Thursday, August 29, 2013

Today's fast food protests and why I plan to eat at all three

Growing up I never went to work at a McDonald's, it just wasn't for me and I knew going in the pay was low. The pay is still rather low because Mickie D's is basically an entry-level job for teens and other young people first entering the job market. Other people however don't see it that way. The federal minimum wage is now at $7.25/hour and I've never made the case you could survive on the minimum but if you're 42 years old with or without kids why are you even working at a Wendy's or Burger King? Of course many people who have started at a McDonald's are now managing at a McDonald's but all this socialist unrest is not gonna cause me to eat less at any of the Big Three, in fact I think I'll go out later. Everybody has a political statement to make these days it seems and personally I much prefer to work it out through blogging rather than hitting the pavement and causing social disruptions. I'm not the bumper sticker type but I do break for animals.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Here's what I don't get about ObamaCare

I'm on record as being against it but having said that it seems to me ObamaCare has no teeth, no nails and so companies are being allowed to evade the Law. More and more businesses have decided to cut back on part-timers' hours to under 30/wk. so as to avoid the delayed but inevitable employer mandate. The year 2013 is a kind of lookback period after the mandate finally becomes fully implemented. Now it's obvious why these companies are doing this and the reason solely has to do with evading the employer mandate of ObamaCare. I haven't read the whole thing but seems to me this shouldn't be allowed, it should be illegal. Gov't auditors should then be able to look back at the corporate history of those companies now only recently cutting part-timers' hours to under 30/wk. and so there should be another penalty, a kind of backup penalty that kicks in if it is determined after a gov't investigation that the corporate motive at play here is to avoid having to provide health insurance to their employees working over 30 hours/wk. A Law has to be serious, just sayin'

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Eclectic News of the Day

Culled from different sources I thought these two items were interesting. Are you a sleep texter and in cryptozoological news there's this.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Chris Christie, gay politics and 016

I've heard of gay conversion therapy and feel folks should be legally able to freely choose it as their therapy of choice.  In NJ Gov. Chris Christie just signed a law banning the practice and the focus seemed to be parents choosing it for their children.  By my math Christie doesn't go very far in the Republican primaries in 016.  We already know he's not appealing to the more socially conservative base but he's also gonna turn off the more libertarian element in the party who'll see his actions as increasing the power of the State to direct parents re the moral and social upbringing of their children.  As usual Saty and BB will completely miss the point on this one and my smartphone should be burning up later.  Oh btw I had to abort Publius last night.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Obama, Egypt and what's a coup?

I'm confused about Egypt, they protested en masse against Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood and got rid of him, now that they got rid of him with the help of the Egyptian military others are now protesting en masse in support of Morsi. Of course before that everyone protested against Mubarak but seems they can't settle on a permanent leader over there. As everyone knows the Obama Administration esp. Sec'y of State John Kerry won't label it a coup as that would automatically cut off about $1.3B in foreign aid we give Egypt every year. As an aside where in hell does that money come from since we're in perpetual debt and deficit mode these days? Anyway the death toll continues to rise in the Arab Spring turned Red Summer with 275 dead a few days ago although the Brotherhood wrongly claims around 2,000. Mohammad Morsi was destroying basic freedoms like freedom of the press and dealt harshly with political protestors and yet a good slice of the right-wing commentariat seemed to want him to stay even though it was obvious he was turning this North African nation and pivot in the Middle East into an Islamist state. Well if you go back to the days of right-wing Chilean leader Augusto Pinochet many on the Right sometimes have a habit of turning the other way, he was a right-wing kind of dictator so I really don't take right-wing commentary on foreign policy all that seriously to begin with. Remember back in the day when Egypt was a fun topic and gave rise to a song by The Bangles and a skit by Steve Martin?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stop 'n' Frisk put on hold in NYC

