Monday, April 30, 2012

Obama's OBL playing card

I didn't think he'd do it, I mean even though I'm not surprised.  I'm talking of course about the ad on the one-year anniversary of whatever happened to Osama bin Laden and would Mitt Romney have done the same thing when he's on the record as saying we shouldn't spend billions of dollars and move heaven and earth to find one man.  Yeah that ad touting the fact that President Obama gave the go-ahead to take bin Laden out.  For me that'd be on a par with (dated allusion follows) "I did Marilyn Monroe."*  Sure you're proud of it but true class dictates you don't talk about it, no need to it's on the record and folks can weigh it accordingly and the second thing is for Obama to even play the OBL card means to me his accomplishments during his first term are so weak and/or controversial that he has to fall back on this but again I would have thought ultimately he'd listen to conventional political wisdom which simply dictates Don't Go There.  You know I still have people come up to me saying they don't think bin Laden's really dead and my Dad who served in the Navy during WWII says you don't give the world's most wanted terrorist who was responsible for the loss of almost 3,000 American lives a dignified and solemn burial-at-sea so even his greatest historical accomplishment somehow didn't follow the correct script.

* I wanted to update my point with a more modern celebrity but it's tough, Lindsay Lohan or Lady Gaga?  MM is legendary so the writer has to go with this.  Kardashian?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Beavers making a comeback in Westchester County NY

As I blogged about in the past there used to be a healthy beaver population behind the old UPS plant in Elmsford NY, that'd be part of the Saw Mill River but don't really know their current status since it's been awhile since my Dad took us as kids to see them busy at work.  Googling the subject recently there was one spotted a few years back in the Bronx River downaways possibly looking for a mate, got a writeup in the Times and I did watch a YouTube video of one in one of the lakes in the Blue Mountain Reservation in Peekskill which I hike alot.  Anyway today is my day off and it's a beautiful one, sunshiny and cool and nippy with a good breeze so parked along a stretch of the North County Trail in Yorktown Heights in upper Westchester County, it's right there on 35 just past the Amawalk Reservoir before you enter town.  I was walking in aways and noticed part of the paved bike path quite flooded in spots and there were about five sandbags down.  I noticed this about a week ago too and it was unusual in that we've been having a drought of late, reservoirs at no more than 90% capacity but today I saw that someone, probably the DEP put up a sign saying "Caution - Do Not Walk on Beaver Dam" and there it was in all its glory, at least two beaver dams made of various size twigs and branches and mud and that's what's been causing the stream to flood and slowly turn into a small pond.  The users of the trail which is quite popular here don't seem to mind and everyone seems to be accomodating to the beavers though I've yet to see one here.  It's a slice of heaven in these parts, a real tonic for your nerves and every now and then you need a magical moment like this.  BTW went home yesterday early afternoon and just got out of my car when a fancy maroon sedan with a chauffeur pulled up, the back door opened and a fine British gentleman in a suit asked me a set of three questions - "where is (a certain local address nearby)?", "where is the nearest cemetery?" (I gave him an answer but kinda muffed it, there was a closer one nearby but I'm lousy with spontaneous directions) and finally "where do you go to register a birth?"  I can understand the first question but the three in toto were oddballs especially going from birth to death and if anything it stimulates the mind on an otherwise boring day when you're getting ready to go in late for work.  Should I get all conspiratorial about it?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ted Nugent is like your brother-in-law from hell

You may have to interact with him from time to time but he'll drag you down.  He causes the big family blowup and then sits in his darkened little bedroom with the hockey game on all Charles Manson-like, you don't know how exactly but he caused the whole thing.  He's the guy you take fishing with the idiot mouth like the time I was fishing in the Kensico/Rye Lake Reservoir in a rowboat one day and we passed these two nice girls sunbathing on a rock and yeah it would've been nice to stay in the area and angle a bit, maybe strike up a conversation but I just kept rowing and rowing away from the area and normally I wouldn't do that but I knew what could come out of the guy's mouth, some nice stream of pottyisms and you'd be like I just picked him up he's just some homeless guy I'm taking to the highway on the other side.  I don't understand these efforts at minor endorsements, I mean why not Romney going after Danny Bonaduce's support as well? get Kardashian's endorsement too in your back pocket I mean who the hell is Henry Kissinger anyway?  Nugent which sounds like a candy bar, no he doesn't threaten the President he'll just say things like he'd like to sautee his testicles and when the Social Service finally comes around when they're not whoring that is it was all meant figuratively speaking of course and crack open his skull come November in a figurative political sense and......The Fringe, it's time to lop 'em off, send 'em off into Space and orbit the Earth which reminds me I just saw the most interesting NOVA program on the Sun's corona last night:)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I want my Secret Service men like Jason Statham in Transporter 1, you can't seduce the guy

