Thursday, April 30, 2009

I normally could care less about beauty pageants

They have that rep for being shallow you know but this whole Carrie Prejean thing, the Miss USA runner-up from California and her comments on gay marriage. Well I did a simple google search to find out exactly what she said to cause such a ruckus and I'm like you couldn't be more temperate, mild and polite not to mention honest. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton asked a simple question to which she gave a simple response and if Perez would just take a Q-tip and clean the sperm out of his ear he'd see that. Here's where pageant officials are being hypocritical, they don't like her being so openly political they said in a transparent statement but let's say she had come out in support of gay marriage, I just think it's not her being political that really bothers folks but rather her politics per se. Sheesh you can't say anything these days, I just wish they'd all get on that giant rocket phallus-ship to the Moon or something. Perez called her a bitch on his blog but be that as it may I'm with Camille Paglia on this, I don't buy into this whole gay male exclusivity thing, never did. Beyonce and Britney are playing nude volleyball on a beach against Jessica Alba and Tyra Banks, her stalker's there watching but you ain't? oh but Antonio Banderas is in the buff outside on the veranda of his nice Spanish villa, Castillian breezes in his hair, thing flopping around and he's puffing on a Cohiba and you're a-go? Political correctness has to go sooner or later, may as well start the rollback now, good a time as ever. Rock on Carrie!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Maybe if she were less worried about Michael Savage

and more concerned with the earliest stages of the swine flu, Napolitano of DHS that is. If there are deaths in this country or many deaths related to whatever this is it will reflect badly on the Obama Administration, fair or unfair it will reflect. We're supposed to be a few eras beyond Typhoid Mary and for any administration official to say we ought to resign ourselves and expect a few deaths, well you just don't go there. I wanna go in my old age in a rowboat with a fishing rod in my hands and my dog dozing off half hanging over the side like in that Norman Rockwell painting and not at the hands of some disease that our government couldn't get a handle on in time because it was politically incorrect to do so (Mexico, illegals). House, he would know what to do.

He's 79, why doesn't he just retire?

Rep. Sen. from PA Arlen Specter, now a Dem. No great political analysis here, I leave that to others but from what people are saying it ain't hard to figure. He's a cancer survivor to boot so I never got this work 'til you drop philosophy. I work now 'cause I have to but when the time comes I won't go over. When you love work that much you confound God, work was supposed to be a curse from the time of Adam, you're not getting it. Specter says the extremes have taken over both parties so why switch to the other one? I don't find the story all that jazzy but maybe McCain can give 'em that filibuster-proof majority, who knows?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An awards show I'd like to see

"Thank you for your contribution in destroying the culture."

Could be a two-hour Emmys/Oscars kind of thing on NBC on a Sunday night, full fanfare extravaganza so these folks get properly honored and acknowledged. The video store owner with the necro tape, a special award for the makers of those serial killer trading cards, Faces of Death - the monkey episode, maybe Quentin Tarantino did something. Respected scientists and universities who are STILL pushing the benefits of acid...oh let's see the show might run a little bit over. A Lifetime Achievement Award for Madonna, put that in the middle. Am I leaving anybody out?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Al Gore on Capitol Hill

"Climate change legislation has the moral equivalence of the civil rights struggle of the 1960s."

HUH? Even the most avid ecos don't make this argument. Is a tree a person? Al Gore has always been a bit......otherworldly. He's either nuts or has a higher spiritual understanding of these things than the rest of us but I'm gonna go with flakey for now.

Friday, April 24, 2009

When is the guy gonna croak already?

An AP dispatch from Havana the other day, Fidel snaps olive branch:

"Fidel Castro says President Obama 'misinterpreted' his brother Raul's remarks regarding the United States and bristled at the suggestion that Cuba should free political prisoners.
Cuban President Raul Castro touched off speculation last week that the United States and Cuba could be headed toward a thaw after 50 years of hostile relations.
The speculation began when Raul said Cuban leaders would be willing to sit down with their US counterparts and discuss 'everything, everything, everything,' including human rights, freedom of the press and expression and political prisoners.
Obama responded at the Summit of the Americas by saying Washington seeks a new beginning with Cuba. He also called on Havana to release political prisoners and reduce remittances from the United States.
That appeared to enrage Fidel, 82, who wrote in an essay published yesterday that Obama, 'without a doubt, misinterpreted Raul's declarations.' The ex-dictator, who remains Communist Party chief, sneered that Obama had no right to dare suggest that Cuba make even small concessions.
Castro blasted Obama for showing signs of 'superficiality,' and called on him to wait no longer before lifting the trade embargo against Cuba."

