Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's not race, the fact of the matter is...

...that when this country chose to elect a one-term junior Senator from Illinois and put him in the White House he was in effect Peter-Principled. He is now 49 years old so the question is can he unPeter-Principle himself? I don't think that's ever been done before, it goes against the Principle itself. Two and a half more years of PP'ing, at least look at the blogging material!!! For all you libs look on the bright side, Sarah Palin can be Peter-Principled too.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Progressive conservatism

Z said I should do a blog about this and not having much else to blog about these days besides Oil and maybe Lindsay Lohan it's a good idea. It's a term I used the other day in the Rand Paul discussion and it really means things like if we've made some social progress, in this case regarding race, then by all means just accept it. Don't go back and reargue the whole 1964 Civil Rights Act, Barry Goldwater is not the guiding force of the movement anymore. Progressive conservatism is meant to directly take on what I consider the drawbacks of libertarianism or rather extreme libertarianism. Some drawbacks of extreme libertarianism in my view:

(1) Free association means if you're a private establishment you have the right to discriminate against blacks (or anyone of your choosing). It's retro and backwards and definitely out-of-the-mainstream. It's an interesting intellectual point but ultimately folds in on itself. Libertarians are not big on civil rights, the rest of us got with the program a long time ago and have moved on. They're in a timewarp.
(2) The War on Drugs is somehow invalid in libertarian thought. No it's not and it's kind of murky if libertarians actually support drug use as a harmless recreational activity or simply it's legalization. The War on Drugs seems to conjure up alot of passion on their part but explain WHY it's invalid. The root of the anger at government over this is also interesting, is it as simple as you want to drop some acid? Not sure why the National Review has become a leader in this vanguard, maybe Wm. F. Buckley Jr. toked towards the end. Rich Lowry is usually more sensible than this.
(3) Pro-Life. Libertarians hate social conservatives and their concerns. This is why Barry Goldwater became testy in his old age towards the Right. They got no problem with starving the cognitively disabled to death as long as they're able to order Chinese and a pizza while they're visiting their aging uncle who is now on the ultimate diet and a burden on the family treasury. On the unborn they really really hate you and get all fidgety. They've no use for Pro-Life as there's no $$$$$$ involved, the only thing they seem to care about. They tend to be secular (tend?).

Those are just three items plucked at random. Even though they're not racists themselves their intellectual framework would allow racist practices to flourish. They have no problem with narcotizing the masses even if you have some LSD and PCP mind-bending mofos walking around. If you somehow make it past the birth process they'll deny you food and water in your old age or disabled state or allow others to do so (BUTT OUT!!!). Most of us here are libertarian to a point but our libertarianism is moderated and allows for other social and moral concerns. It's a blend as any successful recipe has to be, theirs is one ingredient. LIBERTY AT ALL COSTS has never really caught on though and despite the wide variety of political beliefs in this country theirs is as minority status as you can get though they somehow feel their influence is so important it should be more dominant within the party.

Progressive conservatism - Accepting racial progress, drugs are bad for society and it's better to have a pro-life culture to name but a few. Progressive conservatism, if the enemy does something good give him credit but as of this date the only good thing I can come up with (seriously) is when Obama gave the go-ahead to have those Navy snipers shoot the Somali pirates and that's going backaways. We can throw in progressive conservatism is by no means hawkish but not pacifist in nature either. We don't need anymore cowboy diplomacy but we don't need a president apologizing to our enemies either. Progessive conservatism is forward-looking and hopeful and it's a theme I'll have more to say on in the future.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

WTG Rand Paul!

Historic and landmark civil rights legislation has been bothering you for how long now? The new Republican winner of the KY primary recently told MSNBC that private businesses should not have to abide by civil rights laws. Rand, who has strong Tea Party support, is known as a libertarian kind of guy. Just when Republicans have finally shed the skin of a largely undeserved imo racial reputation


Pretty funkadelic. Rand reminds me of that quirky member of your extended family, some relative down the line, say some aunt who's visiting. You're all sitting on the patio conversating on a nice day and Mamie goes "Hitler was a very intelligent man." Now you don't exactly know what she means by that but she says it loud enough so the guy bbq'ing next door freezes just for a nanosecond in the midflip of a burger and you're like "Mamie, can you lower your voice? You're not exactly part of the mainstream."