You know there are certain jobs for alot of reasons where you should not frequent the prostitutes, nothing to do with personal morality and btw I don't know how Jay Carney keeps doing his thing. You know if this had happened during the Clinton Administration it would kinda make sense and then there's the 800 bucks. I just bought a nice DVD player at K-Mart for less than the $47 offered by the SS agent and I would imagine Secret Service guys make a fair salary so dunno how they had a problem with the rate for the services rendered. In parts of Colombia the 'hos are legal but saw some photos in the paper yesterday and I'd kinda steer clear of them. Of course maybe you have Ted Nugent on the brain and would prefer to discuss that. Now your #1 job is to protect the president, it's your main reason for existence and you can't be distracted for even a split second and you're doing what again and not only that but not even with a world-class escort kind of gal who has been thoroughly vetted by security? just a common street walker who could be a member of al-Qaeda or worse part of the VRWC? Save getting your rocks off for your next officially scheduled vacation, uncork a few in the meantime but there needs to be a thorough cleaning of the house here and oh btw I'm not in any way blaming this on Obama, I'll leave that to others. Opine at will:)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Will the Hilary Rosen remarks rise to the occasion?

By which I mean will she get the Rush treatment? I never really heard of this chick before as I usually don't watch CNN except when they have it on it seems all the time on the big Akai screen when I'm in the waiting room at the doctor's office and even then I'm not really paying attention ("just tell me when I'm gonna die doc!") but CNN commentator Hilary Rosen said about Ann Romney the wife of Mitt Romney: "Ann Romney has never actually worked a day in her whole life" this despite Ann Romney having raised five kids. Echoes of the other Hillary and chocolate-chip cookies and it seems to be a deeply-rooted feminist theme firmly stuck in their subconscious this business of the Stay At Home Moms (how dare they!). When Rush called Sandra Fluke a slut and a prostitute it was The Most Evil Thing Ever Said (well the I-man once said nappy-headed 'hos so it's a tossup here) and libs are still talking about it or let me put it this way they haven't forgotten it and payback is a bitch. I actually find the Rosen comments somewhat more offensive but that's just me. Now President Obama and many assorted Democratic figures have rightly denounced and distanced themselves from the Rosen remarks and good for them, I've no complaint but that's not what I'm talking about here but rather will it have staying power? will it become a kind of weekslong obsession with calls for boycotts and other delectable punishments? In short will she get Rushed?

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, spinning out of control

As you know by now Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey has brought Murder 2 charges against the shooter of Trayvon Martin. Even Trayvon's Mom said she believes her son's death was a kind of tragic accident at the hands of George Zimmerman a way overzealous and quite possibly racially charged neighborhood watchman. Now for the bulk of this case I've taken what you can call the "liberal" side for lack of a better word but 2nd degree Murder is way out of whack, some type of manslaughter charge would have been much more appropriate and it's my opinion that Ms. Corey will eventually run for some type of office down there in the Sunshine State and she wants this high-profile case. So what we have here is maybe a second travesty of justice and it's a damn shame IMO. A word about guns, I'm not a fan of 'em even though I'm a conservative. They make me nervous and yes I understand the 2nd Amendment but I think there's many many people out there who don't know how to use them responsibly, to exercise proper judgement and restraint and this goes for licensed gun owners who've been "properly" trained. One lesson - public pressure is fine, it's our right and constitutionally protected but it doesn't always lead to the right outcome:)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Obama Platform is what exactly?

