Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Coitus hiatus

You know times is rough when you're in CVS and you see some dork/dweeb buying condoms and you're not. Now I promise to get to Satyavati devi dasi which roughly translated means "the servant of the Goddess Who is the abode of truth" and our old friend TAO of course in a minute but want to touch on our oversexed media here. I remember a letter-to-the-editor many years ago written by a woman to one of those stupid women's mags, could have been Cosmo or Glamour, you know the ones with the incessant sex headlines at the top of every cover and the lady made a good point. The problem with these mags, sex tapes, those books in Barnes&Noble etc. is, well it's not just a matter of taste but it goes like this. The assumption being made is that you're getting IT and the only issue is boredom. The assumption is you have partner(s) at the ready when the reality is large swaths of the population just go to work and go home every day and these articles don't speak to them and their lives, in short they can't relate. I remember sitting in the lunchroom and overhearing this young guy who was quite average in looks btw saying he gets IT any time he wants it. What? are you a sheik in charge of a harem or something? what bullshit! At any rate FRINGE is here to make you feel better, in a parallel universe you are getting it on (although in the 4th universe you might be a homo).

Saty which seems to be the required mystical abbreviation over at Pat's place has taken on Beth saying the usual things about conservatives: that we have (and I'm paraphrasing here) our own pre-set conclusions about things, don't consider other POV's and don't think outside our boxes but since when do libs do this??? hell when do any of us do this?? (I'm particularly thinking of my boss here). The assumption is made by her and folks like TAO that only liberals think and employ reason and are capable of analysis, conservatives just recite their pre-fab POV's handed down from generation to generation. Now I'm pro-life not because of my parents, my religion or my party but I've simply come to a pro-life conclusion in life. IMO or IMHO if that's better I've come to the conclusion that it is better for a society to be pro-life. Now the whole process of concluding implies or presupposes some manner of thought or analysis and so I have likewise concluded the Welfare State is also bad for society although TAO acts like if you don't believe in it then you're somehow evil or at best grossly inconsistent. What they're really saying is that certain conclusions are invalid not that you don't think although we're entering some pretty mystical terrain here I know.

I got some crap in my notes I'm gonna reserve for some other days of the week so as not to get too long-winded so that's it for today -- Sex, Saty and TAO. I'll be back after the New Year with some fresh complaints or some revamped old ones, cultural/societal grievances, agita, angst, perhaps an existential meltdown or two. Not being a strong advocate of the philosophical school of thought known as Optimism (God I hate those people at work who act like you don't have the right to a bad mood day every now and then) you might wanna pop a Zoloft.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spending money & other thoughts

When I brought this subject up the last time, the value of spending and consuming over only saving money it was pointed out to me at the time that you cannot spend your way out of a recession. Not being an economist (when I took Economy in school my eyes glazed over) I'm going to override this point with this. Now your older folk being the frugal types will often say if you make a fancy omelette at home, say two eggs and an egg white with some onions and mushrooms and cheese in the middle the same meal will cost you $7.49 at some diners point being obvious of course, you could have socked that money away. My philosophy is not only do you have the pleasure of dining out with a friend but at a minimum you're making the jobs of all the people who work in that diner possible. Let's say we all did the right thing according to the oldsters and stayed home your diners and restaurants would go out of business and it's really hard to see how that's good for the old economy. Also you can't take it with you. When I'm nearing The End I'm gonna spend it all, sorry it's a philosophical thing.

The Price of Marriage

Friend and I went to the Jefferson Valley Mall in Yorktown Heights yesterday and you always see older husbands waiting for their wives. You know the type, some hang out at the railing on the second floor and look down with bored, existentially pained expressions at the shoppers milling below. At one end there's a group of soft chairs where people can relax and most of the seats seemed to be filled with the duffs of these older tired-looking gentlemen waiting for their wives as they shop for bras, body lotions, dresses WHATEVER. I call this the Hubby Waiting Area. So my question is do these same men drag their wives along when they go fishing or hit the links?? The marriage thing, I look around me and it's like a deterrent.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tiger Woods on hiatus

Well if anything we'll learn the names of some of the other golfers now. If every other scandal-tarred athlete were to remove himself from the game in order to be better husbands/fathers/people we'd have no sports, what do you think? (A-Rod never even seemed to feign remorse, maybe that's the way to go). Guy at work the other day regarding why Tiger would stray so often on his supermodel wife: "you even get tired of filet mignon" - I guess......(ok I was waiting for my session to be extended for 15 more minutes, there you go). Lady Gaga doesn't do it for me, she's trying to be like Madonna but there's only one Madonna and you might say when Madonna wasn't being controversial she had a little bit of talent. Oprah's White House Christmas Special, that's a I-have-to-have-a-gun-pointed-at-my-head-to-watch-it kind of deal (is Brian Williams gonna be an elf?).

