Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Row row row your boat

Maybe the Rev. Wright is really a closet Hillary supporter. Political reporter Fred Dicker over at the NY Post says he's bitter over Obama's "betrayal" and that's why he unloaded the other day. Whatever, some friends just have a penchant for always embarrassing you. Fished with a guy once on a large lake, two nice girls were sunbathing on a large rock and we were fishing in the area. Nice time to strike up a conversation, no? But I know how the guy is, with a couple beers under his belt the guttural slob side comes out so I just ignored the situation and rowed as far away from them as possible (if need be I had my line down pat: "No, I don't know this guy. He's homeless and I just picked him up. I'm dropping him off at the bridge so he can hitch a ride."). So what Obama needs to do, when the Rev. has a few Snapples and has to pull into shore to use a tree Obama needs to shove his johnboat off when he's not looking and just strand him there and continue rowing rowing rowing. Yeah, when he's finished and he zips himself up Obama will see him in the distance yelling and screaming and waving his arms but this is supposed to be a serious campaign, no? So the wind be against you brother, a little more muscle on that left oar.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You go girl!

Reading about Anucha Brown Sanders going crazy at some auction, bidding on everything in sight, she of suing Isiah Thomas for sexual harassment fame, and there's nothing like 11 mil to make your pain go away and I've been wondering is this progress? Feminists have had their day in the sun but I think much of sexual harassment law actually encourages women to see themselves as victims and I don't see how this empowers women. Celebs taking their secret admirers to court, now the UMA guy is a certified nutbag but what I really think bothers these gals is they don't want some average Joe going after them, they'd rather have Denzel or Leo DiCapricio, I mean DiCaprio. Was Anita Hill a pioneer or did she set women back? and whatever happened to that time-honored tradition of just slapping a man across his face? You see the morning paper gives z a little agita. Anucha, go easy with your windfall, you're making your sisters look bad.

More on the Rev. Jeremiah Wright,

Now the z-man blog is all about having a different angle and so it seems to me righties can criticize American society all they want, Malkin can bash our pornofied culture to her heart's content and yet her patriotism is never called into question, ditto Maggie Gallagher and our divorce culture, Laura Ingraham and our abortion culture and yet I agree much with what all three have to say on these matters. Lefties can't do this though over their pet issues like economic, social and racial injustice and so it seems to me the right to criticize your own country cuts one way which is not to say the Rev. Wright is not radical and bombastic but I'm just trying to make sense of our current political climate. Maybe it has to do more with the way we express ourselves, after all Laura has never called for the bombing of abortion clinics on her side of the aisle, and the Right generally being critical of conspiracy theories in general (so what Mad Scientist invented the AIDS virus pray tell?). But since we be on the subject of conspiracy theories why doesn't the Rev. Wright give a major speech on the origins of Planned Parenthood, the racism of its founder Margaret Sanger and why doesn't he see the abortion of black babies as a silent form of genocide? There's alot on the plate here so chow down!

Monday, April 28, 2008

The AmChurch

Bob Novak, in today's column, talks about some major Catholic pro-abortion politicians who received Communion during the two masses celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI during his six-day stay here. They are House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sens. John Kerry, Christopher Dodd and Edward M. Kennedy on the Democratic side and Rudolph Guiliani on the RINO side. The three Dems received the sacred host at Nationals Park in Washington courtesy of Archbishop Donald Wuerl there and Guiliani at Yankee Stadium courtesy of New York Cardinal Edward Egan although I heard on the radio just now that Egan says he was against Guiliani's action and agrees with the Pope's declaration on the matter. I call this the Bob Novak Effect, just like when he nailed Hillary and her plans to get and broadcast dirt on Obama and she immediately denied that so now Cardinal Egan is saying, in so many words, that this impeccable and well-respected journalist of many decades standing has his facts wrong. As I keep saying there's the official Roman Catholic Church headed by the pope in the Eternal City with its official and unchangeable doctrines and dogmas and then there's the AmChurch (American Church). Gotta love that Bob Novak Effect though, it's off the hook.

