Saturday, September 20, 2008

When conservatives use humor...'s somehow in bad taste but libs can say all sorts of things. I never got why most comics today swing so strongly to the left when the whole lib universe is practically propelled by brain farts, should be a never-ending geyser for humor. Oh well, I got my mining cap on here and just found some ore, cyber-spelunker that I am.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A formula to consider...

Got my latest summer issue of The Fatima Crusader the other day. The controversial priest (putting it mildly) Fr. Nicholas Gruner sends 'em out and I read 'em but it's pretty much plowing over the same ground especially with the whole Third Secret stuff. He and legions of others like respected Catholic journalist Antonio Socci, author of The Fourth Secret of Fatima, lay a pretty good foundation for a second unreleased text yet to be revealed to further clarify the Vision but what it says exactly is always speculation on their part. Some years back through some internet sleuthing I came across the famed Secret of La Salette in its entirety and compared its final paragraphs with the diplomatic version of the Third Secret released in 1963 to a German newspaper and there are some definite and striking parallels in ideas and phraseology there not easily dismissed. It's ironic indeed that Fr. Gruner and others have discounted this diluted version released by the Vatican way back when. I'd go with La Salette + Neues Europa = 3rd Secret. Anyway here are the links:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why Daniel is wrong

Re his latest blog Votes for Third Party Candidates are Wasted (9/16):

Now I've gone both ways on this one. I don't know how we've evolved in this country that the vast majority of us either vote Democrat or Republican, I wish it were otherwise, the voting public's in a rut and so I've put my idealism aside time and again and have subscribed to Daniel's mindset in the past, it appears to be the majority view after all but I've come down to my final conclusion different from his. There's a major clue in the very wording of his title. Go over it again, votes for third party candidates are wasted, IT'S A SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY! Let's say your natural inclination this time around is to vote for Bob Barr or whoever, you read this and you go "yeah you know he's right." Now do some simple math, millions of others in this the winter of our political discontent feel the same way but come to the same conclusion. Votes for third party candidates are wasted because we believe they're wasted. This has probably happened to you, you're driving along and there's a long line at some traffic light, seems a little too long so the head driver goes and then others follow his lead. You don't though and the light eventually turns green, the majority did the wrong thing but you held out. Put another way, votes for third party candidates are wasted because we have a herd mentality in this country, we're either chewing the cud with McCain in his pasture or we're happily grazing in Obamaland. It'll probably always be this way, must have something to do the national psyche. I've never really understood it but that's for political psychologists to figure out. It's like having only two restaurants in town and you're the only one complaining about it. I like his blog though, it's given something for me to blog about.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not voting as an act of conscience

I've never built my own personal philosophy around platitudes, first off they're often nuggets of false wisdom and there's also that faint whiff of conformity about them, the best distillation that groupthink has to offer but you can have your VSOP. For instance you often hear it said that it's your patriotic duty to vote and as an extension of this if you don't vote you have no right to complain. I disagree in this sense, let's say you sincerely feel both candidates would do damage to the country, you're not voting for the lesser of two evils anymore, you've conscientiously thought it through, turned it over, stretched it inside out and come to the same conclusion. In such a limited case, and I'm not talking here about young'ens who don't vote 'cause they're lazy, in this restricted scenario I hold that not voting can be an act of conscience. It's kind of like a person who never marries or ain't marrying anytime soon, sure he/she can do like everyone else and vet candidates they can live comfortably with, someone strongly likeable but the purist would insist you really should be in love with someone before you marry them and if he ain't feeling that amorous about anyone of late than not marrying can be a personal act of conscience albeit a painful one at times, better to be lonely for a bit than not be pure at heart. Stands to reason you should be "in love" with a candidate first before you pull the lever for him or her, of course the Obama-ites are enraptured but what about our side? Sean is only getting jiggy with it because he's such a party hound. I'm turning Conventional Wisdom on its head here, that's the Z-man thing, an outside the box kind of deal and the possibility is always there that I won't vote this time around. It's that remote option for most of us because we don't like to be held in contempt but I've always been the type to hold to an opinion even if 9 others disagree with me. As Benjamin Disraeli once said "the majority is usually wrong."