Now I'm gonna go get hammered.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The West Point address

I DID watch the bulk of it until the Sobieski kind of took the upper hand and haven't read the other blogs on the matter yet but I have to say the thought occured that Obama is somewhat better at foreign policy than domestic policy. I watched it basically because it was West Point and wanted to see the cadets. There was the element of pathos there, you'd look in the audience and realize that many of them are going to be deployed to Afghanistan and a certain percentage of them are never coming home. I also feel the war in Afghanistan is far more germane and relevant to the War on Terror, to crushing Al-qaeda than the campaign in Iraq was and is and there was a kind of inversion of priorities under Bush when we saw Saddam Hussein swinging from the gallows instead of Osama bin Laden though for the record I oppose the death penalty. The President will send 30,000 more troops over there, many by Christmas and the rest by next summer in a kind of two-step surge and the withdrawal date is set for sometime in 2011. What's a conservative to argue with? the speech was okay unless you like eternal warfare but it's hard to believe we're still at war with a bunch of cavedwellers who haven't been rocked back to the Stone Age yet. Bush kind of led us to believe the Taliban was crushed once and for all and all the action was in Iraq if you wanna be honest about it. I pray for those young men and women we saw last night, lives so full of promise and hope but Obama did well in laying out why they're going over there. Now to the other blogs......

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

keeping it psycho: those White House party crashers

We finally got our exclusive! There they were on The Today Show this morning talking to Matt Lauer. We're talking about the Salahis of course, Tareq and Michaele and Tareq was saying how the media have it all wrong, how they were devastated and their lives practically ruined over this. So it's all our fault, it's that old theme again. They can't talk in detail now but that day's coming and they insist they were invited. Seems they once crashed a Congressional Black Caucus dinner and they were politely escorted out and when Matt brought this up they just called it a gossipy rumor. OK no need to recap all this you know this stuff already but here's why technically they're not lying, they're telling the truth which is not to say the msm is engaged in a conspiracy against them (why for heaven's sake?), the msm do have their facts straight so how can both of them be right??? Very simple,

they're nuts

they ARE telling the truth as it exists in their own heads just like O.J. didn't murder those two people and UMA sent love signals to Jack Jordan. Now the Salahis are not Charlie Manson insane, they're what is known in the trade as being functionally insane. Worked with a woman like this once and you don't catch on right away until the stories they tell, the things they say don't make sense, don't add up. They can hold down jobs perfectly well, tie their shoelaces in the morning, brew their coffee, pay their bills on time and chat with their neighbors. They make it through the day just fine but they're still major bonkers. Even THEY don't know they're nuts.

it's awesome!:)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Tiger Woods

I'm no legal expert so correct me if I'm wrong but I thought when something happens that may be in the purview of copland and they call you down to the precinct or come to your house to talk to you you pretty much have to, I mean Joe Schmoe just can't slam the door in their face and say he's had a hard day at work, he's tired. Yeah I'm talking about The Accident. I remember about a year or two ago when Tiger's game was suffering, he'd miss a few putts here and there, he was a little off his game, just a tad and my brother said "that's because he's still thinking about her sitting on his face last night" but that was then, apparently the shine may be off the conjugal apple. Now sure his Swedish supermodel of a wife was probably tempted early on, he's another one like Simon Cowell who can wipe his ass with money AND single-handedly fund health-care reform but a smart gal with a good head on her shoulders would have easily saw down the road and seen the signpost marked TEMPTATION, turn around. You know it's a pretty big story when it's the second lead story on the national news over the weekend even bigger than those White House party crashers and the prevailing theory right now at least among the women is that he had an affair and she wanted to wrap a golf club around his neck, just sayin'.

Tiger Woods, I always thought he had a 'tude.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

How do you define a conservative Utopia?

Let's say in our futuristic theoretical scenario conservatives got every victory under the Sun they ever fantasized about

except One,

and anyway the FC's have always had a problem with this one issue. They say the SC's are way too concerned and focused on It and it would do the party well to give it the old heave-ho since we agree on so many other things. OK so let's say in our hypothetical here liberalism is a total thing of the past, a fossil, don't gotta even worry about it anymore and so we have our conservative society, our conservative world but without Pro-Life. We got everything else just not that one thing. The libertarian wing got their wish big-time and so the everything else includes the usual: leaner government, vastly lower income taxes (or none at all), a strong and stable military (very Reaganesque), labor unions gone, a better educational system that got rid of tenure, geez terrorism you don't even have to worry about anymore even at a shopping mall in Israel, free speech and then some, tort reform