Friday, April 25, 2008

What I don't get... many of the same African-Americans who are today condemning and denouncing the verdict in the Sean Bell case once were cheering and overjoyed when O.J. was acquited.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why a Hillary vs. McCain contest could swing towards Hillary

To begin even his most "ardent" conservative supporters readily admit he's not 100% or 80% or even 70% conservative,

ERGO (big Latin word for "therefore"),

he has a liberal side which leads me to believe that many of those voters who are liberally disposed, either center or left-of-center would go for him, ergo they might figure if we go for him why don't we just go for her? Ronald Reagan, now he was a bona-fide conservative (for the most part, yeah I'm aware of the deficits rung up during the Reagan years) and he attracted a mainly conservative vote, even those blue-collar Dems who crossed party lines were also social conservatives but the punditocracy (of which z is a member now I guess) says that McCain will garner all kinds of votes. Like maybe the Republican Party, aka the Stupid Party, is shooting itself in the foot over this one and when he loses he'll be hawking Viagra too in a couple years like what's his name? I know this liberal guy, he's a hardcore Democrat and a good friend, and we were talking one day at work, this was a couple years before even these primaries, and he said he wouldn't mind seeing McCain in the Oval Office one day, he was the one who brought up the subject and he went further and said he'd even vote for him, now what does that say?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jimmy Carter still thinks he's president

So I see his picture in the paper today, all serious and pensive like a sitting president, and he's been trying to broker a big Mideast peace package by, among other things, talking to the leader of the terrorist group Hamas. Must miss the Anwar Sadat/Menachem Begin days but I'm beginning to think we have a budding syndrome on our hands here just waiting for a name, ex-presidents who can't just retire and go away and hit the links but

get involved,

perhaps in his own mind he still sees himself as a great president, dunno, maybe this is one symptom of the syndrome as yet to be named but it annoys, geez guy, gas lines were high, 'member? and you took in a whole boatload or two or three of rogue criminals from Cuba courtesy of ole Fidel, go home and rent a classic movie, know what I'm sayin'?



Yup, the young people be experimenting with the cough medicines. New term for Webster, robotripping as in taking well beyond the recommended dosage of such cough medicines as Robitussin, say 20, 30 or even 50 liquid gels. Read an article about this the other day, more and more young people are doing this to get high, to go on a trip, but then their blood pressure skyrockets, they're totally out of it and usually some nurse or doctor then calls the bewildered parents who had no idea. The age is getting stranger by the day, used to be the biggie was pot. I never got the whole trip thing, I mean whatever personal problem you're tripping from is going to be right back there foursquare and center when you get back. Must be bored, they're not out playing baseball and fishing anymore, that's too Fred MacMurrayish I guess. So watch out for all those robotrippers out there, the newest and youngest members of our zombie-fied culture.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Pope Benedict's remarks at youth rally

This was in my neck of the woods, St. Joseph's Seminary in the big YO on April the 19th on a lovely Saturday, would've loved to have gone but watched it on TV just the same. Closed-captioning is wonderful, it helps not just the hard of hearing but all of us. I was able to enjoy a fine cigar outside on the patio while reading Pope Benedict's inspiring words on the screen while looking through the window. One of his main messages to these young people was this era of moral confusion we live in and what he called "the manipulation of the mind" that produces this moral confusion. He did not mention the a-word (abortion) or any other specific word for that matter since he deliberately seems to have cultivated a pastoral style that goes to first principles in a generalized way in the hopes of making us more amenable to the Church's teachings, he wants to get beyond the NO-NO-NO part as he is fond of saying but we all know what he's talking about. One passage in particular struck me and he seems to have purposely evoked the Message of Fatima as his predecessor often did: "The second area of darkness - that which affects the mind - often goes unnoticed and for this reason is particularly sinister. The manipulation of truth distorts our perception of reality and tarnishes our imagination and aspirations...yet freedom is a delicate value. It can be misunderstood or misused so as to lead not to the happiness we all expect it to yield but to a dark arena of manipulation in which our understanding of self and the world becomes confused and distorted by those who have an ulterior agenda." It's as if this is Benedict's own theological explanation for part of the Message of Fatima wherein the Virgin Mary says to Lucia: "Look my child, don't be surprised if, at a certain moment, a certain diabolical disorientation affects the best of minds, a disequlibrium, so that they no longer judge according to the voice of my Son and of Peter." What better way to describe the times we now live in?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Steamtable Catholicism