I know someone here is gonna strongly object but anyone else really wanna jump on this here Bandwagon?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Maybe it's me but is Obama doing anything about the oil spill?

Seems to me he's just blaming BP and saying they have to bear the brunt of the cleanup. Is it still gushing forth? Do we need yet another angle to the movie again? Obama's inexperience is really beginning to show and lest you think this is political you could've had another president who wouldn't know what to do either. It's not so much Obama as this collective brain fog we're in. I see it at work, I see it on my day off, I see it wherever I go. Repeating myself but if the government can't CAP THE FUCKING THING ALREADY! then how are they going to handle your health care? Previously when I blogged about this I was accused of employing parabolic logic which would have it that Obama somehow caused the oil spill. That's the same parabolic logic that would have it that Bush was somehow a part of 9/11. The real issue is the Peter Principle as applied to government, basic incompetence at all levels going all the way up to the top. The Peter Principle states quite simply that every member of a hierarchy will rise to the level of his or her own incompetence and cuts across party lines (Bush/Katrina). It's not Bush, it's not Obama, it's not Republican, it's not Democrat. Peter is to blame. Now it's not like the thing just happened yesterday, we've had plenty of time to come up with solutions. An eco-disaster on Obama's watch, so how will environmentalists vote come 012?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scientology - dangerous cult or religious fad?

So what do you think of the sci-fis?

The sad story above predates Obama's Rise to Power as do alot of Other Bad Things. Yes we will on occasion explore some older topics here as it's not an Obamacentric Universe. Wondering too why so many Hollywood celebs today never gravitate towards the more traditional faith systems, it's either Kabbalah or Scientology these days. I guess Jesus never rode on a spaceship before, I mean how uncool is that? Tom Cruise is the best-known sci-fier, I just think he's naive but they all remind me of the creepy characters out of that Mel Gibson movie Edge of Darkness only instead of nuclear criminals you're dealing with a bunch of conspiratorial cultists. So how did such a weird religion catch on? BTW you are perfectly welcome to tie all of this in with Obama, I mean he is some kind of Omega dude isn't he?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Confiscatory taxation as a violation of the purpose of work

Dunno if Aristotle would say the things I'm about to say but I'm borrowing a very important concept of his and using it in my own way. Aristotle used a word, the telos, and basically what that means is the purpose or end of something. Teleology is the study of the nature, purpose and ends of things so what is the telos of work? For a very few it might be something aesthetic or emotional but let's go out on a limb here and say for the majority of us work means to be able to have food, clothing and shelter. As soapie likes to point out it's a means to an end at least for most of us.

The Problem With Overwork

Let's say I with my normal 35 or 40 hour workweek have enough to procure the basic necessities of life. I'm not living high on the hog like King Henry VIII throwing ham hocks over my shoulder but I am now able to afford adequate food, clothing and shelter. Now let's say I have a workaholic boss who wants me to go over, work alot of OT well then that violates the telos or purpose or end of work for me. Those extra hours and that extra work go far beyond fulfilling what I consider to be the telos of work as it relates to me. Now somebody else might look upon those extra hours as an opportunity. Now the telos as it relates to him or her is to be able to afford more food and clothing and to pay off and secure more of that shelter but the problem with the modern Work State is that the telos of work applies differently to different people. Just because you want to work like a Mexican shouldn't mean I have to.

So Where Does the Idea of Income Taxes Come From?

Having settled upon a workable definition of the nature and purpose of work or the telos of work I'm gonna go a little further out on that limb here and venture that for the majority of us the purpose or end of work does not include giving part of our earnings which we contracted for with a second party and forking it over to the government to do with as they see fit, no way. Giving various percentages of our earnings to the government in the form of taxes in order to redistribute the fruits of the sweat of your brow is a new definition of the telos of work and could only have been invented by a liberal (try Karl Marx) but it certainly isn't the original purpose or end of work as commonly understood.