I mean when things finally get down and dirty between him and Mr. Romney what is it shaping up to be or to put it another way why is it self-evident we should reelect the man? He can't run on the strength of his first term because there wasn't any at least that's not the word that comes to mind I'm sure even among his most ardent supporters. His main achievement would seem to be health-care reform and a majority of Americans are hardly behind him on that one so should he push it even if the SCOTUS strikes him down? He can always trot out of course the OBL Card but even here that video the news networks keep showing of bin Laden talking and the other one of him watching the boob tube wearing a wool cap looks like some B-actor out of a bad spoof (he found time to watch porn too?), too SNLish to have the gravitas of a world-master terrorist at work and maybe if I were the networks I'd keep it in the can. There's Obama's race to consider naturally and the nostalgia born from the historic and emotional moment of this country finally electing the first black president hasn't worn off and this is understandable, it was a good moment historically and it's like you want Tiger Woods back in the game. You can make the case that he played a major role in Khadafy's demise but even here he has been pretty much laid back on Syria and the regime of Bashar al-Assad. I believe at last count the death toll there of the citizenry stands like 9,000 or something so maybe when it reaches 10,000 he'll get off his duff. Taken as a whole, snowballing it altogether is all this reason enough for those who voted for him the first time to do so again? Of course for Shaw et al. it's a no-brainer but why would you not have a Democratic primary season especially when your main guy is so weak? My Dad who served in the Navy during WW2 and is as rock-ribbed conservative as they come said to me one day Hillary would've been a far better president than Obama. All you liberals out there make the case here because I'm not getting this one, it's way over my head:)

Thursday, April 05, 2012

In a weird way I kinda agree w/Obama

Conservatives have said the President is "threatening" the Supreme Court on health-care reform but Obama is saying here in effect why are the courts the most powerful branch of the US government? Now I oppose ObamaCare myself especially the part about the individual mandate but I'm confused by conservatives' newfound love for the SCOTUS. I mean weren't tons of books written and speeches given on the Supremes having too much power over the will of the people on the various contentious social and political issues of the day Roe being the classic example of course but also affirmative action and so on down the line? When I went to the Mount in the Bronx and I always remember this in History class we learned and it was right there in the textbook that we have or are supposed to have 3 co-equal branches of the Government - legislative to pass the laws, executive to enforce the laws and judicial to interpret those laws, a kind of checks-and-balances system. I don't like the health-care but I find myself kinda agreeing with the President philosophically here. Apparently I'm in the minority though as usual:)

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

So why can't liberals give Bush the Obama treatment?

You see this is why I HATE politics, it all boils down to you hate our president and we'll hate your president. Political debate in this country is still in its infancy, nothing new but browsing through some left-wing blogs here the other day the main point seems to be we're not giving President Obama a fair shake. We're not basing our POVs on Fact and we're blaming him for things he really has no control over like high gas prices and how he deals with foreign affairs. Basically we just hate the man and deep down we probably don't like blacks. OK ok ok I get it but by the same logic liberals need to go back and retract some of the things, many of the things they said about Bush. That'd be Bush Jr. of course but why complain about our treatment of Obama now but we shouldn't complain about their treatment of President Bush then? Politics seems solely based on emotion these days but look I'm gonna take them up on their offer to go easy and cut some slack where justified for the current president ONLY if they go back and take back some of the things said about Mr. Bush.


So as I was saying I can't stand President Obama because......

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Confession on Monday, Easter Mass on Sunday

Yesterday in the Archdiocese of NY confessions could be heard from 3-9PM (sounds like alot of my workshifts lately). Anyways alot of folks went, many of them older folks naturally and so did my folks so that's quite a long timespace between yesterday and the Easter Vigil, alot can happen between now and then so why not make it closer at least? You can lose your temper especially among the married, you can overindulge in the drink and you can look at a leg not your significant other's. Go to Confession at the beginning of the week and stay clean until at least Saturday night, reminds me alot for some reason of dieting. Then in the church bulletin they had a literal two page guide to an examination of conscience with a list of questions that left no stone unturned and I'm like if you follow each and every item faithfully you're a rare individual indeed, a living saint, the 1%. Even if one isn't lustful or greedy chances are they gossiped or swore or spoke ill of the boss and there's newer ones that were never in the old catechism like did you help out the poor? Like my brother says people sin all week and then on Sunday they take their souls to the cleaners only this is the reverse, s'pose on the Monday after Easter folks will be a little lax. So did you take your Soul to Detox?