Some conservative commentators like Maggie Gallagher say the state of American Catholicism is good so Pope Benedict need not worry, compared to the dying Church in much of Europe we're a mystical people by comparison. Couldn't disagree more, the American Church reminds me of the buffet table at Stew Leonard's, always busy, people bustling about getting in each other's way, a team of what seems like a hundred well-qualified chefs in the back all making great dishes only thing is everyone's choosing what suits them, everyone's palate is different, some like the glazed apples (healthy choice), grandma's meatballs are popular (world peace, that wasn't a hard one), snappers in garlic sauce (we'll try it and see if we like it), poached salmon, another popular item (let's everyone be nice to each other), roasted mixed vegetables including cauliflower (eh), onto to the desserts, strawberries in cream is always a winner, bread pudding so-so (didn't your mama ever tell you that's good for you?)...Now I understand it's hard for a visitor to scold his hosts but too many American Catholics have imbibed of the Cuomo Doctrine, for instance abortion is a non-issue for them, not on a par with say labor issues or immigration, it's like we know we're not for IT but it's not exactly going to influence our vote either so we get Catholics consistently time and again voting into office pro-abortion politicians, Catholic voters who are strongly maybe there's the official Roman Catholic Church with its likeable but somewhat backwards head, an institution with its official list of doctrines and dogmas down through the ages and the American Church (AmChurch) which is kinda anything, costs $4.99/lb. and Stew's will get you out quick, eat in your car or on the table by the farm animals, go back for a custard if you want or a frozen yogurt, we want you to go home happy. Rule #1 at Stew's - The customer is always right, Rule #2, see Rule #1.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The best way I can describe Pope Benedict's birthday

healing, a balm, it's something we as a nation who suffered through 9/11 really needed. The news is always bad, always has been, seems ratings thrive on bad news, his papal visit coinciding with his 81st birthday, it's like just what the doctor ordered. I am usually not big on pomp and circumstance, though I wasn't there in person the sheer pageantry on the South Lawn of the White House yesterday I really enjoyed. Weatherwise the perfect day too, it's like God was smiling. 'Tis a simple blog today, Life in general is bad enough, I just found it healing is all.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mean People

They could be people in general, many times they're bosses and I'm not talking about somebody having a bad day. It takes such an effort to be this way, it saps you of your energy and ain't good for your health, what purpose does it serve exactly to be known as a toxic person if I were sitting them down for an interview. Rational bosses are known to get more out of their employees, the respect trickles down but what do mean people in general garner? So how do mean people see themselves? do they have an inkling? Even Scrooge came around after a time so wassup?

A divorce culture is a depressed culture

a working theory of mine, I could be wrong so go easy, I've been known to think out loud here a few times. Used to be you'd go to the pharmacy for your flu medicine or whatever and there might be a handful of people on line, just recently I went to shop at a Walgreen's and the parking lot was jam-packed as it always is, turns out many of them were on line to see the pharmacist, it looked like Ticketron for a minute, young and old, didn't matter. Our society is not whole imo, it's not really intact, emotional issues and baggage are the order of the day, unresolved issues, routine divorce, abortion an everyday occurence, ergo more problems. Now z would much rather see people take more natural routes to these things, a more holistic approach but I can't judge them either, people are tired of being tired, tired of being depressed, tired of whatever and so here's something, has a few side effects but let's try it. Z's point is a conservative society would be a better society, a healthier society, divorce being rare only when necessary, forgiveness, resolving issues for a change, abortion being more or less a relic of the past, families helping each other out in times of need instead of this one not talking to that one for 20 years...we ain't livin' right, and if it wasn't just cats and babies who slept right and never got depressed might there be less of a line at Walgreen's?

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Hitchens bug is going around

Obama has put conservatives on the couch, blue-collar workers he said are bitter about life due to economic conditions and so they often turn to things like religion and become pro-gun, anti-trade and anti-immigrant. Hillary blasted back calling him an elitist and says she learned as a kid how to shoot a gun, he makes an Annie Oakley and duck-blind comment which was actually quite funny, gone is the old Obama of political civility, Jay Leno could have written this one. This is it folks, the 12th round, the 9th inning and word has it, according to Bob Novak, that her "ousted" political advisor Mark Penn still has her ear. This is really fun entertaining stuff and I only wish we had this on the Republican side but that one was over way too early imo. The Hitchens Virus, it's a bug that first starts up, well you know where, and it concerns all things religious and revered through the ages. Don't hate, participate.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