So the problem or issue with work for many of us is twofold: we are working longer hours and doing more and harder work to please others (e.g. the boss, the company) when that extra work may go against the telos of work for us but more importantly confiscatory taxation is violating the principle of work for everyone regardless of individual work ethics. Now we just mentioned that the reason many folks are willing to work those extra shifts is to help pay off the mortgage or put their kids through college let's say so if it's mutual the telos of work has not yet been violated but let's say you're a bus driver and happily put in a 60+ hour workweek anticipating your next paycheck but then see that a good chunk of that extra income just went to the government well then the purpose or end of work has been seriously violated. One of the basic differences between conservatives and liberals is that conservatives get the concept of telos more certainly as it relates to work whereas liberals expand the telos of work to include more on their social agenda and that is because conservatives and liberals see the purpose or end of government, the telos of government as being two very different things and that is the subject of our next lecture. For your assignment......

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rigatoni Gorgonzola - a fine summer salad

Boil three boxes of Mezze Rigatoni (that's the smaller rigatoni). I like Barilla as it holds up well. Boil for 8-10 minutes or whatever the instructions call for. Personally I'm not into al dente but just go slightly past al dente, you certainly don't want your pasta overboiled and mushy. Cool the pasta off in a colander or strainer under cold running water. Now get yourself a nice big mixing bowl and add 2 or 3 cans of medium black pitted olives and 2 or 3 of those small containers of baby tomatoes you see in the produce department. Get yourself a nice red Vidalia onion but don't dice it, slice it up and throw it in. You should be able to find the gorgonzola cheese in crumble form in any of the finer delis at the cheese island. If they're out of gorgonzola your average blue cheese works perfectly fine as a substitute as it has a similar gustatory effect and they're all from the same family anyway. Make sure you put enough cheese in there. Put a decent amount of Italian dressing in the bowl, put on your latex or vinyl gloves and mix well. If it's your preference you can spritz on some dill weed.

Serves 3-5 (or one fat person)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Was Jesus a liberal?

This is really a Dave Miller thread. I just might watch Beth and Dave from the grandstands for 3 innings or so as I enjoy my piss-warm beer and overpriced hot dog.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nothing else matters

I feel this way about Pro-Life. The idea for this blog has been gnawing at me for some time now and I expressed it once before and it is this: let's say conservatives got everything they ever dreamed of and then some but that abortion and euthanasia were still the law of the land and was to be forevermore for me at least this would be a spiritually empty victory. In fact I feel so strongly about this that it is reason enough for me to stop blogging since what good is talking about all the other stuff if we don't have a pro-life culture first? For me it's as if having a pro-life society would free us up to consider more fully and less distractedly these other important parts of the conservative agenda but without this what good is all the rest? For the record I will continue to blog probably until the day the Good Lord calls me home but am just emphasizing how passionate some of us are about the issue.

Nothing else really matters if you have an event that in pro-life terms is such a tragedy, a kind of moral catastrophe and this may or may not help to explain the mystery of the "retired" bloggers or at least some of them, not everything at your heart's core gets expressed in print, and speaking for myself I've often considered not blogging or retiring from blogging since the pro-life issues are so much on the back-burner these days. I mean how can we even talk about Obama the Socialist let alone concentrate fully on this issue and others like it when as I said there's been so many recent horrors on the pro-life front?

I really think there needs to be something so newsworthy in pro-life terms, some event so positive and of such moral magnitude that it will rock us back to our collective senses, make us rethink our attitudes towards the unborn, the disabled and the elderly, the poor, the downtrodden, the voiceless, the totally vulnerable among us. To continue on this pro-abortion/pro-euthanasia arc is so depressing that what good is all the rest of what we ever dreamed or fantasized about if we still continue down this destructive course?

Today's blog is simply a lament, to explain a thorn that's been in my side for awhile now before I continue to blog about the Other Important Issues of the Day. It's just something for your consideration.

Friday, May 14, 2010

A little Brokeback action (USMC)

'Tis an olde subject but it's kinda come up again with Elena Kagan's nomination to the SCOTUS by the POTUS. As dean of Harvard Law she refused to have any military recruiting on campus due to the military's "don't ask don't tell" policy but if you were to corner me and ask me pointblank


should gays be allowed to serve in the military or to put it another way to serve in stupid wars I'd have to go with a YES but there is an aspect of this issue that has gone over my head for years now. How exactly does the subject of one's sexuality come up anyway in such a situation?

Gay Man: "...oh btw I like to (MAD-lib like crazy here folks)"
ROTC officer: "Huh?"

