Thursday, November 30, 2017

The perv tsunami

Matt Lauer the latest.  Most shocking for me was Charlie Rose.  Doesn't look the type but rather was more into big tomes he had to read prepping for interviews.  I'm losing track as I need some type of perv scorecard.  Is there an app for that?

Thursday, November 02, 2017

At what point can we say there's a problem with some aspect of Islam?

The Halloween terror attack in Lower Manhattan. You know the details: a 29-year old radicalized man from Uzbekistan, Sayfullo Saipov rented a Home Depot pickup truck in NJ then drove to Lower Manhattan on the West Side and deliberately used the vehicle to kill eight people on a bike lane just north of and literally in the shadow of Ground Zero. Among the dead were some Argentinian tourists in town for a reunion. Saipov then yelled the customary "Allahu Akbar" meaning "God is great" when he left the truck brandishing a pellet gun and paint gun and then ran down the street before he was shot in the abdomen by a hero cop whose career trajectory would seem to be way up at this point. You know the rest: radicalized over the Web, lover of ISIS videos, requested an ISIS flag during his hospital stay etc. etc. So then model Gigi Hadid called some alt-right woman on Twitter a fucking moron for saying something about the lack of decency of two women walking around in hijabs in the area of the attack so there's that. Well anyway as the post-title says throw your coins in the fountain here.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Can Dennis Rodman save the world?

Seemingly overnight the whole North Korea/Kim Jong-Un discussion is now the easily unhingeable despot may possess an actual hydrogen bomb.  Think fusion not fission and over 10X the power of an A-bomb.  If Kim can customize it for the nose of one of his ICBMs he can conceivably detonate it at a very high altitude thus causing a superpowerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP) completely destroying the US power grid.  This whole thing reminds me of a bad Austin Powers movie.

Thursday, July 27, 2017


Transgendered people cannot now serve in the U.S. military.  The rationale being to go to the Pat Robertson bbq?

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What's next on the technological front?

Should be sometime in the near future we'll have a quantum internet whatever the heck that means. Supposed to be virtually impervious to hackers and then there's something called the personal jetpack. It truly is a marvel but not for me. I prefer to be stuck in traffic thank you. Also I'm not a fan of autonomous vehicles at all. All it takes is one bad microchip to wreak havoc on the highways and imo AAA should take a stand against. Not a fan of AI robots either. I always think of Yul Brynner in Westworld. Wireless charging as it stands now is said to be slow with promises of fasting charging speeds in the future. Don't know, ya got anything?

Monday, June 19, 2017

Health Care - where is it going?

The health care proposal in the House was quickly scuttled, the Senate version of the American Health Care Act is next with some tweaks. Moderate Republicans are going slower in states with constituencies that might be slightly miffed if they just rid of the whole ACA thing aka "ObamaCare." This is an arcane subject for me. One of the keys of the Trump Agenda seems to be undoing anything in the Obama legacy arena. Next up is Cuba and a return to the Cold War days. I guess there were no casino/hotel deals in the offing. There goes my cigar. How can I lose weight again?

Friday, June 09, 2017

The James Comey Testimony

This is the biggest thing to happen to bars since the O.J. Simpson trial. On balance it would seem the Comey testimony is at least partially damaging to the President. He has already gone on record as calling Trump a liar five times. The New York Times took a hit when it appears their reporting of the Russia investigation may have been off base to some extent. John McCain had some daffy moments and people are tweeting he should more or less retire at this point. None of this will sway the Trump partisans however and they'll only hunker down more. I never voted for Trump and I never voted for her so I don't have that anxiety in the back of my head over when I should actually jump the Trump ship or not. This is a great lesson imo of default voting against your hated candidate which political reasoning might work most of the time but this was a special case which should have caused most to jettison that logic. I've been hearing the RNC is calling Trump the Messiah and he's going to save Christianity in this country. Scary stuff. We'll see how it all plays out I'm just saying have a lifeboat ready is all.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Manchester Attack - the new normal?

At last report there were 22 dead and at least 100 injured including 12 children in that suicide attack at the Manchester Arena Ariana Grande concert. ISIS is now claiming responsibility which was almost a foregone conclusion. The lone suicide bomber a 23-year old man by the name of Salman Abedi. So nobody's really talking about it at work today just the normal grind. I brought it up a little and there was a small discussion but it's like these things are now accepted as part of the day's news just a normal and inevitable element of the news cycle. President Trump in Saudi Arabia said to Muslim leaders you need to drive the extremist elements out and likened the War on Terror to a battle between Good and Evil. Not much to disagree with there. I felt maybe the security in Britain could be better but others see it as no matter how good your security these tragedies can and will still happen. NYC Police were on a heightened state of alert last night as to be expected which begs the question why does it take an incident for police departments across the nation to be on a heightened state of alert? It seems only a matter of tragic time before this gets imported here and becomes a part of the nightly news. One thing I see though Obama's intellectual decision to refuse to call radical Islamic terror radical Islamic terror has done absolutely nothing to defeat extremist ideology.