The best way to go? Preferably having a heart attack after having sex with Barbara Walters.

Obama's left-wing report card

I'm going out of my way to be fair here to our nation's first African-American president, gonna be as objective as possible. I'm gonna take the Danny approach. Participated in an online poll the other day at some conservative blog, "how would you rate Obama's presidency so far?" and I chose "somewhat worse than expected", didn't want to go all out. OK, so on the liberal or left-wing side we have this:

Porkulus of course - Liberals spend like there's no tomorrow, the deficit be damned. Any problem that comes along just throw money at it. Conventional conservative wisdom is that parts of the stimulus package actually have the effect of rolling back welfare reform, I'll go with that.
Soak the rich - honest achievement has to be punished. Actually I never heard Obama say anything positive about our nation's achievers and it is in this area that Obama gets a reputation for being a Marxist, kind of sets himself up on this one imo.
Better protecting credit card users - Obama wants credit card executives to reform, actually I agree with him here but it's hardly a right wing cause.
Federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research and abortion in general - Most libs are pretty hardcore on abortion, no deviation although they like to say they struggled with the issue to show they have a heart as Beth says. Obama's nomination of Democratic Governor of Kansas Kathleen Sebelius to be Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, hobnobber with late-term abortion psycho George Tiller is entirely predictable. Libs apparently don't care how radical they look on abortion and there's a good discussion over at yuku on the Sebelius nomination:
Talking and dialogueing with our enemies of course - One wonders if he actually caught bin Laden if he'd arrange to meet him in a room and go "what the fuck's wrong with you?"
Looking into prosecuting any Bush officials who orchestrated, participated in or somehow became a part of what is now considered the illegal torture of suspected terrorists - This was off the table at the outset as Obama rightly just wanted to move on but he seems now more open to the concerns of the crowd provided any Congressional investigation is bipartisan of course. I never got this, I mean I can understand you having a technical moral opposition to these interrogation methods but I never got the passion behind it, they're bad people, America's enemies for cryin' out loud. Makes you wonder but if this does happen during an Obama Administration I got my left hand ready with the big fat red felt tip magic marker pen to put a huge bold L on top of his report card.

On the conservative or right wing side we have this:

Obama opposes a revival of the Fairness Doctrine - Actually some brat at Hannityland posted an amusing thread to wit if Obama really believes in talking to his enemies he'd talk with Rush Limbaugh, lol.
Tax cuts for the middle-class - I'm putting a very faint check mark in pencil here since it's tied in with soaking the rich (see above) but I'm feeling charitable today.
Some of his conservative values talk - As in he only wants to help responsible homeowners who are at risk of losing their homes. Again, I'm in a good mood today.
The troop withdrawal from Iraq - Even after the troops are all sent home by Obama's deadline there will still be 50,000 troops for a time, very stealthily right wing.

Dunno, on balance he's kind of liberal in my book.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The fetal conundrum

People especially liberals often assume if you take the pro-life position that they can guess with a rather high degree of accuracy your position on other issues, some pro-choice whiners at Danny's place a few months back assumed quite naturally that I was for the war in Iraq but for me I take each issue as it comes. A theme has emerged at my blog of late and that is I don't apply social conservatism across the board. I'm on the record, on porn and prostitution I am very libertarian and with gay marriage I have no problem with the federalist approach although you'd have to put a gun to my head to attend the gay nuptials ("ok I'm getting dressed just let me find my tie"). BUT abortion is different my friends and that's because it's very very unique from the three big issues I just mentioned. Those have a personal element of distaste for so many by their very nature, my God just think Eliot Spitezer in nothing but his black socks but these issues generally do not involve the taking of an innocent human life (ok, generally speaking). For the average liberal though he glumps them all together into some kind of collective trauma of keeping the government out of our lives, actually out of our sexual lives because he does care very very much if you smoke or use an aerosol can. For the liberal with a conscience abortion is resolved this way: from a biological perspective he or she readily admits it's a human life, he's very personally against it as he's always fond of saying but because that human life resides for a time within a woman's body it ipso facto becomes a feminist issue, a women's rights issue not so much because of the nature of the fetus as he has pretty much figured this out by now but by the sit'chayshen. He or she can't get it out of his damn head that because the home of the fetus is the womb that the homeowner as property owner can do as she likes, it's nothing personal. She might see the fetus as an intruder although truth be told she answered the door when the penis rang. I'm a bad person because I only see the human life, I ain't sophisticated like Bill Moyers you know? I just know how to spit chickens.