My liberal gut instinct tells me Stop 'n' Frisk is wrong but my practical side sees it's also a highly effective police tool for reducing crime rates and getting guns off the streets. As you know Manhattan federal judge Shira Sheindlin has basically invalidated the NYPD's well-known and highly practiced stop and frisk program which has led to at least twenty years of markedly lower crime rates than under the David Dinkins administration. Judge Sheindlin also ordered a court-appointed monitor or overseer of the NYPD program and there's also to be a pilot program involving copcams worn on cops in one precinct in areas in every borough with the highest stop rates is my understanding although the PBA is gonna fight this rightfully saying imo that cops already have alot of gear on like mace and flashlights and this is only an extra and unnecessary encumbrance. Here's a complaint I hear alot about gangbangers in general, what's the deal with them and why do they have such notoriously bad aim? it'd be like the Mob going after Castellano outside the steakhouse but instead shooting an innocent grandmother in her rocking chair across the street. Anyway here's my overall view of these matters, when liberalism holds sway the crime rate goes up, way up. In short PC kills, think ChicagoLand.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Big Business Blog

Soapie has a problem with Big Government or maybe it's just government. BB has a problem with Big Business. I have a problem with Both. Where to begin?

Friday, August 09, 2013

Our technologically disoriented society

ABC News had an interesting segment a few nights back about the recent spike in pedestrians being killed by drivers. We usually blame the motorist but according to the report there are two primary reasons for more pedestrians getting killed. One is many of them the walkers that is are drunk and these fatalities often occur at night (Lindsay Lohan is ambidextrous in this regard, she's driven drunk and walked drunk). The other main reason is folks are walking while texting and not watching where they're going. I see this on a daily basis and not only that you're more likely to become a victim of crime imo while doing this. You're far less aware of your surroundings, your environment which is the first thing they teach you in self-defense courses. Say two black guys are following you, say two guys are following you they may want your wallet or they may even be after your smartphone. Anthony Weiner, alot of people miss the point here. It's not so much that he'd have sex with these women he's just addicted to the tweeting, the texting, the technology of it all. You know when you take a picture of something, say your cat or a birthday cake and you send it off into the wireless ether to wind up on Facebook or Twitter or even your blog? You're amazed at the technology of it all (I did that?) and you feel like you have some magical powers that folks 30 years ago didn't even have and so in some cases images of peckers are happily bouncing around between the cell phone towers. I also think people are paying far too much for their technological needs and not only that all this technology is making them exercise less, I mean how many things can you watch on your tablet? So that's it we're a nation of zombies:)

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Reflections on the 2016 GOP field

Chris Christie the apparent frontrunner - I'm not a fan as most conservatives are but there's a concern about his famous personality. It may work well in Jersey but I don't think he has the presidential temperament for the world stage. What is he gonna do tell foreign leaders off? Then there's the latest idea being bounced around of LI Rep. Peter King running. To me he has a touch of the opinionated loudmouth and imo he's not libertarian enough. He'll explain to you why we need the NSA looking through your tv screen into your living room let's say and if somebody leaks this much-needed gov't program they're a traitor and should have their balls deep-fried. Rand Paul the well-known KY libertarian - a longshot but the fave of one person around here. Isolationist foreign policy, would not try to stop most, make that all of the world's current genocides. Then there's the youngish and photogenic Sen. from FL Marco Rubio, would tap into the much-coveted Goya voting bloc but buena suerte in the primaries young man going up against all those GOP hardliners on immigration. Dunno, I'm not all that jazzed up about it all.

Monday, August 05, 2013

All things A-Rod

Banned until 2015. Probably has a shot in politics though.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

The narrow political focus of Obama Sucks

Some folks want me to narrow the focus of my blog down to Obama and the Scumbags. It is indeed a fucked up world but I don't know how to unfuck it. Dunno, what do you want to talk about? Snarky is good but don't just be a drive-by, stay awhile.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

The Ole Gray Lady, for my money the most biased paper in America

Media bias is often in the eye of the beholder but I think it's getting harder to deny. The homepage of my mobile browser has been revamped nicely and so I clicked on the NY Times mobile site and read this and there seemed a most definite skewing. The debate is not a new one and it's not really like I mind media bias just be upfront about it. If FOX swings to the Right and provides a kind of counterweight to the predominant leftward tilt of the press it would seem to be a good thing like a menu.  Media bias, why care?