Friday, June 29, 2007

Maybe you haven't come such a long way baby

Last night on PBS there was the "All-American Presidential Forum Debate" held at Howard University in Washington, DC. The gig was hosted by Tavis Smiley and there they were, all eight Democratic presidential candidates, Hillary, Barack, Edwards, as they all proudly walked out on stage at this all-black, or mostly black, university. The thought occurred,

what if Howard were an all-white or mostly white institution of higher learning?

Howard still seems to hearken back to the separate but equal days of Brown vs. Board of Education in 1954 so where is the court order to make Howard more diverse?

Be that as it may Hillary was dressed smart as she's still fresh off her Sopranos spoof which, truth be told, Hillary and Bill are now funnier than SNL these days and, should her White House bid not work out, she should take over the show. Anyways, last night she said:

"Let me just put this in perspective: "If HIV-AIDS were the leading cause of death of white women between the ages of 25 and 34 there would be an outraged outcry in this country." Outraged outcry? You'll remember that blog I did about that manly meatwrapper of a woman I overheard while food shopping one day, she was pissed at something and said, "f****n' m*****f****r", or "f'n mofo", know what I'm saying, the adjectival emphasis on the mofo was not needed, I mean mofo is strong enough to stand on its own, no? and then Barack said,

"We have made enormous progress, but the progress we have made is not good enough."


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Some celebrities who never got the Paris Hilton treatment

Dr. Death and Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, both interviewed recently by Mike Wallace on "60 Minutes"

Burt and Linda Pugach, subject of new movie "Crazy Love" and most recently very respectfully interviewed by veteran newsman Marvin Scott on Ch. 11 News here in NYC

Amy Fisher and her new old squeeze Joey (a few weeks ago on Ch. 2's "E.T. - The Insider")

Michael Schiavo of course, had "The View" girls lusting on the one-year anniversary, that romantic lug

The Menendez Brothers by none other than Babs herself. On why she interviewed them and yet refuses to chat with Paris she explained to Cindy Adams that they once did something important (I'm paraphrasing here), also something about Babs respecting herself

Son of Sam (lost count on those exclusives ratting out his fellow devil-worshippers)

Charlie Manson (Geraldo: "You're a dog Charlie")

Pornographers Larry Flynt and Al Goldstein. When the late NY Terence Cardinal Cooke was on his slow and agonizing deathbed Al famously took out bets on when he'd croak.

I'm sure more will come to me but, point being, they're not celebutards I guess. All of a sudden journalistic standards are making a comeback, who knew?

ah, the stench of skank, leave it to Larry to do the dirty work

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Affirmative action

As a conservative I'm naturally against it but a better deal for everyone would be if, instead of a government program based on race we had an informal system based on economic need this way poor whites on welfare would benefit as well as blacks and Hispanics. At any rate one of the unintended consequences of affirmative action as it is today is that, on occasion, you do get someone who totally does not belong in that job, everyone knows it and at first you're mystified that nobody seems to talk about it and that nothing is done, it's a classic elephant in the living room moment. This is not the goal of the proponents of race-based hiring but I've seen it on at least a few occasions and that's when your Peter Principle kicks in.

Isaiah Washington, the black actor on "Grey's Anatomy" who made the gay slur against co-actor T.R. Knight, has been fired from the show and the man is angry, said he did everything they told him to re atoning and that they now want to have Knight's character as a centerpiece of the show so this is interesting, apparently gay men trump African-American men in the victim stakes only it took a while longer to fire Washington than CBS Radio did in canning the I-man, well he was just a rickety old white cowboy anyway. If T.R. had responded in kind and called Washington the n-word it would have had a kind of karmic cancelling effect or something and would have confounded and stunned the whole pc crowd, what to do? two members of historic and time-honored victim groups have engaged in name-calling! do we fire them both and so not have a tv series at all or send them both off for reprogramming? Barring that maybe all T.R. has to do is question global warming and become pro-life and he can join the growing ranks of the damned.

Friday, June 22, 2007

If Hillary wins it all you can thank Ken Starr

Had he done a better job with Whitewater and how Hillary made 200G on cattle futures instead of issuing a report on Blowjob-gate I don't even think she'd be pursuing the Grand Prize right now and yet conservatives still refuse to admit this, that it was wrong to impeach Bill Clinton for lying in a sexual harassment case when they haven't been big fans of sexual harassment law all along ever since the days of Anita Hill (neither have I but z is a very consistent writer). Travelgate, Filegate, Chinagate, any other 'gate would have done fine except for Sexgate. Makes you wonder a little about Ken Starr, was he really on their team all along? Memo to conservatives, if you haven't noticed the mores of this country have changed drastically over even the last decade. Going after a sitting president solely on a sex charge (sorry Sean, I know, lying about sex) elicits more sympathy from the voting public these days than it would have in the past. There is a reason why the GOP keeps staying the Stupid Party.