He's been retired for years now, after his seminal talk show finally went off the air, well he had no choice what with the Big O and all, he hooked up with MSNBC with a more political type show that failed and now he's made an anti-Iraq war movie, "Body of War." So here's what's up with Phil, he wants to be relevant again like in the good old days when he'd have on his show some sexually active grandmother and he takes her hand and says "God bless you grandma" all at 4:30 in the afternoon when the kids just got home from school and Mom's making some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and some "more Ovaltine Mom" in the kitchen. It's like this, everyone has either a talk show or a blog these days, hell the local dogcatcher even has a blog, so Phil sees everyone on the bridge with their fishing poles leaning against the rails and sitting on their white buckets that they keep the snappers in and he

wants to get in there too,

"Hey buddy, can I have a cold one? How's the action?" "Pretty damn good, everyone's gotten something today, guy's got a monster blue over there" so he runs home and gets his spincaster, hasn't used it in awhile and hopes the line still holds, it's old and so he squeezes himself in next to the other anglers, "hey, is that Joe Scarborough?", only thing is he ain't catching anything, everything he does post-retirement is a big fat flopperoony.

So I hear Bill's been defending Hillary's version of sniper fire in Bosnia and she's like it ain't helping, darling dearest hubby why don't you STFU?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Daughtry has a nice sound

Went up the line yesterday way up in the sticks, packed a few miles on the car, kinda my version of a retreat aka a daytrip, had the station tuned and on came a few hits by Daughtry, just one of many stars flung off that fiery pinwheel known as "American Idol." Has a nice sound to it like he was born to do what he's doing, has a heavy touch of angst to his lyrics not in a depressing way but haunting just the same, hard to put into a genre (philosophical rock?) but perfect for a long trip. I'm going with Michael Johns on this season, caught him midthrough but saw enough to know he should win hands down. So far through these many seasons though nobody has that unique trademark sound like a Daughtry, he's like Steve Perry of Journey, other singers may be great but they don't have that extra hard-to-put-down-in-words quality, count me a fan.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Finally, a Hollywood celebrity who gets it

There is something refreshing about Richard Gere's support for the Tibetan democracy movement, shows you don't always have to support socialist and communist regimes like Cuba. Michael Moore & co., wanna jump on board?

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Talking and shilling

Time was talk radio was the new kid on the block, unwelcome by the liberal msm for counterbalancing their liberal bias, but it's like it became so infatuated with itself and its political influence it began losing sight of its original goal. Rush was fresh and funny when he first started out, his political parodies were first-rate but now he's just a rubber-stamp for everything Bush especially on the immigration problem. And as for Sean, well a week or so ago a caller called up asking him but what about McCain's own pastor problem and while Sean didn't dismiss such concerns outright he downplayed it by drawing a sharp line of distinction between Obama's own pastor problem and McCain's, his reasoning being that the Rev. John Hagee isn't McCain's personal minister/spiritual advisor but this misses the point imo. By his warm acceptance of Hagee's endorsement he is saying, even if this wasn't his intent, that we should be tolerant of intolerance but Sean, like Rush, has become a shill for a party and a president. Re the Iraq war you should be for the war not because Sean tells you you should be for it, this ain't thinking, but because in your heart you're for it, make sense? and you should also not have such a closed mental universe, political solipsism if you will, that you can't accept the fact that people have political differences about everything under the sun. There are still many good pockets of talk radio still worth listening to, Laura Ingraham's at the top of my list, but I think a good part of it has outlived and outdone itself, intoxicated with its own power, its hackneyed use of the formula the Democrats can do no right and the Republicans can do no wrong. I don't listen to much of it in the car anymore, I have my preset music stations and when they grind the same playlist into the ground everyday I fall back on my CD player. I check out Hannity only on a very occasional basis and it's always SO-SO (same old same old) or SS-DD as people like to say at work.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Jay-Z and Beyonce are getting hitched!!!