the whole gamut,

except that not only is abortion-on-demand still the law of the land but the country hasn't even been pulled in a pro-life direction, in short there's no pro-life influence even. The FC/libertarians would naturally be perfectly fine with all of this but it would still be a spiritually empty victory. Take away the moral tension on any issue and you leave yourself a vacuum, there is a part of us that likes to be reminded of Right and Wrong though we may bristle at it on the surface. Even the FC's themselves who no longer hide their irritation at the SC's, take away the SC's would they still miss us? We need that moral voice even if we disagree with it, if anything it may lead us to calibrate our own views, many times they need calibrating anyway. If abortion ceased being on the political radar screen, if every pro-life voice vanished overnight it'd be like your Dad buying you a Hustler and a bong, you'd be taken aback and would lose the sense of sin. Many of you may hate the SC's the way Barry Goldwater did in his dotage but do you really want us to go away? Can't we on some psychological level represent Conscience at least in some rudimentary, vague and primeval way, serve some type of existential purpose? Tension, moral tension always serves a purpose and liberals can serve this purpose as well. We will always oppose the Welfare State but the moral calibration here caused by liberals force us to give more charitably, at least that's my theory and studies bear this out, conservatives are not at all stingy when it comes to the collection plate. Take away every single moral voice which you hate be it liberal or conservative and what have you got? Many FC's say Rand had the perfect blueprint for a perfect society but for me for all of her great ideas and she had a few it would still leave me spiritually empty. We NEED other voices!

How do YOU define a conservative Utopia?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Idol without Paula

She's been on since the show's founding and I ain't the president of the Paula Abdul Fan Club or something but it's like when a regular worker leaves for all their faults you still miss them. Ellen the newest judge, no musical expertise or connection to the music world that I know of. Drifted in and out of Idol all last season and what we got was Adam "It's Because I'm a Gay Man" Lambert. Paula has had two careers, as a pop singer and larger imo as a judge on AI. We have treated her zaniness as a threat to the Republic ("oh did you see?") when the more important issue is the government running the country into the ground (Bush government or Obama government, doesn't really matter). Anyway I ain't watching this time 'round. It's not a kind of fervored protest on my part just a show that doesn't know what to do with itself. Did they want to get rid of her all along?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our Earth Goddess has made a prophecy

OPRAH has announced her last show will be sometime in 2011 - "25 years feels right in my bones" (it does to me too) - and this was promulgated with the utmost gravity. The way it was announced though I thought her last episode was just two weeks away. It's apparently as important as a predicted astronomical event and one can expect a new understanding of Time itself: there was BC, AD and now AO for After-Oprah. So why can't SNL, the Simpsons and the Tonight Show with any host follow suit?

Knew a Jamaican chef once who said he couldn't put his finger on it but he just doesn't like her. "I know she's done good things with her Book Club and all but I just don't like her." Her beneficent and fruitful Womb has spawned Dr. Phil and now Dr. OZ. If she and Obama ever have sex we could have ourselves a new Creation Myth in about 2,000 years hence, the Renewal of the Earth and archaeologists will be unearthing the bones of Republicans and conservatives in the Gobi Desert.

Phil Donahue was big back in the day but not like this. He'd have on say a very sexually active grandmother and raise her hand and say "God bless you Mama!" with cheers from the audience but he kind of resembled a big channel catfish near the end foraging in the muddy river for chicken guts and doughballs the kind a good ole Southern boy night noodle or grapple with. He was a liberal who knew his time was up.

Somewhere in the cold winter nighttime sky between Orion the Hunter and the Twins lies the as yet to be discovered Oprah constellation, future beacon to navigators and seafarers alike and when she passes she will be mummified in a sarcophagus, lines will form around the Globe and Mankind will finally know Peace.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Does being pro-choice mean you have to be pro-Roe?

Is this constant percolating tension between the social conservatives (SC's) and the fiscal conservatives (FC's) within the party a false one? Can one be pro-choice and anti-Roe vs. Wade? Soapie has said in the past abortion should be a states' rights issue though he is personally very much pro-choice but he seems one of the very few fiscal or libertarian conservatives to actually say this. Put it this way I could (though there are alot of other factors involved here) support someone for political office who is pro-choice but anti-Roe and I would say the majority of pro-lifers these days are not purists on the issue. The Human Life Amendment is pie-in-the-sky stuff except for folks like Judie Brown of the American Life League. If Giuliani had adopted this federalist approach even a few years ago he well might have been the GOP standard-bearer instead of McCain by default. I've never understood it, this internecine political rift between the SC's and the FC's when there is so much potential common ground here. Roe was wrong on so many levels that would be a separate blog unto itself, I'd probably have to break it down into 3 threads at least.

FC's do the same thing with Terri Schiavo, it's always the Congress shouldn't have gotten involved but I've talked to a couple of pro-choice people who saw it from other angles. When that case was living news a chef friend of mine whom I worked with at the time first said he wouldn't want to live like that (DUH, who would?) but then framed it as the husband was suspicious (no mention of Congress' involvement) point being can't the FC's look at pro-life issues from any other perspectives? My chef friend though I disagree with his politics (he's a liberal) generally thinks of things the right way, goes through the correct thought processes and I don't see alot of objectivity out there. Again he and I both had a common ground here about why not just let Terri's family take care of her and so you can't tell me there can never be any thoughts that coincide on the life issues between SC's and FC's or even between conservatives and liberals in general.