The Sean Bell shooting case should come to trial soon. He was the 23-year old black man who was shot to death on Nov. 25, 2006 by cops in Queens NY after a bachelor party at the seedy Kalua strip bar, a gun, drug and prostitute-infested joint. He was to be married that same day. Two of his friends who were also in the car with him that morning were shot but survived and two of the four officers who fired some of the 50 bullets were indicted by a grand jury. I submit this - you're minding your own business and walking down the street, you're not breaking any laws, your chances of being shot and killed by a cop are infinitesmal at best, there's a better chance of Yoko Ono putting out a good album. There's also the ambience of crime in poor black urban areas to consider and cops are on edge, an angle the black activists never focus on. NYPD guidelines say a police officer cannot fire his weapon at a moving vehicle even if it is being used as a deadly weapon. The same guidelines don't say what a cop can do to save his life in such a situation. Careerwise I would not like to be a cop, a pimp gets more respect.

I'm the Sea Captain of my porno ship

Christopher Hitchens is all the rage right now with his atheist chic called God is Not Great but he doesn't offer a workable alternative to the world's faith systems maybe because there is none. The religion of Man teaches that Work is the main purpose of Life, the true Christian would say you were not born to be a drone. This is why it disturbs me that conservatives are ballyhooing the election of French President Nicholas Sarkozy with his promise to abolish the 35-hour workweek, the cons, if they haven't forgotten their social conservative roots, would say a work state is a godless state. Man, as well, has not be able to cure the Big One yet, cancer, and so Hitchens' philosophy of secular humanism doesn't work for me, why would I put on a pedestal a creature that overworks his fellow creatures and has stopped curing the ailments that afflict them? He's entitled to his opinions, it's just a poor substitute is all.

The work state leads to that tempting voice of nihilism, that shadowy figure on a sunny day that whispers in your ear until you agree that life's a bitch and then you die. So how do atheists like Hitch give meaning to it all? The grand theme of my blog - life is to be enjoyed and not just endured - is, in this sinner's humble view, more to be fulfilled in a balanced Christian life than in any secular system. I would submit that a person who enjoys sex more than he works understands the Meaning of it All better than some executive who works late and then has perfunctory sex when he goes home. These corporations have meetings - "ok, put him in charge of cheese" - and then you're like a mouse in a maze, "go find the cheese." Tantra or Kama-Sutra doesn't interest them, how can it if you don't have time to read or watch your kid's Little League game?

I was driving through the country the other day and noticed a little cultural trendoid, porn shops sprouting up next to places of worship, schools and parks where mothers take their kids. Used to be you had to put on a raincoat and head towards the wharf past the opium dens for your jollies but there he was, the big young blond manager of his very own porn emporium, the Proud Captain, a product of a system endorsed by Hitch that shows no deference whatsoever to Christian sensibilities.

The Sea Captain, standing tall, standing proud.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I had this thought today

We've made some great strides in the understanding of our public health. We now know that sleep deprivation is bad for you (just ask Meredith Vieira) and that stress is a killer but these medical studies, while informative, are practically irrelevant:

Boss: "Thanks z for taking the time to see me. I've been reading these new studies and you don't have to come in at 6 in the morning anymore. 7 is too early either. I've noticed you look tired all the time, how can I help? Does 8 work for you? I'm concerned for your health and also anything you can't do today do tomorrow. As they say tomorrow's another day, I don't need you spazzin' out 'cos you're trying to get your work done on time. Your heart is my number one priority. I also think you're due for another vacation."

I was talking to a friend the other day and, without any prompting from me, he says Republican bosses like to work you to death. If someday science proves the existence of the spirit realm there's still some things you can do you lazy ghost you, don't you have anything better to do than haunt places?

"Hi, this is Sylvia Browne, your boss wants to know if you can come in today, somebody called in sick and they're backed up."

The Verizon Fios Kid, we're about due for another one of those horror movies with a weird kid in it, he'd also make a good Antichrist. It's true quam.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bloomy the RINO

So now the erstwhile Republican Mayor of Gotham, Michael Bloomberg, has become an Independent so he can make the run in an already crowded field. It's not just that he echoes the Cinderella morality of today's blog title that I'd never vote for the guy, he's also living proof of the eternal truth of the Peter Principle. Take his latest, his traffic congestion pricing plan. From 6AM-6PM anyone who drives a motor vehicle into Manhattan below 86th Street gets slapped with a fine, $8 for cars and $21 for trucks, and this applies every day! Now trucks need to make deliveries to businesses during these hours and his plan, if implemented, would adversely affect business. NJ Governor Jon Corzine is being polite about it all and pointing out the pitfalls from his point of view but nobody seems willing to call the guy NUTSO and so I'm watching all the pundits on the morning shows today and they're all jazzed up about this guy who doesn't even know how to manage a large metropolis.