Friend of mine said with all these people bashing gays they're living weird lives themselves. Millions of red-blooded hetero men now rent porn by the boatload and looking over at my labelling system I notice that I have mentioned porn close to 50X now. Well something that makes the sex act into something retarded bears discussion simply for the sheer fun of it (do people really have sex this way?) but where I have a problem with Kagan is she should have let the ROTC do their thing. Only a pure and total ideologue would have raised this to some type of moral offense of the 1st Magnitude. Now I hardly ever harp or carp on song lyrics but there's been some little ditty on the radio lately I've been meaning to mention.

"It's a quarter after 1, I'm a little drunk and I need you now" (Lady Antebellum)

Talk about a blueprint for a responsible encounter! Again folks I'm not really into microanalyzing songs the way those Christian fundies do but this is a stupid song. Could as well have been "it's a quarter after 1, I'm on crack and I need you now". Ya got your future unplanned pregnancy here, maybe some warts in the nether regions and I think this is what Kelly Clarkson was alluding to when she recently said there's alot of stupid song lyrics out there by some pretty well-known people. I'll second that Kelly in an oblique sort of way.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

......other cogitations......

Got alot of stuff in my notes, little things (should I really say that?) that I've been trying to form into some type of coherent blog but kept putting it off. Insights and mental meanderings now at least two or three weeks old, either use 'em now or throw 'em out, so basically I thought it better to just lay the snacks all out on a table and let people pick. There's a little port wine cheese over there.

Trending - if you look at who's trending most days we're not a very intelligent country. This doesn't bode well.
Obsession - seems to be a cultural theme of late but it's not so much the obsession that bothers you, it's that the wrong person is obsessed with you. They don't enter into your fantasies but if I can get that gal back from my first job I'd say Life has some Meaning. As it is now it's all random.
Softball - I didn't know lesbians were so big on softball, honestly I didn't. I thought I was up on things but I remember going to a few softball games where my cousins, yes my strapping male cousins were involved. Who knows maybe they were gay too? I really need to get out more.
Tiger Woods - so his golf game seems to be suffering. Basically it's because he needs SEX and he needs it now. Sure he can still technically have sex with the missus......maybe......but that'd be a necro kind of deal. He pretty much went cold turkey on this one and his chastity belt is the whole world watching. The more Tiger Woods becomes St. Augustine the more his golf game will suck. Sex became his way of life, get milk get eggs have sex, and you're basically...well you get the point.
Cooking - so what happens when top-notch male chefs are called upon to make something like seafood pastry puffs? Talked about this with a chef once, they're all in the kitchen and talkin' manly stuff like the Big Game last night, their girlfriends ("yeah she started to eat out my *hole" - btw this is made up) and all the while they're making faggot food.
People who are always wonderful - woman at work whenever somebody asks her how she's doing it's never just ok or fine but WONDERFUL. So how could somebody be WONDERFUL, GREAT all the time??? Ran this by another woman who's been around the block a few times herself, her explanation - "it's a coverup."
This past tv season - American Idol has been forgettable but 24 hasn't. It's back in top form and that torture scene with Jack and the assassin of his girlfriend, Jack using a blowtorch on his wounds and the Pavel guy still says "yes I killed your bitch" and then the return of President Charles Logan. Next Monday night between 9 and 10, hold all calls.

The Smaller Gov't Test

by not voting.

Now let's say Bob Smith is a rock-ribbed all-American Republican so we all get on the Bob Smith Bandwagon, blog in his favor etc. Bob Smith is such a stud. Now here's the basic problem or dilemma for the libertarian -- whomever you pull the lever for in November, your local city councilman, your state guy or gal, your Senator or Representative in the Congress you are voting to put a legislator into office and what is the primary function of a legislator pray tell?? well it's not to repeal laws (that Barry Goldwater fantasy) but to pass them. Now if you're like me we have enough laws already, strike that if anything we have way too many. Got this brand new cast-iron pan at Bed, Bath & Beyond a few days ago, Emeril-Ware if I may plug that, and yesterday got that baby nice and hot and seared a couple of nice old salmon steaks in there and time comes when you stick a fork in that baby and say MG she's done! Same thing with our system of government or laws, the F'n thing is done, anything else is gilding the lily. So basically for your true libertarian voting for even a Republican makes absolutely no sense. Whether Democrat or Republican I'm voting for what? a lawmaker, now why would I do that? Now Beth just blogged that we are a nation of laws and they say that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Yes it is if you have too many of them. We've tried everything else, why not try the libertarian experiment?