The joy of going solo

More often than not being a loner is some kind of pejorative. You often hear it when someone commits some kind of weird crime for instance, it's a kind of psychological tagphrase ("oh so-and-so was a real loner"). It implies a deficit, some type of lack of human wholeness but I think the term is often misunderstood as I'm not the first to submit that there is a real human need to be alone. I'd consider myself a kind of part-time loner, half the time I do something with somebody else but the other half I make a deliberate decision to go it alone. Part of it's pragmatic, I can't eat a meal and conversate at the same time, for me it's an effort and I also shop at quite a brisk pace, the lethargic browser tests my patience. Then there are those who take advantage, say they have no car before you know it you're a taxi driver ("Can you just stop there for a minute? I need to get something" but there is always a little bit out of the way). Used to have a regular fishing partner, we'd be in my johnboat and more times than not there'd crop up a disagreement about which area to fish, he'd get cranky if we weren't catching anything and one time he threw the oar in the water. Then if I find I'm getting too J.D. Salingerish I make an effort to do something with somebody again, dribs and drabs of social interaction to balance out the monk in the turret. So never overlook the benefits of being a loner at least half of the time.

Monday, April 20, 2009

While it doesn't prove Obama's a socialist

this begs the question why leaders like Hugo Chavez and Raul Castro vastly prefer him over Bush. They say they know, they have a way of telling, they can pick up on these things so is Obama giving off some kind of socialist vibe? a signal? {wink wink} maybe Obama is in denial of these things himself, he's conflicted, he's not orientated yet, he's had a couple of socialist dreams recently that probably meant nothing. Come on over to the other side


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wisdom from the Teshman

The other day he told me how to eat. Seems most people eat a meal in 9 minutes and this leads to people being overweight. By eating in 9 minutes you don't know you're full yet so T-Block says the proper timeframe is anywhere from 20-29 minutes, by then the digestive processes have started and so you won't eat too much. Also remember to heat up your meals enough, seems hotter meals fill us up with less food, who'da thunk? If there's ever a John Tesh Guide to Perfect Sex with proper coital maneuvers and intercoursecal hugs I ain't reading it. He probably takes off his clothes and folds them the proper way before beginning, it ain't so much exciting as technical Sutra. You can't hate him, he means well, he's so pleasant you don't even know he's nagging but if you were to follow every piece of advice you'd quickly come down with CBS (Crowded Brain Syndrome). Well speaking for myself not only don't I get the minimum 8 hours sleep most of the time but I don't eat the proper way either. I AM a candidate for some calamity down the road, the guy with the perfect bowel movements has warned me repeatedly but all I do is make fun but the larger issue for me is

Can I just live???

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Savage went off the deep end last night