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Maybe we're orbiting through a supernova of pot right now

Apparently the 9-11 conspiracy theories have more legs than a centipede. Michelle Malkin talks about this worldwide poll they did, some 16,000 respondents in sundry nations and seems many inhabitants of Planet Earth believe that somehow OBL and Al-qaeda were not behind the 9-11 terrorist attacks after all but our own government along with our best buddy Israel of course. Now I wouldn't waste my time responding to and counterbutting every technical point of the conspiracists, the true hallmark of any bona fide conspiracy theory is they come after you, think Karen Silkwood and auto accidents. Last I checked Charlie Sheen is still doing 2 1/2 Men, if he were really on to something he'd be walking down Sunset Boulevard and a big ole black sedan would pull up with at least 3 tall clad in black G-Men, all clean-shaven with Neo shades on. They'd take old Charlie around the block

and warn him,

then while the car is still in motion they'd push him out the door and he'd go rolling like a tumbleweed to the curb having learned his lesson never to speak of 9-11 conspiracy theories again, maybe he'd go home to a dead cat but that would be the end of it. Is the Hub of the Conspiracy having high-level meetings right now in some mid-Manhattan penthouse overlooking Central Park on how to deal with Rosie O'Donnell?

Sorry guys, this conspiracy theory's a dud, life should be so exciting.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bam: "You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig"

en espanol: "Usted puede poner lapiz de labios en un puerco pero es todavia un puerco."

i'm lovin' it

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"Pro-choice" - Nosferatu with a P-touch machine

Yeah, you have one of these babies you can give your name tag anything, you might even be against informed-consent laws as applied to abortion, opposing showing pregnant women mulling over The Decision the dreaded sonogram and come up with the handy-dandy "pro-choice." It's not that theoretically you can't have a person who is a bona-fide pro-choicer just that imo the vast majority of those who support legal abortion are actually pro-abortion. It's a simple case of logic but to hear the pro-aborts spin the tale nobody is really for abortion even though we have about a million of said non-for acts a year. The point might be made that if you're really really libertarian on the issue you'd find ways to come up with the funds yourself instead of masturbating the taxpayer and if these swell guys are the humanitarians they purport to be they'd do them on poor women gratis. Tom Brokaw, respectable and revered journalist that he is used the choice jargon this morning on the Today Show discussing with Matt Lauer white women's appeal for the McCain/Palin ticket saying maybe it doesn't matter that much. The choice to do what exactly? have a Mountain Dew or a Pepsi? go to Burger King, Wendy's or McDonald's? to enter the workforce right after high school or pursue college? Nail it down people, no P-touchers allowed around this part of the blogosphere anyway.

Scrambled eggs, sausage, coffee and agita

Apparently there's some sort of physical law out there that your agita level can't get too low, like high-blood pressure if it goes down too much you get light-headed and stuff. Got up in a fairly good mood this morning, had a nice restorative slumber and woke up with the soldier ready to fight and so I sit down with my cup of joe and my morning paper. Michelle Malkin has a thing or two to say about those MTV Video Music Awards. Some left-wing British comedian who I never heard of, a Russell Brand, hosted it of course and spewed the usual and requisite left-wing humor dictated by such occasions. Now I'll take old-school humor any day of the week. In a recent American Masters interview with the legendary Bob Newhart Bob said that while he has some pretty strong political views he feels it's his job "to entertain and not to educate." Ah, the MTV VMA's, not exactly the Oscars but all so predictable. Ostensibly put together to honor artists like Coldplay and Rihanna it's really apropos of nothing but about that biological law I was just talking about that's where your asshole comes in. Russell Brand, brutally unfunny and it's a main symptom of pathological asshole-ism that the people suffering from it are utterly clueless, like a Bob Saget dirty joke it just ain't funny. MTV, never touch the stuff, it falls into that John Gray book area, you'd pretty much have to put a gun to my head. The whole Mars and Venus series if used at Gitmo might be ruled unconstitutional, dunno, but the VMA's are right up there with the gals on "The View", don't know why the stuff is so basic to the survival of the Republic. Here's hoping the rest of my day is agita-free.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hey, I'm getting some static here...

Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys to London's Observer: "I have auditory hallucinations, I hear voices saying derogatory things like I'm terrible and I'm going to die and they're usually worse in the afternoon."