Friday, May 07, 2010

A list of nasty questions but they have to be asked

The following is a deliberately generic and polemical statement about libs as a collective group and do not represent my own views or not necessarily so or, strike that, they do seem to make some sense when I'm in my more visceral conservative mood but of course left-wingers come up with their own lists all the time about US so basically it's a goose/gander thing.

Liberals hate:

the country
the Constitution

DO these negative principles inspire and animate them? I would say of the entire list I can state with complete confidence that liberals hate Tradition. To them the Past is evil (e.g. racist, sexist, homophobic) and I think even they would agree here. Very little good about the Past and that's where we all came from, the Dark Cave of the Past. The intrepid liberal is here to rescue us, "I now pronounce you man and man." Are libs anti-American? Now McDonald's and Coca-Cola are prime slices of Americana, a Norman Rockwell America and you can make a rather loose case that libs because they seem to have a thing about McDonald's and Coca-Cola are anti-American but it's a loose case at best, suggestive of some underlying animus and of course Obama when he globetrots is always apologizing for, well America. Liberty is the whole package, freedom/capitalism and Obama saying there comes a point in time when he thinks CEOs have made enough money well that's like having one foot out of the closet with a pink slipper and a turquoise toenail. Life here means well life as in the life of the Unborn, the life of the disabled, the life of the elderly and makes you wonder whether pro-choice is really anti-life, I mean why are they so hardcore on the issue? The Constitution - now I get some of the criticisms of the original intent movement, when brando is not being insulting he's ok in the smarts dept. but at what point in time does the Constitution become so fluid and elastic that you may as well wipe your ass with it?

Let me put it in Stephen Hawking terms for you. Are libs anti-matter, are they the dark stuff of the Universe?

Thursday, May 06, 2010

I wasn't going to blog about her again but have to say something

It's all good, nothing like a robust debate and so Saty and I have this thing going on about Terri Schiavo. Now to recap when Terri collapsed in the early morning hours of Feb. 25, 1990 her potassium level of 2.0 was dangerously low as Saty has amply pointed out. May or could have have somehow changed into this is indeed what caused her collapse and subsequent brain injury, somehow some have bridged the chasm from plausible argument to established fact while the rest of us are still struggling on the footbridge trying not to look down. Now to lay all our cards on the table much of the information I discuss comes from Mark Fuhrman's excellent imo book Silent Witness - The Untold Story of Terri Schiavo's Death (Wm. Morrow - 2005) which is what happens when you don't have an advanced nursing degree but am up to the challenge and ya gots ta bone up on this stuff. Anyway in Fuhrman's book he lays out the theory that Terri could have had her carotid blood flow impeded by some external force (ok ok we're not talking about a piano falling on her) and in such a specific situation there may not be alot or any throat damage at all and there may or may not be what are known as petechial hemorrhages (ok that's House territory and we'll save it for the comments section). So basically as is well known by now I am not the president of the Michael Schiavo Fan Club so I lean more towards Furhman's theory (or one of his theories as he doesn't really ultimately conclude anything in the book) and Saty in her most recent blog on the subject comes to the conclusion that any speculating or theorizing on possible criminal elements in the case is a moot point at best since again that potassium level was so damn critically low that that's the only thing that really matters so here's the thing:

First even she used words like "may" or "could have", we really don't know if it did but my larger point is this. For many years now I've had the problem of high-blood pressure, Terri had this problem with her potassium level at least around the time she collapsed and so Saty sees this as a weak argument and contradictory, even melodramatic on my part but here's the thing: a person could be in poor health or even very poor health and still be the victim of a crime. I'm now taking medication for the blood pressure but I might hasten to add in all the years I've had high-blood pressure (not through the roof but high enough) I never suffered a heart attack although maybe I should have......high-blood pressure, low potassium levels, too much sodium, not enough sodium, not eating enough fruit, this that and the other thing, many of us are not in optimum health but we go to work everyday so why am I blogging about all this? because basically I hate boredom and love a good challenge and Saty is presenting that. She falls into that category of what Patrick M recently referred to in his own blog as those smart left-wingers who are harder to, yes DESTROY and who have boatloads of facts and statistics on their side but I don't believe you can use Occam's Razor to shave the arguments down. I much prefer my Gillette 5-blader with the swivel head and aloe strip. AND I promise my next blog won't be about Terri Schiavo.