George Will once concluded that the abortion issue is stale, maybe that's because he prefers it that way. You take any issue under the sun and I can find new hues, other nuances, perspectives, shades of meaning. Maybe the problem is our limited imaginations.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Conservatism at its most primeval

I like every single conservative on the planet oppose the Welfare State but I come at it from a more visceral, more personal angle. Sure I oppose folks sitting on their duff getting a check for the usual reasons, fosters dependence on government yada yada yada but where I differ from most conservatives is when they say work automatically ennobles a person. Occasionally yes but more often no, let's face it work sucks for most of us so the main reason I oppose welfare is if I have to suffer then so do you pal. Not exactly high Newt Gingrich philosophy, won't make the GOP platform but there you have it. I oppose the beatnik philosophy of getting up whenever the hell you want to and doing whatever for the rest of the day because I can't do it. My brand of conservatism is you could say off-kilter, it goes all the way back to the Id. The Id has a few things to say about race too but I'll leave that for another day, well no let's do it here. Folks who are racist are that way because of black crime, not like they wake up one morning and decide to become a bigot. Obama bending over for the Japanese Emperor on his Asian trip, now this Emperor had a father once who was also Emperor by the name of Hirohito I believe who okay'd the attack on our sleeping soldiers at Pearl Harbor. Now I GET the criticism that we conservatives are just looking for stuff, the guy can't do anything right (your basic Shaw Kenawe position) but he's making it too easy. It's times like these when I believe you should be allowed to say without a peep from Keith Olbermann or Bill Moyers the guy's a FUCKING ASSHOLE!

I can't believe I'm living.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sarah Palin Week & other thoughts you hear seldom expressed (if at all)

Yeah Sarah Palin Week is coming up. I know if you're a lib you're supposed to hate her and if you're a conservative you're supposed to love her but mine is a non-position just like I'm not for or against Dancing with the Stars because I don't watch it. I'm not into Sarah Palin, there's just something existential about it. I'm at the point in my life where I'm bored with alot of stuff but seems to me

we should have cured cancer first instead of impotence. Impotence is not a tragedy, it's a misfortune and folks often confuse the two. Cancer on the other hand...put it this way, how can you enjoy Sex if you're dead?? Our cultural priorities don't seem very logical but then again it'd give everyone something to talk about if you're lying there in the casket with a boner.

Can or should the act of onanism land you in Hell? Posed this once at a religion forum where I was deemed somewhat controversial but seems to me if you're gonna be damned for all Eternity you should at least have done IT with another party. I don't get Catholic theology on this one, not advocating for or against but just seeing the existential absurdity of it all. God doesn't want you, the Devil doesn't want you (you're not depraved enough) and so there must be some kind of Limbo out there for folks like porno pete.

Re Love % Romance I have alot of thoughts. Now what are the odds exactly of two people feeling exactly the same way about each other? No I'm not talking about being compatible, you both like bowling and hate Obama, you both ipod to Pink, you're both against the oral but the whole Richard Burton/Elizabeth Taylor, Antony and Cleopatra thing, a love for the ages -- "Elaine!! Elaine!!." Can you grow to love somebody? seems in most cases we have no choice, Life ain't that poetic or doesn't cooperate or whatever which if you go back in my blogging archives is one of my recurring complaints, a romantic peeve of mine. Here's the paradox although we won't admit it, the stalker's view of the universe is the correct one, it's the way Life is supposed to be, but his or her actions are wrong of course, after all as bloggers well know it's the hardest thing trying to convince someone else of your own POV although we sure as hell try. Most folks are against the happy ending, "reunited and it feels so good", and we seem to want to trudge through Life with our bad memories. Goes a long way in explaining
our divorce culture,

It's November the 15th and here in the Northeast it's balmy again. Wondering how long it will take before the rest of my conservative brethren admit maybe the Goracle just may have the smidgeon of a point, a sliver of the total picture. I don't know how to dress in the morning anymore, it's chilly at 6AM but then I find I overdressed around 2 in the afternoon. Wasn't this way in the past when this time of year was autumnal but that was in the era before global warming and the climate change stuff. We shouldn't disagree on this one anymore only question is why do we care so much? if it's 65 degrees out in January why the massive cause for alarm? Enjoy the day, I mean if you don't have cancer.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Obama, the Hamlet of foreign policy

It's the Nobel Effect. What's a peace-prize winner supposed to do, send an additional 30,000-40,000 troops to Afghanistan? although I did read in the paper just the other day he was on the verge of doing just this. Short of a mushroom cloud does the guy call anything a terrorist act these days? I don't feel comfortable.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why is Glenn Beck so worried about South Park and Playboy?