Actually when you have a catalyst like Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and her report that veterans returning home may pose a terrorist threat Savage is gonna blow a gasket but he went off on some pretty radical tangents last night and practically called the Obama Administration a totalitarian regime in the works, a bunch of Nazis and oven-stuffers he said who are gonna knock on your door in the middle of the night to take you away for saying the wrong thing, anti-abortionists are on her list, Obama may be the Beast with horns rising out of the sea to rule the world with China and Russia and oh yeah, McCain was the Manchurian Candidate. Actually the real threat is not those who have served their country so well but radical assholery and Obama if he had any smarts would can her right now...Now my Dad says there are things you keep to yourself, things you don't talk about. You might have the thought for a nanosecond that these new DTV converter boxes are the government's way of spying on you, maybe you think your boss is on acid ("a random drug test wouldn't hurt buddy") or the stray kitten that shows up on your doorstep is really the reincarnation of your dead cat. It's the Realm of the Untalkable, most people if they're honest have some theories, views and opinions that fall outside the Norm shall we say but you pretty much shelve it, don't want the respectable folks talking. Put it this way, if I blogged after two tumblers of the Christian Brothers it'd be a whole other blog, real Robodoon stuff but anyway what you got last night was the raw feed, Savage's political id, free association and real stream-of-consciousness totally unencumbered by should I say this or should I say that? The thing was so scary last night that I had to switch on Gwen Ifill's Washington Week in Review after to bring me back down to Earth, like waking up from a bad dream in a cold sweat and you still think there's a squirrel in your room. Now Savage seems to be on everyone's shitlist these days, even right-wingers don't like him and I disagreed with almost everything the man said BUT it was awesome, I like it

it's all good.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Interesting discussions at yuku

Used to be ezboard but the real hot topic of late has been the Catholic University of Notre Dame inviting President Obama to be their commencement speaker on May 17 and to also bestow upon him an honorary doctorate of laws degree. Obama has accepted but this has been percolating for some time now although you probably haven't even heard about it if your only source of news is the msm. Anyway the link is

What to do when you have radical friends

Democratic peer pressure

This issue has to make Obama uncomfortable. New York is now the latest state to push for gay marriage. Democratic Governor David Paterson is sending up a bill to the Assembly pronto, Chuck Schumer has only recently converted to the gay marriage cause and Bam must be thinking "you know guys your state has its own economic woes and you're concerned with this right now?" It's like when you have a group of friends and over time you see they're a little bit off, just a wee tad like Bam is in the back seat and Paterson is driving his souped up GTO with the hemi, Chuck is sitting right next to him, they both got little old lady cataract glasses on and Paterson puts the pedal to the medal and Bam is like "SLOW DOWN ALREADY!!" They pick up Bloomberg, for some reason I can't get it out of my head that he's not a Democrat, he's for the gay marriage too and he's enjoying the ride as well. I don't think Obama wants to go down in History as the one-term president who effected radical social change or more likely at least wanted to as I really doubt even if Richard Simmons were president he'd be able to pass gay marriage in all 50 states in just one term. Even if Obama in his heart of hearts were for the thing I think he'd much prefer to be safely ensconced in his second term before upheaving society as we know it. I think he wants to govern moderately for the next four years, he has his nice sweater on with the little alligator but his friends Dave and Chuck are like

"hey Bam come and watch the sheep video with us"

maybe someone passes him a joint. They take him to a club and pay for a free lap dance for him but he's sitting there all stiff,

you know man can't he just break free and hang with his own crowd? those who get it about not rocking the boat too much, these be tough economic times. Can't we be content with making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for now, kicking back with some milk and getting those economic numbers up again ("hey guys it's time for a break") while Dave and Chuck behind his back are calling him a f****n faggot for not getting on board. He's the first African-American president for cryin' out loud, he's Made History, lower the flame and just let it simmer for awhile.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rush's persecution complex

He has one big-time you know. I haven't listened to him in literally a couple of years now but of the occasional snippets I hear and read about he's STILL complaining of the conspiracy against him. He can't talk about ANY subject without bringing IT up. New York Governor David Paterson has raised taxes through the roof here acting like your typical Democratic executive and Rush was complaining about this recently, says he has no choice but to move out of the state but then had to add he (Paterson) wants that and so good ole Dave started messin' with him and said if he knew his tax policy would have that effect he would have considered it much sooner. Now conservatism is largely reactionary by nature almost by default. Since liberalism pretty much holds sway in all areas of life today so much of conservative energy is spent merely reacting to the dominant philosophy of the day, it's a conservative malaise with a heavy shaving of Zoloft. Let's say it's all true, vast swaths of the msm hate Rush and want to silence him, one 24/7 subproject of the VLWC (or Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy) wants to suppress him through a new Fairness Doctrine, what of it? While if even some of these things are true it doesn't help the Right to have a persecution complex. Rush gives it that conspiratorial and paranoid edge but the time he wastes marinating in his own self-pity instead of just pushing conservative principles, it reminds me of the time you waste in traffic jams. Part of him wants to be an existential hero, some kind of angst-ridden character out of some graphic novel constantly warring with forces larger than himself. It's like working with someone who says all the time "they hate me, they want to get rid of me" instead of just putting in your eight hours, pumping it out and going home. God GOD I miss the days of the caller abortions and the blow monkeys!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where to begin?