( )

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The #1 Rule of Cooking

We're all aware of places people eat out that cut corners and if we aren't then Gordon Ramsay's "Kitchen Nightmares" has brought that home. You see it all the time, you'll walk into a supermarket let's say and see on the hot table some gangster meatloaf, some gangster spinach lasagna rolls that have already been in the packout section and are expiring that day, some overdone gangster chicken, gangster mac & cheese, gangster turkey burgers. So some hapless soul will get a little diarrhea, it ain't gonna kill you. You hope nobody will notice, it's Thuganomics but a really good chef friend of mine gave me an important piece of advice one day, he's a proud Culinary Institute of America grad and you could say it's the #1 Rule of Cooking -- If you're not willing to put it in your own mouth don't have somebody else put it in theirs.

That's what she said to me.

I'm in a police state of mind

I didn't feel it obligatory to do a blog on the Times Square car bomber wannabe. Didn't know which way to go with it, do I call Eric Holder a dick? but they seem to be on top of things rounding up people real fast over there in Pakistan and the culprit turned out to not be a teabagger so disappointment all around. Much has been said about the new Arizona law dealing with illegal brown people and there's been some tweaking of the new law by Republican Governor Jan Brewer but ask yourself do you really want to live in a police state?? Now I've blogged about this before but it's apropos and the story I'm about to relate (again) does not technically mean we're living in some sort of police state, more like an overzealous state trooper who wants to kick some ass but it gives you a flava, just a sampling mind you so I'll repeat it. A few years ago I was going up the line to the Danbury Fair Mall in Connecticut to get some Xmas shopping under my belt. I live in the Big YO btw and from Yonkers to there is just under a 100 miles but anyway I like going there and so I'm on my way back and stop at the Bedford Rest Area on I-684 to take a leak. So it's a rather nice day for December what with the global warming and all and I'm sitting there on the park bench drinking my soda pop when a young NY State Trooper approaches me. Wasn't the 7ft. big black guy with the 10-gallon hat interrogating some young woman going a wee bit too fast but some white dude with the usual sturdy build of a trooper (somewhere there's GOTTA be a gay porn movie about these guys). Anyway he asks me what I'm doing there and I go "is there a problem?" He told me there have been many complaints lately about people drinking beer, smoking pot and having intercourse in the woods in this here rest area -- "which path do I take?" -- but the whole experience made me kind of heeby-jeebyish like I didn't have a right to go up these parts and I should have stayed down in Yonkers where I belong. It'd be like if when you were a kid your mother said to you "what are you doing down in the backyard so much? What's down there?" Now I can understand if I had that I-wanna-uncork-one-right-now look and was rubbing up against a tree but the other thought occured to me is I'm white and he's supposed to leave me alone, what's up with dat?

If you're a student of the culture as I am ya gotta ask yourself sometimes when you're in a movie rental place and pass the adult area why do porn producers go out of their way to make their product look sleazy? I mean here's an industry that says they get no respect, they're aiming for Art and you'll see some DVD box with say Farmer Joe Productions proudly featured on the top with a pig's face with a grin. Why not just have a pouch in the back of the DVD holder with a poncho in it? Was at my bro's recently and he showed me this old Italian love letter from 1916 he found in an attic somewhere and the translation starts to read "To my dearest Larissa, I miss you..." Nowadays it's I wanna grab your ass. I was in the Palisades Mall earlier today and in the Men's Room in the stall somebody took a red magic marker and grooved the tiles to spell out in big bold letters CUNT. Well isn't that special. What to do on a Saturday night? been there, done that. Why not go to the Bedford Rest Area?


Monday, May 03, 2010

Will the oil spill become President Obama's Katrina?

& it really doesn't matter if it's fair or not, just that it happened on his watch and the buck has to stop with someone. One thing it shows if we need more proof is government is inefficient, even downright incompetent at solving major problems. Turns out 200,000 gallons of oil gushing out into the Gulf of Mexico every day may have been a conservative estimate and there's talk this may be worse than the Exxon Valdez. Dead sea turtles have already been washing up on shore, I got a problem with that. Long story short do you really want them in charge of your health-care too?