If there's that much concerted effort to attack you even amounting to a journalistic conspiracy at least it shows you're important (the Z-man would actually envy this treatment - ALAS!). So South Park made fun of our guy last night. The only people I know who actually watch South Park and talk about it the next day are young men, the artwork ain't even good. It's as annoying as Family Guy or American Dad with the gay alien (this my friends is where the FOX Network sucks). As for Playboy they've been losing sales for years. I mean if you're looking for sex on film you're gonna be going hardcore I would think and don't want to see some woman's head bobbing up and down with a vase in the way (what's that? porno pete agrees). What kind of man wears pj's all day when he can be out fishing, on a boat or playing baseball? must be the French influence, left-wing faggot. The cultural importance of what Tony Snow once memorably called this "saggy bag of flesh" is grossly overrated and at his passing with the usual media encomia expected Z promises a relevant blog. In fact I put Playboy and Rush in the same category, they are soooo yesterday like the old-fashioned Yoo-Hoo bottle you may find while hiking in the woods or that old Stephanie Mills album you buried in the back of your stereo cabinet - "oh look at this!" - nostalgic and all but then you move on to something else. Put it this way, my friend and I were in a Barnes & Noble the other day and they still have Archie and Veronica comic books around with modern themes like text-messaging, do we care?

Another critical and key difference between liberals and conservatives -- libs are more worried about anti-Muslim backlash, they seem to see every major terror attack as Fort Hood through the prism of geez I hope they don't beat up the Muslim guy down the block who's getting his morning paper. Conservatives are more worried about Islamic extremism itself and will even call into question the whole religion although this is not allowed at Hannityland. Lib concerns are not irrelevant but I put myself firmly in the con column, I don't see the need to have coffee and donuts with Mustapha at this point. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly met for a whole hour the other day with Muslim leaders to address their concerns in the wake of Fort Hood but I ain't into the whole imam scene. That's fine and all if that's your thing, in fact it's swell, I got no problem but personally I'd be like you have to take back your whole faith system first.

The Beckster (oh that's so gay) is back with a bang! Did you know there's doggie insurance in the health-care bill? Rumor has it that Hef likes the animals, just sayin'

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We're a free country but we could be freer

While there are myriad themes running through my blog if I could encapsulate the Theme of Themes it would be this: "yes we're a free country but we could be freer." We all have our own concerns and issues, I might talk about things that Glenn Beck doesn't even touch on and vice versa but the way I see it is even though we're still a democracy, yes I know a republic, a capitalistic system (although those days seem to be numbered) we have slowly evolved into a Work State. My friend and I took a trip to Piermont yesterday and then off to the Palisades Center Mall, largest mall on the East Coast and as usual we hashed things out. He's an Irish conservative but somehow seems less Obamacentric than most, we talk about Things in General that bother us. We both work in the food industry and we both have only one day off a week which is hard to coincide, you really have to cram everything you wanna do or have to do in that one day (e.g. oil change, haircut, things you need to buy) and so he said "you're like a sailor on leave" and when you're a sailor on leave you start doing crazy things, get a tattoo, get 10 lap dances BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO GO BACK. It's a control issue, your life is structured for you by OTHERS and so that's what I mean when I say we live in a free country but we could be freer. Every time somebody does something stupid pass a law. We have this thing at work now there's never a key in the compactor because that's the law and when you take the garbage up you waste more time trying to find a manager with his big ring of assorted keys. So that's what I mean, we're somewhere in that gray realm between being a pure capitalistic system based on freedom and the communist model and we seem stuck in this mode. Dunno what to call it yet, liberty with a hundred footnotes. You see people are threatened by total freedom, you can never have total freedom and so we can't give him 2 days off a week because productivity would fall even though that's a myth, if anything you'd have happier workers. So after Piermont we're driving along Rte. 59 to the Mall and he goes the country is like "a big jock itch growth of corruption, it has to be lasered out." We touched on job stress causing skid marks in your drawers and he goes "we should send the laundry bill to the Company." Then if this isn't enough you have your psychos and sadists to deal with, people who use the fear factor like you just had an extremely busy Sunday at work, the only question is how much the sales were up and so you happily tell your boss the next morning you were rockin' 'n' rollin' and she goes "we were down 500 dollars." Everyone's job is now on the line, honchos driving around in their big limo and may stop in later, doomsayers, naysayers, psychological terrorists, the world is ending, press a button. So then we capped it off eating at some Tex Mex place on the 4th floor, ordered some beef and chicken enchiladas, tacoes, roasted peppers, rice and beans and the portions were humungous. Now no sooner do we start chowing down the EFFECT was immediate, you felt different, you wanted to go to sleep, it was like a narcotic effect...OMG MKULTRA!!!...and so to get a more objective sense outside my own world of paranoid delusions I run it past my friend and he said he felt exactly the same way. We couldn't finish the stuff, he chucked his doggie bag at home later although he said the guacamole was the best he's ever had. That's the thing with restaurants these days, they either give you too little or food fit for a fat slob (was that a shadowy G-man we saw at The Christmas Scene before dinner?). Dunno man but I'm feeling trepidatious lately. Glenn Beck is back on the air today and he says to trust your instinct, to go with your gut, your dog knows when something Ain't Right so I don't know what to make of all this, it's haphazard bullshit, that's what it is (make myself feel better) but I do think if there's some massive conspiracy afoot it's to Work Your Ass Off...on the road again...

