I'm only blogging about it today because it's a fun topic:)