So yeah, unless you've been living in a cave like a blind salamander you're aware that Mel's wife of, what is it? like almost thirty years is divorcing him for his philandering ways. Seven or eight children, staunch and ultra-traditionalist pre-Vatican 2 Catholic who once said his Protestant wife is going to hell, spotted on a tropical beach with some bombshell Russian singer in a bikini so why'd he make The Passion? I've a theory about this and it involves a little Stephen Hawking, wormholes, superstrings applied to psychology, Einsteinian Freudianism......I'm working on's my Loop Theory. Let's say you're not just average conservative, you keep walking along this loop and you enter the woods of SuperConservatism, I mean EVERYTHING bothers you but remember it's still a loop or a giant circle and what's on the other side of the loop? Where your ultraconservatism ends is where liberalism begins, I'm still working on the precise algebraic differential equation...but before you know it your average SuperCon "accidentally" walks into some porn shop, just browsing mind you, keeping tabs on the culture a la Tom Wolfe. When he wakes up the same hand that once condemned his wife to hell is now circle-jerking to some Slovakian fantasy, the same mouth that once lumped all things post-Vatican 2 as Antichrist is now saying "Jose Cuervo I pray for your power!" It also helps explain why former lefties like David Horowitz are now confirmed righties, they traveled the same loop as Mel only from the opposite direction. Fruit loops.

Pro-gay conservatives

Another two-parter, I HAVE TO say something about Mel Gibson but let's get back to Z's Law of the Power of Negative Appraisal for a minute. It works like this, for years we've taken libs to task for being pro-abortion until they have to overexplain themselves, "oh no we're not for THAT, no man, you got us all wrong" and so basically all you have to do from a political angle is to criticize someone and according to this basic law of political psychology the person will start to move in the direction of the critic, nay will almost or just stop short of adopting his position or may even take on a diluted version. OK, so now for the same amount of time the average conservative has been labeled a gay-basher, a homophobe and so now they can't wait to show their new gay colors like Bree on Desperate Housewives doing a complete 180 after she found out her son is gay. So now you have conservatives applauding the State of Vermont for legalizing gay marriage through the legislature, BINGO! pass the lube, we weren't really against gays marrying in the first place just wanted you to respect federalist concerns is all. This is Kyle Smith of the New York Post but for a fair majority of us we still have a residual distaste for gay acts. We don't form an entire movement around it the way the evangelicals have, we don't have the fervor or the time and we're more than tolerant but by the same token don't ask us to celebrate the destruction of your anus. Kyle says it all amounts to this, the buggery bothers us but I'd go further. The larger issue is the loss of masuline culture. Sure a guy wearing a dress won't upset the Order of the Universe but we have a problem with it if it's not part of a comedy sketch, we can't picture him like Dirty Harry jumping from the overpass onto that school bus with the sniper holding the schoolkids hostage and any culture that celebrates the first tranny mayor who's ugly btw is a little off. We actually prefer male culture as we should, those weren't tranny SEALS after all who shot those three Somali pirates to death. In relations between the sexes feminism wants to criminalize the Alpha Male, if I'm meandering it's because it's all part and parcel of the same package, it's all part of the pussification of America but it doesn't mean you have to be like Mel Gibson...(to be continued)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Conservatives out of sorts

First off we have to put a checkmark in Obama's corner. He gave the order for the use of force last Friday to free Captain Richard Phillips from those Somali pirates. He gets a kudo or two in my book but somehow Jimmy Carter would've f****d it up.