Monday, November 09, 2009

Obama's erotic dreams of socialism

In case you missed it by now there's some sort of liberal consensus out there that we conservatives all go to the Big K whenever they have a big tinfoil hat sale. Well yeah to call Obama a socialist you have to wear a tinfoil hat so just the other day I got my new issue of The Fatima Crusader in the mail, Issue 93 - August 2009. Hey it may not be most people's main source of information here but the themes are the same and that's the beauty of the VRWC, many segments are deliberately kept in the dark about the other factions, it truly is what the V stands for and is as complicated as Whitewater so that should the day ever come when THEY decide to prosecute us it'll be too, shall we say like that George Clooney movie Syriana. Anyway an article by traditionalist Catholic writer John Vennari is germane here: We Must Choose Between Our Lady of Fatima's Plan for Peace vs. the New World Order Tyranny ( Now to those of you whose eyes glaze over at every mention of the supernatural there's enough Glenn Beck stuff here to really sink your teeth into. A recap:

"Obama is essentially a left-wing radical, he is a globalist and he is one of the most (if not the most) pro-abortion political leaders on the planet...In a January 5 interview of CNBC on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Kissinger, speaking of Obama and the current economic crisis, said, "I think that his task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period, when really a 'new world order' can be created. It's a great opportunity. It isn't such a crisis." There's some stuff on the Bilderbergers and "one of the main aims of the New World Order is to erode the national sovereignty of nations in favor of an international world government." yada yada yada David Rockefeller, special interests...oh God he's even more pro-abortion than Barbara Boxer!! Oh yes and then there's Saul Alinsky, radical left-wing organizer who died in 1972, Obama a big student thereof. The Rules for Radicals, Chicago, "it is crucial for the radical not to look like a radical" (hmmmmm.....). In a 2001 radio interview Obama said the liberal Warren Court didn't go far enough, didn't "break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution" meaning redistribution of wealth for instance but you already knew that if you're good Glenn Beck fans. Education and health-care, euthanasia down the road, globalism and the UN, cap 'n' trade, climate change, communist treaties, government should raise your kid yada yada but I saved the best for last. The People's Weekly World which is the official newspaper of the Communist Party USA sees Obama as "the best opportunity in decades" (so where do they get their tinfoil hats?).

WHEW, let me give my fingers a rest. President Obama, you must be giving out the wrong signals dude! Hugo Chavez likes you, the Castro brothers don't think you're half bad, you pleased Putin, some Norwegian socialists gave you their highest prize (the Dalai Lama is soooo yesterday) and now the official paper of the Communist Party USA thinks you're great. They say they can tell you're one of them, they just know even if you don't yet. Maybe there's a latency here, some erotic dreams never talked about but if I were him I'd take a day (or two) and take a walk down by the lake without the wife and kids, go out on the pier in the fading sunset and skim a few pebbles across the lake and take stock, sort things out, work on some issues. SO WHY IN HELL DO SO MANY RADICALS IN THE WORLD LIKE ME??? The right-wing, they're nuts of course and yet the commies and the socialists just love me, well they don't exactly hate me like Ronald Reagan...hell call Michelle and take a couple more days and hit the cabin, you need to be alone, every Man needs to, call it a retreat. It's like when you're shopping in the supermarket and some perv comes on to you or when you went to high school the quirkiest kid in the class shunned by all the others took a liking to you and sat next to you and tried to be your friend. The right-wing is telling you you're a commie, the left-wing is telling you you're a commie. If you ask me there's some serious VIBE action going on here. Everyone thinks you're in the closet dude, whassup?!? time to get......reorientated?

Friday, November 06, 2009

The Z Platform

Started blogging way back in August of '06 and been going at it steady now for three years. Such a wide variety of topics so I thought I'd break it down and you have it over there on the right. Certain themes, concerns, issues, peeves, obsessions have emerged:

I'm fairly libertarian but with social concerns -- now there's a very fine needle to thread between soapie and kris, what's a guy to do?

War only as a last resort -- where I differ from most conservatives these days. I'm not by any stretch an armchair neocon warrior but not Mahatma Ghandi either. I would rather have brought OBL to justice and save Saddam for another day, again I'm off the plantation on the whole foreign policy thing, sorry.

Big Business is not always right -- again where I differ from most conservatives these days so don't bring me on a shopping spree at Walmart.

Let's debate Islam -- hand it to Matt Lauer for asking some good questions this morning on the Today Show about that tragic Fort Hood massacre in Texas. Seems the soldier/psychiatrist who did the shooting is a Muslim and yelled "Allah Akbar" (God is great) before he commenced killing 12 soldiers. Let's debate Islam, something you can't do at Hannityland. Maybe on balance Islam is a peaceful religion but dunno anymore, let's talk about it.

No More Laws -- we could even get rid of a few. Ties in big-time with alot of other themes here.

Sex -- don't desexualize Life but act with decorum. In the wake of the Steve Phillips scandal ESPN held a conference call recently to discourage office romances. Ever work in a totally desexualized workplace? BORING, not the solution ok? Sex ties in with

Feminism which imo has done more harm than good. Now there are laws and policies in the land basically in effect legislating how men pursue women (yes I said pursue, got a problem with that?). Men are wired this way, if you don't like it move to another Planet. Sure there are excesses but I come from an era where Men were red-blooded and not pc-feminized pussies, I'd rather be annoying than afraid.

