Friday, September 26, 2014

You may not be able to call 911 but at least you can browse

I kinda like it when Technology fails. First off I'm sick of all the technology commercials on tv by which I mean mainly smartphones and tablets. You need Siri in your life I don't know what to tell you. The debut of the new iPhone6 and 6+, people waited in line for blocks and now they're grumbling on social media. Seems the 6+ bends when you have it in your pocket all day but people c'mon you're not supposed to sit on it! Then there's the issue of dropping calls but at least you can check your Twitter feed in the meantime. Others are complaining the phablet version is too big to stick in your pocket and yet the coming screen sizes were the big draw in the first place. More hacked nude celebrity photos have been posted recently, makes ya think the only thing young Hollywood A-listers and B-listers do with their phones is take nude selfies. Social Observation: is it possible for a woman to walk around Target or Bed Bath & Beyond without looking at her smartphone half or most of the time? Tech-commercials and pill commercials that's like all you see on tv:)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Axis of Isil

I thought President Obama's speech last night detailing his global strategy for dealing with IS was rather brief and subdued. I thought it would be longer and more impassioned but I'm not against it and generally agree with the tenor. Obama has quite obviously chosen to use the label "ISIL" or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant instead of the more popular "ISIS" and there are reasons for this. Using ISIS constantly the way most in the media now do makes it sound like we're in a war with the ancient Egyptian goddess and also using this term all the time has that "Get Smart"/comic book feel to it (remember Don Adams and his nemesis KAOS?). Another reason Obama prefers the term ISIL is it definitely refers to the threat IS poses to the nation of Israel since Israel falls under the definition of the Levant along with other countries like Jordan. I haven't really read the reviews yet in particular those of the always nitpicking right-wingers but the war and it is a war will eventually include airstrikes in northern Syria and it is the pundit's view that just like Bush left the Iraq war with Obama Obama will leave the Syrian mess to the next president. Syria has already bombed certain IS targets in the north and I couldn't help thinking if they could have they would have used chlorine gas again. The Sotloff family spokesperson has alleged the so-called moderate forces fighting Assad, the Free Syrian Army, sold Steven Sotloff for a price to IS but the State Dept. denies this. OK thoughts:)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mad dot in the universe

The God Problem - You finally meet God someday and go to him "how come you didn't do anything about ISIS?" God: "Who?" then you see Him quickly searching wikipedia. God truly has swarms of galaxies solar systems and other planets to worry about but then there's the guardian angels. As a Catholic we're taught they exist but I see no evidence. Where were James Foley and Steven Sotloff's guardian angels? (angel walks in on the imminent beheading: "what's going on here?" bullets passing harmlessly through his Michael Landon-type body to the utter amazement of the crazed jihadists). Are our guardian angels too busy on their smartphones? Foley even prayed the rosary during his captivity in Libya, did it help? A priest or theologian might say it helped his soul but did it help his situation? Personally speaking my faith crisis really started after Newtown which imo is the most shocking news event to happen in my lifetime after 9-11. We still don't know why the bug-eyed psycho did it and it didn't change Wayne LaPierre one iota so there goes your great Saul-like conversion on the road to the gun show. My Mom just had a dear friend die of cancer, why doesn't al-Baghdadi get cancer or at least a damn bug egg-sac in his brain to say nothing of Kim Jong-un? Why doesn't the executioner/beheader the day before suddenly get a heart attack instead of your brother-in-law or dearly beloved aunt? Ray Rice was done in by TMZ not God but maybe God works through TMZ? Look it's fairly obvious to me God the Creator or an architect of the Universe or a central planner exists but does He care? Big Speech tonight, no not God although He should be giving one too:)

Friday, September 05, 2014

After all we all know that Obama had Breitbart murdered

Here's how conspiracy theories work: it's all a mental sleight-of-hand, a cognitive shimmering, distortion of the political landscape. Here let me show you something. In the time-centered conspiracy theories which are the simplest ones out there it's the sheer timing of it all, the weird chronological juxtaposition and just for a nanosecond you go OMG!!!. They said the same thing about the Clintons that they had people murdered. The backswamps, the bayous, the small polluted creeks of the Right-Wing and there goes AJ paddling his canoe:)

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

iCloud Storage for Life's most intimate moments

Re that celebrity nude photo hacking scandal personally speaking I don't use my smartphone for those purposes. I'd be slightly trepidatious and I don't care if it's on your device, in the Cloud, on the moon whatever. Maybe it's trendy right now among the Hollywood set, take a picture of your twat and put it in the Cloud but even if you delete it from your device it's still right up there floating around in the atmosphere somewhere along with Anthony Weiner's pecker. BTW what's Ariana Grande doing on the list? Now the time and effort by these pervo-nerds to actually pull this off by one hacker's admission it took literally months of time and hard effort. Two things do they work and think of the energy that could have been committed to a cancer cure instead or even a successful weight loss program! Apple and iOS are supposed to be impervious to these types of things not like the ever dangerous Android operating system but I've always said that's only a matter of time. The new iPhone 6 is supposed to have a bigger screen something like 5+" and I'm thinking a phone should be rather fairly small to begin with. Ya got a phone now with the screen the same size as a small tv set - "Excuse me I have to make a phone call" - and there's an old guy at church I know has a big one by the size of his black case prominently strapped to his belt for all the parishioners to see. Probably an LG, showoff. So what kind of gallery do you have? BB's smart, he doesn't have a phone.