Hill and Bill's Sopranos video, I'd be really grasping to have a problem with this. We definitely need more humor in our political process and in life in general. I give it a thumbs up, two snaps and a circle.

The mouth is the best form of birth control

(get your mind out of the gutter) Within the past few years I've worked with 2 or 3 women, they're not unattractive by any stretch, and I thought to myself why can't I fantasize about them? It all reminds me of that old Henny Youngman quip, "I know you have to be somebody but why do you have to be you?" There are too many nice looking women with bad personalities out there, you're like how the hell did you come to be you? I am now convinced it all has to be part of the Master Plan, the Divine Cosmology, to give less comely women a fighting chance.

Bad sex leads to bad choices, this is my working theory to account for our high abortion rates. It's like when you have too much Scotch on a hot summer evening and then have weird dreams all night and then wake up in the morning all out of sorts or, if you're a man, you break down and rent a porno made by some retard, which pretty much describes over 90% of porn anyway, and so now you're angry at the producer, more angry at the video store manager who buys anything, and most of all you're angry at yourself,

where is the judgement?

For me good sex should not lead to the destruction of a fetus. I cannot separate the two, they are inextricably linked, the idea of potential feticide would just kill the mood for me and I've heard many other men from all shades of the political spectrum on the issue say the same thing. It's just not


now write an article about THAT Cosmo!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Even though there are anywhere from between 1-1.3 million abortions in this country per year...

the now entrenched pro-choice position, shared by the msm, is that nobody is really pro-abortion. It would be the same logic to say that nobody is really for pedophilia even though the pervs are crawling out of the woodwork and right into Chris Hansen's kitchen. I realize there are a myriad of positions on the issue (just ask Rudy who spins the great big Wheel of Abortion Options every week) but I absolutely hate dishonesty and lack of candor. This medical "procedure" has become so commonplace that you begin to suspect deviancy at work as in maybe a small subgroup of these chicks just want a little Hoover action from time to time.

Some basics of moral philosophy -

The commonness of an act does not make that act any more moral than it was before it became so common.

You should have to prove the unborn are not human before you can legally snuff out their lives (can't be done).

It is logically impossible for abortion policy, ANY abortion policy, to be about a neutral set of non-views on the subject even though this is now the official Cuomoesque/Rudy position. The view that the unborn child has the same status as Hamburger Helper, now the prevalent element in the law, is itself a view. Who's fooling who here?

Any other point besides conception is purely arbitrary and whimsical. The fetus is really only fully human at 24 weeks, what was it 2 nights before? The fetus is only human at 20 weeks, what was it 2 nights before that? and so on backwards through time. This is masturbation of the mind big time and what this blog is all about. You say most people are only for the early first-trimester abortions? Then why do these customers patronize clinics that proudly boast in the Yellow Pages that they do fetal dismemberments up to 6 whole months? You people are complicit in a very great evil.

Pro-life is about logic and reason, in a word simple Right and Wrong.
Pro-choice is an emotional mess, an Orpah-fied version of reality, and they deeply resent us scolds for always reminding them of the Bigger Picture.

Monday, June 18, 2007

My life is so boring I think I'm Jack Bauer's girlfriend


What urgent and critical phone call is being expected?

You ever meet somebody and their eyes are darting up and down real fast while they're talking to you? They're forming an opinion. Easy guy, calm down, take it easy!

I was at a hot dog wagon once and this guy buys a few franks and hands the vendor a 100 dollar bill. What's going on clown?

The McGreeveys - she says his charge that she is homophobic hurt sales of her book Silent Partner but while they were married the former NJ Guv was having slurpees along the Interstate so like it's not like he cheated on her with any one Guy, he was having sex with Anonymous. She has every right to be homophobic and besides he could have given her AIDS. If he be the poster boy for Butt Sex I'd want custody of the daughter too.

I'm stranded I tell you, I'm stranded in civilization.

The Dark Cave of the Past - 1961 was a very bad year

From the New York Post TV Week for 6/12-23, Prime Time Adam Buckman, "TV jukebox pumps up summer shows":

"...'Mad Men' is the best new show of the summer. This series depicts the world of Madison Avenue advertising in 1961...For 'Mad Men', which premieres July 19, they have recreated the chauvinistic (emphasis mine) world of mid-town Manhattan at the dawn of the 1960s. People smoke all over the place - at their desks, in restaurants, even in elevators. Electric typewriters and push-button phones are considered the latest in 'new technology.' Everybody drinks, even during the day, and the men shamelessly harass their female co-workers, none of whom are co-equals."