Friday, May 12, 2017

The bizarre and trendy world of theoretical physics - go quantum!

Here's the thing, even if all this stuff is true what difference does it make? What would be the purpose of a parallel universe or several of them aka the multiverse? If Hitler were bad in each universe it's just a variation of a tragedy. Many redditors have talked about the JFK assassination and how in the original timeline as they call it the JFK car was a 4-seater with four occupants and in this reality it's now a 6-seater with six people (just go along with this for the sake of argument). This is literally just one of hundreds of examples of what believers call "the Mandela Effect." Again though even if this were true what difference would it make? It's still the same tragic event with some critical details changed. Maybe in another version Lee Harvey Oswald forgot to brush his teeth that morning. Biocentrism is another yuuuuuuge idea and all the rage now and one of its controversial propositions is when you die say of a sudden heart attack or car accident you automatically get shifted over into an almost similar dimensional experience and continue with your life as such. Even Charles Manson? Whatever happened to Hell? Don't expect Pat Robertson to get on board with this. The New Age Movement is now inextricably linked with quantum mechanics and have greatly expanded on the ideas of theoretical physics but in the way they like. A prime example is life coach Cynthia Sue Larson who to be fair does have a degree in physics but she posts some fairly startling things. She and many others say you can literally reality shift your life into more positive directions as in literally quantum jump to other more favorable alternate realities. Now even if this is true (did you pick up on my theme yet?) you'd still have to go to the same job in the morning. So the name of your favorite breakfast cereal might be slightly off it would still not be enough to make a difference imo. Getting back to biocentrism for a minute if you go to YouTube and type in "we're all dead" at least 50 and probably more videos come up. Only on YT can you have a cabdriver with no college degrees expounding on quantum physics. The death theory is interesting on certain levels but again why would we still have to go to work in the morning? Some redditors have made another issue of the human anatomy evolving over time (if only Charles Darwin were alive today! Oh wait maybe he is) but again what difference would it make? still get the same crappy constipation and make the same 3AM bathroom trips. I can't wait for the next PBS special on all of this:)

Thursday, April 27, 2017

The bogging down effect of social conservatism

I've been reading a lot lately from various conservative writers what they consider bad social trends. It could be millenials delaying marriage and then further delaying having children. Some couples don't want children at all. Another conservative opiner will note the to him disturbing trend that Americans don't move as much as they used to (as if it's easy), go to other better jobs across the country. This leads to ossification and lower wages etc. etc. The list of social concerns for these writers/pundits run the gamut and is quite long but I always find myself asking what does it matter? Why are they bothered by these things? Modern conservatism should stick to the pillars of limited government, free speech, economic growth, a strong defense, lower taxes etc. etc. What matter how people choose to live their lives? Is that really of our concern? Naomi Schaeffer Riley and Kyle Smith are two of these social-type commenters. Another common complaint is people especially the young'uns are on their gadgets too much. My friend and I were walking around White Plains one day and practically everyone was walking but looking down at their smartphones. Yeah you wonder what the hell are they looking at to the point where they can fall down an open manhole but again this is what people do. IMO conservatism has strayed heavily off the straight path into these by-roads of cultural concern which can actually lead to other conservatives feeling alienated if they don't share their complaints. Laura Ingraham too has done this in books and whatnot heavy on the social commentary, trends that bug her, social quirks and patterns that don't meet her approval. I think this is where the word "reactionary" comes from as in reacting to everything. The conservative movement seems to be stagnating at the moment with everyone having their disparate concerns with no common thread except things like hatred of Obama, hatred of Hillary, hatred of whoever. Despite all this I think we won the last election by accident. You won, what are we complaining about?