& they might even live in Scarsdale, NY! Actually I don't find this particularly interesting, on second thought I don't find it interesting at all. It's like when I'm watching some of those evening entertainment shows and there's George Clooney being interviewed about this movie or that girlfriend I find myself being vaguely irritated, it's not so much George Clooney even though of course he's a big-time lib, I just never got this whole celebrity worship thing. I might admire somebody's craft and want to know a little about his or her life but that's about it. We have a war going on amongst other things, I'm sorry, I don't get it.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Government Checkbook

I know myself that I have very finite resources in my checking account, usually people have bigger savings accounts than their checking accounts but even combining the two finitude is the fiscal reality here. I can't write a check for a new speedboat if I don't have the money, in the days of yore you'd wind up in debtor's prison. These everyday rules for the rest of us don't seem to apply to the federal government though and maybe that should be the yardstick whereby we choose our next President. So right off the bat it can't be Obama or Hill and Mac we are reminded time and again ain't a true dyed-in-the-wool conservative so maybe the Constitutional Party is where it's at. The Federal Reserve, our nation's central banking system, can just print more money in a pinch but if we did that, had a printing press in our basement we'd be arrested for counterfeiting. The richest person in the world isn't Vladimir Putin or Adnan Kashogi, it's the U.S. Government, or at least they act that way.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The 2nd Collection at all the Masses today... to help defray the costs of gassing up the Popemobile during Benedict's upcoming trip to NYC this month. You should have received your envelopes in the mail and if you could make a very sacrificial and minimal payment of at least $20 it would be most appreciated.

Our zombie-fied nation

or why do people walk in the road? Regretfully might be a new feature of this blog.

This has been a phenomenon for years now and I don't mean simply crossing the street or even jaywalking but literally people, usually they're not alone but in groups of at least two, who walk down the road at a leisurely pace. This cuts across all racial and age groups, maybe in some cases of the young it can mean a statement of defiance, dunno, but none of them even look around them. You have to ever so slowly pass them and hope a toot or two won't anger them. My .02 worth, most of 'em are on drugs, could be the illegal variety, could be over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Saw a commercial the other day for some wonder drug and the woman goes nonchalantly "I take five different medications already." Oh, OK. The way I was brought up was roads are exclusively for motor vehicles, maybe a bike or two can get into the act but that's it, "cross at the green, not in-between", but when you have people in LA-LA Land, well, it's kinda like being in some horror movie, Zoloft Nation or something.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Meat Lasagna - European Style

The key to making a great European-style lasagna is your meat sauce, it has to be packed with flavor. Now you need a heavy-duty stockpot for this as you'll need to get this very very hot first, the oil will start to smoke, and a thin pot will have somebody call the Fire Department in no time. Get some nice white onions and dice them up rather small with a chef's knife, have some crushed garlic on the side and when that pot is hot enough put your onions in and a spoonful or two of the garlic. Now whenever any recipe calls for onions always sautee them first so as to bring out their flavor, 5 minutes or so. So you have your ground beef, not too lean 'cause you want that fat, and you put all that into your pot and mix it all up with a wooden spoon so it cooks thoroughly. Now you add your spices, salt and pepper, garlic powder, crushed oregano and parsley flakes, a few packets of Goya Sazon, really anything you can come up with, even some Italian dressing. When the meat sauce is almost done as it begins to turn brown add some cans of crushed tomatoes, some diced tomatoes, I like Del Monte with the basil/garlic/oregano blend, and a small can of tomato paste, depending on how much you're making you be the judge on how much. So the meat sauce takes a while but not too long either 'cause it's going to get cooked again when you put your lasagna in the oven. Meat sauce done so pour it into a colander over the sink but not too long, you want to save that fat, and when you're done straining pour it into a long hotel pan. Now you have another hotel pan and you ladle some marinara sauce on the bottom and spread it around, next I add my lasagna noodles, I tend to prefer the big industrial ones but no matter, and into your first layer you spread your meat around, then add your dollops of ricotta cheese in rows and then sprinkle in your shredded mozzarella and don't be bashful here, next spritz on some parmesan cheese, then add another layer of lasagna noodles and repeat the next layer as you did the first. When you're done adding your last noodles to form the top very important to spread some more marinara sauce all around else it will crack when you bake it and lastly spritz on some more parmesan, get a bakery sheet or parchment paper and put that on top and lastly some aluminum foil. If you don't add the paper some bits of the foil will flake off and you don't want that. You have your oven set to 350 or 375 degrees if you life and I bake it off for at least 50 minutes, better a little too long than too short, you want that mozzarella to melt. Take it out and let it cool on the side for about 1/2 hour before putting it in the 'fridge if you're not gonna eat it right away. A word about bay leaves which many chefs like to use when their meat sauce is simmering, when putting together your lasagna always take them out of your meat sauce as they're not really edible and people can choke, their use is purely for the flavor. Bon Appetit!