Free Speech -- while not absolute it is what it says. I like the raw feed when you get somebody's thoughts unfiltered, Deal With It.

Pets -- It's my feeling that conservatives can be a little more pro-animal, a little more pro-environment. You don't have to save every snail darter on God's green earth but you don't have to build UPS and Coca Cola plants right by a beaver pond either.

Law & Order -- think Dirty Harry and Charles Bronson movies.

Rush & Glenn -- Glenn is downright interesting to listen to but I think for myself thank you. Rush on the other hand...

Psychiatric Drugs -- doesn't get to the root of the problem, may as well take LSD.

The Bad Mooders -- bosses often fit into this category. If I wake up in a good mood don't bring me down asshole.

Work -- I don't worship it like most Republicans. It's a means to an end that's it, I don't start humping the table because the boss just said I can work 2 hours OT today.

You know I'm gonna cap it here, this is gonna take all day.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


You know when people get married everyone throws money their way? Let's say it's your cousin, whoever and at the reception everyone lays their envelopes on the table. Most probably contain hundred dollar bills, maybe mine was a fifty. Anyway let's say a few years down the road they get unhitched do we get our hard-earned money back, a refund you could say?

"Hey I gave you guys 50 bucks for a washing machine and you didn't even stay together."

I believe in spending money but I don't like wasting it. Hey if folks want to get divorced so be it, it is what it is BUT GIVE US OUR $$$$$ BACK!!!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Thoughts on Election Day

Does your vote really count? Sometimes I feel like a drop in the ocean when I go in there, if you don't have a million other drops just like you it's meaningless, a kind of existential politics if you will. What with corruption, voter fraud and the special interests in answer to the question somehow I don't think it really does. In a perfect world.

The theoretical -- What if you had 100% voter turnout? What if everyone eligible to vote in this country did how would it break down? Would Obama even be President? If there's such a groundswell of grass-roots opposition to him now how come this didn't manifest itself in the voting booth then? Are liberals just better organized? Was it corruption or is it simply a case of buyer's remorse? In this case it wouldn't be such a right-wing thing as the msm is making it out to be, a bunch of Glenn Beck podpeople mechanically doing what the Master says but let me not ruin a good story.

"He couldn't be elected dogcatcher." Do we even have dogcatchers anymore?

& Finally Corzine, throw the bum out on his keyster!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The fall classic

Kind of drifted away from the game in recent years, baseball's changed alot since I was a kid. You got the wild card now, another division in each league, interleague play, you don't know who's juiced up and who ain't, it's a little more complicated now and some days I don't want to think too much. Games are longer too. Used to be on average about 2 1/2 hours, now they're regularly over three. After each pitch the batter has to step out of the box, adjust his batting gloves, scratch his nuts and then the pitcher's not ready. Can you not be a fan of your hometeam or even root against them? I'm not saying I'm one of them but I know some New Yorkers who feel the Yankees are arrogant, a few are even diehard lifelong Red Sox fans.

Good game last night, give credit where credit is due. The Phil's Cliff Lee had his spiked curveball down pat and economized his pitches well, pitched a complete game, almost a shutout save for one unearned run and had a blase kind of 'tude going which I liked. The way he caught that popup to the mound and then a grounder behind his back, 'twasn't nothing, I'm bored. There was a mist falling since the start of the game but the tv made it seem worse. Now Tim McCarver's kind of a polarizing figure, men either seem to like him or hate him but I like him. I like the way he dissects the game and he's not afraid to say someone made a bad call or a bad play, he'd rather speak his mind than be popular among the players. Joe Buck? good I guess.

George Will likes baseball, shows he's hip and not all nerd and that's cool. Greatest baseball player of all time? that's easy, Willie Mayes. Derek Jeter, went out with all the well-known babes at one time or another, Mariah Carey, Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson. Does anything happen or is he just a good guy that you can talk to and he's willing to listen? The Game's on the evil FOX network which works for me, wonder if Obama's watching. Oh and one more thing, Pete Rose deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Can we do that for the guy before he passes?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The politics of the Breast

A theme is going to be emerging here, actually it has poked its head up already in the past and I didn't really go looking for it. God knows I'm a busy man but for me it's almost a certitude and it's this:

There is a cultural, a societal preference in favor of the Woman. Her needs, her emotions, her overall health, her general wellbeing is of paramount importance and her perspective is almost accepted without question.

It's happened within practically the last few months, the Breast Cancer Movement. It's everywhere you go. Take supermarkets. Boar's Head has the pink ribbon thing down pat including pink deli caps for the ladies although I suppose men can wear them too and so you pass the deli and then you see just up ahead a big bin of Breast Cancer Balls for $9.99 each. In the bakery section you see a setup on a table of pink roses in vases and pink cupcakes and then when you're paying for your stuff the cashier asks you if you'd like to donate a buck to you guessed it but let's stop right here and pull this rig over for a minute.