Saturday, April 08, 2017

President Trump, following through on Obama's Red Line

Some are no doubt already making the case that Obama's shifting red line encouraged Syria and President Bashar al-Assad to attack a small Syrian village with chemical weapons killing and injuring scores of children. One can use the word "allegedly" but for all intents...President Trump followed this within 24 hours with 59 air strikes with Tomahawk cruise missiles of a Syrian airfield believed to harbor chemical weapons. Now things get complicated with Russia refusing to cooperate with the U.S. over avoiding air conflicts over Syrian airspace. Russian warships have already moved into the region closer to our fleet so you have the seeds of a major world crisis in the making. Trump is getting bipartisan support on this one from Marco Rubio to Charles Schumer usually a critic but the base is mighty unhappy with these developments. There's that Pat Buchanan strict non-interventionist/isolationist wing to deal with. Obama was too much the Hamlet intellectual with this aspect of our foreign policy. Trump of course is taking some flack for not consulting with the UN Security Council and Congress first but if first showings are any indication we may be dealing with a very militaristic and action-oriented president on the world stage. As long as he stays away from the nuclear codes.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Famous people dying

It gets confusing after awhile.  Don Rickles just passed at 90.  Now he's insulting St. Peter.  Some people remember Billy Graham having 3 funerals.  For some reason I thought Jimmy Breslin had died some time ago.  Larry Hagman is gone as well as Farrah Fawcett but Kirk Douglas is still 100.  Prince, George Michael gone too soon but Betty White is still alive, 93 I believe.  If you're a multiverser John Glenn might die again in a few years.  CRAZY EDDIE I think is gone but it's best to google.  Unfortunately Charles Manson is still alive.  Hef I'm sure they got the obits all ready to roll.  Please don't give me a test on this;)

Monday, March 13, 2017

A philosophical case against weight loss

Our lives are finite.  What does it matter?  Twenty years of svelteness followed by 500+ years in a grave.  #2 Even if you do lose all that blubber there's a 90% chance you'll regain some or most of it.  It's harder to maintain after all.  Dieting is Boring.  #4 Some fat apparently bolsters your immune system.  Finally too many ketones ain't good.  

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

The strange thing is the msm kinda liked the Trump Address

RE President Donald J. Trump's first address to a Joint Session of Congress last night the New York Times called it "a presidential speech" (read that again). I watched the bulk of it on ABC News and right after when you get to the post-game the commentators said the latter part was even lyrical. CBS and NBC noted a softer and different Trump, less combative who tapped into some unifying themes. Sure he massaged the nuts of the base at times ($54 billion in increased military spending, crime in Chicago) but it's like a big jug of cough syrup came over the msm in that they were positively and pleasantly subdued. Sure for much of the night the Democrats just sat there stone-faced and sullen, Trump could've offered up a true bona-fide cure for cancer and they still would've sat there with their diarrhetic expressions but I even caught Nancy Pelosi near the end furtively clapping over something. The most emotional and poignant moment of the night came of course when Trump had the widow of the slain Navy SEAL stand up, the wife of Petty Officer William Owens who was killed in that commando raid in Yemen that President Trump ordered in January. That cut across the boundaries and the Dems momentarily came out of their stupor and stood and clapped too. Sure the New York Times has to remind us they have to fact check everything (run it through Snopes?) but it's as if we were witnessing an alt-Trump.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump's Russian spiral

The solid mass is beginning to form, something substantive that may lead to a Congressional investigation and possible impeachment of President Trump down the road. The story is that members of his campaign and even inner circle regularly had communications with members of Russian intelligence. Was it to discuss cronut recipes or perhaps a future vodka market for a newly refurbished Trump Vodka brand? I've long said most of the GOP would be perfectly willing to throw Mr. Trump under the bus if the Democrats start making enough trouble. Only the Michelle Malkins and the Daystar crowd would go to the mat for him. Of course the press hates him and will only keep digging. IMO President Trump's days in office may be politically numbered.

Monday, February 06, 2017

An open thread

Why limit ourselves to Trump?

Monday, January 23, 2017

The global protesters against Trump

We have dictators and tyrants in real-time spanning the world and yet nobody's globally protesting them. I hear the Bushmen in Africa were even protesting.

Monday, January 09, 2017

I Am So Shook

Reality has finally set in and it's the Zoloft/Abilify phase for liberals, the PTSD of Hillary losing. Now in a logical universe Trump becoming president of the United States would be like if the late Benny Hill had at one time become the PM of Great Britain. Wouldn't happen, not likely to happen and really can't happen all things considered. Trump has gone on the record as saying that the use of nuclear weapons would be a good strategy in the war against ISIS but on the plus side he and Pence have accepted the official report on the Russian hacking. I got the heebie-jeebies too that vague weird anxiety ever since the Election but liberals are so shaken to the very core of their being that even in dreams they're working out their tweets and blogs and anti-Trump posts for the next day now that Ole Man Winter has set in and it's cold as a witch's tit outside so all the placards and posters have been safely stashed away gathering dust and spiderwebs ready for the first hint of spring. We'll see what happens but I hope they make it. Hang in there!