Here's a thought, maybe there are people out there who are messin' with him.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

People are weird but practical

So anyway one of my local libraries has done an upgrade, 'bout time and you can now use one of their handful of computers by going to the reservation station if need be. The goal here is to be fair and reduce conflict idea being if you want a computer and it's being used you can silently bump that YouTuber or MySpacer off, may have to wait 10-15 minutes sometimes but this is a wee bit of a cross you'll have to bear. OK, so I'm heavily into my masturblogging today and the reservation station is right next to me and this young guy comes in and asks me how long I'll be so I go "What?" and go back to my blog, he continues to stand there and repeats the question and I go "What?" again and he inches a little closer and he's actually looking at what I'm doing. I go back like's he's invisible only to irk this particularly aggressive library stalker, he goes to get a librarian but I'm finishing up anyway because while I know there's alot of varied species in this pond called Humanity every once in a blue moon I have a problem with

Off-Center People

Now I've come across a few in my day and most of them are perfectly harmless, some are even quite popular and have their defenders who sure as hell outnumber me, who knows maybe Weird is in, dunno but ya wanna know something? I reserve the right to have an opinion. Getting back to the tale I was on the verge of saying to this yuppie thing in his dark blue sweatshorts "it's a nice day, why don't you go for a walk?" kind of put on my Dr. Mom hat you know but the moral of the story is technology is supposed to reduce conflict and stress in these areas and it's actually gotten worse in this place, folks are set in their old ways I guess, old dog-new tricks, leopards-spots. Now speaking of minor crosses mine to bear this Labor Day weekend was did somebody pass a law mandating that all music stations go with a 500 best song marathon? & why not a thousand while we're at it, why not include everyone like Vitamin C and that Graduation Song and Hey Macarena! You can't wait to go back to Finger Eleven.

A purely anecdotal, nonscientific study

Kind of dovetails nicely with my last blog but speaking just as ME, reminiscing you know, whenever times got rough, the piggy-bank busted era we all go through, conservative-minded folk have always helped me out far more than our liberal brothers and sisters. Now you'd expect the exact opposite, the "pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps-young-man" crowd to be the aloof ones, to turn a blind eye and give an indifferent shrug, to shoot a lunger at you while you're lying there in the gutter and yet...theories ~~ maybe the libs are so well-known now for their Big Heart, their compassion for the down-trodden so well-established that, reputations intact they don't really have to try anymore, it's all been "proven" so

"yeah, I really can't help you, sorry" (click)

OR it could be as Mark Shields recently said to wit "liberals need to be a little more tough and conservatives need to be a little more compassionate" but DUNNO

All I know is it was not incumbent on Obama to choose Hillary (or any woman for that matter) as his running mate so here's the Great Paradox, male liberals don't have to appoint women to key positions if they don't want to, their women's rights bona-fides are already beyond reproach but it's the conservatives who've seemed to have done all the heavy lifting of late. Reagan - Sandra Day O'Connor W- Condi Rice McCain - Sarah Palin.

I don't know what any of this means.

Our daily box of little crosses

Kris recently blogged about when our faith becomes dry, just going through the motions. For me I think a large part depends on the priest. It's like in high school you can have a teacher who's dry and rote or one who inspires and provokes. At last Sunday's mass the pastor gave an exceptional sermon the theme of which was the crosses we all bear every day and he made it a point that he wasn't talking about the Job-like stuff, major illness in the family or tragedy but the little things that crop up practically daily that irk and test our patience. He used the example of always it seems being behind some oblivious driver going 2 MPH or being on a supermarket checkout line that always has a problem, bad credit card, they have to get the key whatever. He also touched on those Protestant televangelists we see and his take is that what they're really preaching is the Gospel of Prosperity, accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and all this can be yours. In his view they don't teach the true gospel message of taking up your cross like Christ.

I'm glad I went to this mass and heard this particular priest, it will now make my week at work better at least in terms of putting it in perspective. For instance I was trained to do things in the kitchen and help on the counter only when absolutely necessary so this new young guy who has no idea of the structured plan here goes to me yesterday "oh, hiding from the customers again? you must really hate the front" and I'm like where in hell did that come from? it's what they want me to do, make stuff. Took a nice walk post-work and mulled over the words of the pastor and it breezed off. It's like a shoebox of little crosses only thing is you keep needing a few more boxes to keep all the stuff in, cigar boxes come in handy too. There's a yo-yo, there's some string, a couple of marbles and that person who lives inside your head. You have to deal with what I like to call the undertow (new z word here) and it's at Work and everywhere else for that matter, little resentments and grievances, social undercurrents and riptides that threaten to pull you under and upset your equilibrium. Well what can I say, some homilies are just a cut above the rest, they rock!

Sarah Palin

Dunno, she's pro-life but hip on other issues. McCain and his new VP pick, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, talk about government fighting for you and being on your side but this is not exactly talk about smaller government. That's swell that government be on our side, I wouldn't want it against me, but more importantly it needs to get out of the way. Government working for you, isn't this the, oh I don't know, the basic credo behind liberalism?