So there you have it, the pc view of the Past as unmitigated Evil (the only thing missing from Buckman's commentary is back-alley abortions). This is the way men behaved when left to their own devices in those days without our current progressive legislation, new laws always being a necessity of course. Men of the Past being gentlemen was all a big hoax after all like Loch Ness. Puritanism is definitely the way to go, I mean smoking and drinking and flirtation in the office?? Call Mayor Bloomberg!! You can't come up with anything good about the Past you pc'ers? like, oh I don't know, intact families and low crime rates?

and why is the New York Post, widely considered the only truly conservative paper around these days, throwing around liberal buzzwords like homophobic (if homophobic means analphobic I plead guilty, got a problem with that)? And what's up with the word "preggers" now peppering Page Six, I mean that is sooooo gay. Just the other day some gay guy was reading about the latest celeb being preggers and said "that's way too gay for me."

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another blast from the past

The Good Humor Man, selling junk food to kids.

The guiding philosophy of liberalism - we can always be better than our past.

He should be selling brussel sprouts and carrots to the little ones (and a Trojan or two couldn't hurt) but even then NBC Dateline's Chris Hansen would be leaning on a telephone pole on the corner keeping a cool eye on him.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

High-bias, Low-bias, Rather-biased

We need a good feud every now and then especially now since the big Rosie O'Donald war has petered out so there we have former CBS anchorman Dan Rather sniping at Katie Couric for her low ratings. In a cable interview he said they brought the Today show ethos to CBS in order to "tart things up" as he calls it. In response Leslie Moonves, CBS president, called him rather sexist. I don't know, I rather liked the now defunct FreeSpeech segment they had early on and other things in order to attract younger viewers. Open the window once in a while and let some fresh air in but z likes a good public feud nonetheless, in z's book

it's all good.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Today's blog

Sometimes I wish I were a recluse with money.

People who don't go to the doctors all the time only when they really really really have to have quietly accepted their mortality and come to terms. It is the secular humanists who have to protect their health at all costs, after all after this life what is there? There was once a book called The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker which had as its working thesis that practically everything we do in our culture is a denial of this very brute fact of our existence. People who die young because of bad habits like smoking and heavy drinking, is this tragic or merely unfortunate? Depends on how you view eternity I guess.

Mental disorders, are they always bad? Yes, judging by all those corny health textbooks we had to read in high school but I submit a person with OCD is a better and more efficient worker and if he runs any kind of food establishment and the health inspector is due the next day the chances are very high his business will pass. I know a chef who admits he's been hyper with ADHD ever since he was a kid and he says it helps him in the kitchen. Mental aberrations, make them work for you (caveat - though not in the Pugach sense!).

The National Review, every time some left-leaning literary figure dies they always seem to underrate his work (or is this just my overly active imagination?). Happened with the late playwright Arthur Miller of Death of a Salesman fame, he was no better than a high-school playwright at best according to an NR contributor, and now with the passing of novelist Kurt Vonnegut. I guess according to NR you can't be a great writer if you lean too far to the left so what are we to have, only right-wing lit? Don't bash greed, better to write about nothing, certainly not your own passionate convictions.

Young male Spanish deli managers - they're on top of you, they're behind you, they're humping you, you're taking a dump and they're paging you. Is this how they are in bed?

RE Today's Blog, to quote Dennis Miller, "of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong" (it's a blog after all).

Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris Hilton

Someone asked me the other day what is the purpose of Paris Hilton? I mean Lindsay at least acts and Britney sings but Paris doesn't have to work for the rest of her life but sees a shrink anyway. I know what her problem is, BOREDOM.

The Need to Have a Problem - I don't have any real major problems in my life so I'm going to go with Restless Legs Syndrome,

but anyway they (ah, the collective wisdom of THEY, they could write a book, why don't they? just all get together and call it "The Wit and Wisdom of They"), they say to do what you enjoy but even here it's still work. Let's say your passion is to cook but you find yourself putting in 16 hour days in the restaurant kitchen as is typical of most chefs these days, I think it's easier to just admit work sucks and put it on the backburner. I recently got together with two buddies of mine and we had a great trip but both guys kept looking at their watch and so we had an enjoyable half-day instead of a full day together because they both had to go to work later. Guys, don't you ever rest? I couldn't see marrying either of them but that would be gay marriage but you get the point.

Back to the Paris Conundrum - since you have so much time on your hands and the money to boot (nothing necessarily wrong with this, z's dream) latch onto a cause, Darfur, blood diamonds, radico-environmentalism, whatever, give purpose to your life. I mean if I had the luxury of not working for the rest of my life I'd at least be out causing.