The Winter of our Conservative Discontent - Beth has had it with liberals, you can't change their minds she says but before we go there we gotta look at our own camp. IMO the fiscal conservatives (FCs) want to take over the Party and purge us social conservatives (SCs) from the ranks. OK, maybe not soapie and Patrick M but the ones who pull the strings do. The FCs don't just want to stop moralizing about things like abortion, rather they want to moralize or mainstream abortion so as to talk about other more important things. Now as I blogged recently when you take the social issues off the table there is less and less that bonds us FCs and SCs together - economic policy, military campaigns and overall patriotism is basically what you're left with, kind of a thin gruel like eating the same thing everyday. Here's where the FCs are wrong though. I'm an idealist not just about politics but Life in general, even if our politics were correct Life could still suck. Put another way you need spirituality, conservatism has to be about moral values too. One of the SCs' focus is doing the right thing, the FCs would add nothing wrong with that but such right choices need to be freely made in an environment of maximum freedom. Whatever, we could have the right economic policies tomorrow, ultimate victory in Iraq and all the rest and still have the usual laundry list of social ills, divorce, abortion, drug abuse etc. In short how can you be a conservative and not talk about spirituality, about moral values? Social conservatism is about preserving traditions, not about saying psychedelics are good for you, that's libertarianism. So before I can respond to Beth's points we need to define what conservatism means, what does it really stand for? with so many strains of conservatism today it's hard at times to know exactly what it is we're fighting for and conversely before we take on liberalism we have to know what that stands for too, what precisely are they fighting for on their side?

Monday, April 06, 2009

I'm just worried about the next psycho getting ready to rock

WHEW!!! there hasn't been a massacre in a couple of days now. We're living in the age of the radical asshole, the Golden Age of the Psycho but what would Jack Bauer do? He'd shoot the motherfucker dead in the full glory of his lunacy but that's just it, liberals latch ahold of these stories pretty much to push gun control. The experts are saying it's job loss that pushes these idiots over the edge. I'll go along with that and that's the whole point, too many of us have too much of an emotional attachment to our jobs. I know it pays our bills, hell it's our survival but it ain't healthy. In my area many years ago a man who worked for a phone company once killed his whole family and then himself because they took his overtime away, he relied on the OT to send his daughter to school among other things. I don't sympathize with these psychos in the least, may the devils torment them in hell for ages to come. Wake up on the wrong side of the bed, get up in a pissed off mood and shoot a couple dozen or so and then the cowards almost always take their own lives. Ya wanna know something, take your own life!! hell put it on YouTube if you like but leave the rest of us the hell alone. The radical asshole, I'm tired of him like he blowed himself up real good to get 72 virgins feeding him honeycakes but his leader never does the same, he's in some cave watching CNN. My life sucks so I'm gonna make sure you don't even have one, the psycho moral code. I've nothing to add here but anyone thinking of doing the same, form your own little weirdo club and march off the nearest cliff. Rant over.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Isn't that just a pro-forma statement?

I originally was just gonna post this comment in my last thread about liberals but wanted to draw more attention to it. When a reporter put the stem cell question to President Obama in his last press conference he said he has wrestled with stem cells just like he has wrestled with abortion. Is this really true though or how do we know it's true? It's what I call a pro-forma statement or saying what's required as a societal or cultural consensus is forming or has actually coalesced around a controversial issue. Now the abortion debate has been evolving lo these past going on four decades now. Maude's daughter once said it was just like getting a tooth pulled but those were the early years, the consensus now is that the act itself does have a certain gravitas to it thus the pro-forma statement BUT let's say someone has really really wrestled with the issue as Obama has said he's done, on the whole list of sub-issues important to both sides wouldn't the wrestler come down sometimes on one side and sometimes on the other? Put another way you have two columns, the official NARAL positions and the official NRTL positions so wouldn't our wrestling Commander-in-Chief have checkmarks in different columns going all the way down the list? "Should Roe vs. Wade be overturned?" NO "Parental notification" YES "Should we have what are known as informed-consent laws?" YES "Parental consent" NO See what I'm saying? BUT Obama has a 100% approval rating on issues of concern to the abortion lobby. Brilliant? I thought it was.

What is the next big news story?

I was thinking of a transformative and positive event that transcends politics, that when everybody went in to work the next day they'd be a little less consumed by the daily grind and go "how about that?" An end to abortion? doubt it, there's seems to be a kink in our culture right now, seems we have to have a little Hoover action from time to time, we could have a thousand methods of birth control tomorrow, wouldn't matter, I don't get it. The cure for cancer? 'twould be nice, we're about due as I keep saying but somehow it never seems to come. World peace? in what lifetime? The capture of OBL? Bush should've wrapped this up and no Mark Levin Fan, this is not some liberal talking point. Abolishing the IRS? that's self-evident but the continued existence of the IRS is why we only have two major political parties and they both remain in power. Madonna becomes a nun? she's back to swinging from the trees again.

Obama as the nation's first African-American president? Many, even a majority might go with this as being the transformative and positive event I'm talking about. Even many conservatives would go along with this, I call this the Peggy Noonan School of Thought, no matter he's a liberal who's sinking our country deeper into debt the important thing is that it happened, mull this over with your brandy at night and get that happy feeling, that mentally orgasmic reverie but for me and Beth and soapie it doesn't satisfy, it's formula food and doesn't fulfill, it doesn't sit in your gut and give you that contented feeling. As a blogger I need to sink my teeth into something. Porkulus, an important but dry subject and I can't blog about Obama for the next four years, it's too depressing and you get that feeling of putting your heart and soul into a blog but where's the influence? where's that Jon Stewart pull? that "did you hear what Z-man just said?" It has to get worse before it gets better as they say. Beth taking a sabbatical from her blogging and yes it is a sabbatical is perfectly understandable, if Nancy Pelosi doesn't follow her own Pope what does that make us?

The culture's in a rut these days. Movies suck although some people feel they still have to go. Pop music, it ain't exactly the '80s and even a recent "House" had an episode about a guy who grows pot in his apartment and got sick from some rat piss, at least FRINGE knows to take a break every once in a while. You'd be surprised at the number of 40-something men seriously browsing through comic book stores, porn is so yesterday. There's no talent out there, people don't know how to make the workplace jazzy and interesting anymore, we're all into our 9-5 little gulags. Come on guys, give us the Big Story!!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Who's your favorite liberal?

Mr. Idaho of course but it's always been Mark Shields of The Newshour for me, at least until lately when he felt Obama did no wrong with Porkulus. Used to like Michael Kinsley until he started coming across as a snarky nerd so that's it for me, it's a count 'em on one hand kind of deal.

A solution to New York Times editorials

I don't read them.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Obama didn't start the fire

to paraphrase a Billy Joel song. Funny, my friend and I are staunch conservatives but when we get together the subject of politics hardly ever comes up - "Sears is good for pants, they have Dickie's" - for us Obama is president but that's in the backdrop. The only question in vogue right now is is he a socialist? it doesn't come up, it's joyriding, don't wanna put a shadow on the day. It's kind of the hip and IN thing now to say you're non-political, fished with a salesman once on a reservoir and he said he steers clear of political topics but I don't buy this either. You mean to say you have no views on anything? on how things ought to be? So we drove through Mt. Kisco yesterday, nice town and all but "it's too clean and literary, not even a gum wrapper on the street", like the picturesque town in David Lynch's Blue Velvet "what are they hiding?" "yeah, where's the dungeon, underneath the auto mall?" Talked about young couples who get married and then start bickering even when they're guests at someone else's Sunday dinner - "it's the house settling" - they're not going anywhere and then we rapped about the clergy. Confession - "it's like they try to make you all introspective, they play thought games with you. Modern priests, it's like Human Resources." Got on the subject of the culture, there used to be a Tower Records on Central Ave. here in Yonkers and their book collection included not the usual but some devil worshipping books and guides glorifying drugs - "thanks for your contribution in destroying the culture. I'm telling you, our society, what we need is a Chinese foot up our ass" (oriental impersonation follows, not sure what this means). You ever work in a totally asexual workplace? I mean if they're not being extremely discreet there's NOTHING going on, people are in a rut these days. Bosses who take you for granted. Your reward for being a good, hard, steady and productive worker is MORE work, like what's up with that? It's like a form of Communism. The Conficker Worm, who are these weird masturbators who design these things? Like I can't even change the oil in my car, my Dad can put a fence in the yard and do some basic plumbing but that's about it, we can't create programs to throw the whole cyberworld into chaos. "I don't want to hear anything more about Madonna!"......