There's nothing at all wrong with any of this. I was in a food store just the other day and forked over my dollar, WTH? there's a collective feel-goodism about it all and you're making a difference at the same time but where are all the prostate cancer displays? Where are the brown ribbons? where is the symbol of the whole Prostate Cancer Movement? (perhaps something to do with a finger, I leave that to your imagination). OF ALL the forms of cancer why is the Breast the thing? If I as a man give to Breast Cancer Research because it's socially required, politically necessary am I not slighting my own sex?

The theme I highlighted above will be a recurring theme throughout my blog now (that's a leitmotif for you people in Rio Linda California). Even when women do wrong or go bad it's treated differently. 'Member Lisa Nowak the astronut? initial reaction to her even among male commentators expressed more than a nod of understanding (yeah Sean). Most recently Steve Phillips' stalker, Brooke Hundley, well put it this way, everyone knows her elevator is stuck between the 4th and 5th floors but at worst it's treated in appropriate comedic fashion whereas the men stalkers most recently in the News of late were treated with the Utmost Seriousness, don't recall any jokes from the Jay. On the workfront I've noticed the workers most likely to be fired or at least ripped a new one are Men and this happens on a fairly regular basis. A woman could suck, a female boss can be atrocious but it's overlooked, there are really no repercussions and it took me a while to figure this one out in my own jobs but women are special although this won't be posted on the breakroom bulletin board as official policy. It all goes back to the movies from the olden days, women have that special aura, due to the nature of their sex men give them deference, men want to protect them etc. etc. Humphrey Bogart. It's why Mother's Day has always been a bigger day than Father's Day. Men just ejaculate and then roll over and go to sleep, women have to deal with the rest. Pro-choicers will deny this to the max of course but the act of feticide is really a political statement although they could just as easily make this statement by urging the woman to have the kid and then sue for child support but somehow this is better.

If you want to call this a masculinist screed go right on ahead, call me a male Andrea Peyser if you like but it's time Bill O'Reilly devoted a whole hour to a discussion of the Politics of the Breast. Devote a whole show to the prostate too, Bill could even bend over on the air not for titillation's sake, oh no, but to show the seriousness, the utmost gravity of the i-shoo. Somewhere deep deep down you know I'm right.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Do liberals hate wealth?

You know you never get a straight answer from these people. I wish folks would admit their biases from the outset and that includes President Obama and assorted flacks and hacks. In answer to my own question I would say in large part yes, whether they're animated by the Gospels (e.g. Hillary at least in her college days), liberation theology or merely subscribe to a secular philosophy is an open question but I do think they somehow see excessive wealth as inherently sinful, immoral, somehow wrong. OK so this doesn't explain the Hollywood crowd but Rush nailed that one years ago, the rich superstar liberals do feel great guilt over their great wealth and so they figure supporting the Democrat will help out the little guy, put a bandaid on your conscience. Again lack of candor, when was the last time you heard Whoopi Goldberg say "you know I can wipe my black ass with hundred dollar bills and in a quiet moment it does bother me from time to time." Now if you have as your premise that accumulating riches is wrong then it would seem to me that logically extended this would at least lead to a socialist outlook over time and probably a Marxist one, ain't hard to figure.

The other issue is FOX News. Now if Glenn Beck et al are defaming the president, spreading lies as they say on a regular basis then why is the White House banning FOX from the press pool? that's kind of dictatoresque imo and only leaves us with PRAVDA so everyday you're fulfilling your own caricature even more ("geez, anything else I can help you guys with?"). We have to go through 3 1/2 more years of this crap from supposed a-dults? Sure it's easy to masturbate your liberal base and go after FOX and thereby distract your base from not fulfilling your campaign promises like signing FOCA into law but cha'know if I were a left-winger I'd be like stop your dog-and-pony show already asshole and give me the meat and potatoes, like that old lady used to say on Wendy's "where's the beef?" Who give's a rat's ass about THEM, they have a right to exist just like you and me. OOOOOOHH, FOX News, FOX News, Rush, Glenn, passing some used-car lot or salvage yard and throwing rocks at the junkyard dog, going woof-woof and then merrily skipping along your way with your bookbag, faggot.

This wasn't a split-second decision on my part. God knows I was fairer than most but this is a ghastly administration, just in time for the Halloween. All he has to do is put on an Idi Amin mask and start munching on Glenn Beck's leg.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

This isn't the way capitalism is supposed to work

President Obama has a pay czar, a Mr. Kenneth Feinberg, and it amounts to this. All of the seven firms that got the most bailout money HAVE TO cut the salaries of their top 25 executives even as much as 90 percent!!! Firms like Citigroup, Bank of America, AIG, Chrysler and General Motors but Feinberg also has his eye on their highest-paid 175 execs and if he has his way which being a czar he will they would have their total compensation slashed by as much as 50 percent, this would include your bonuses and stock options. So WHY doesn't this bother more people?

The vast majority of us cannot relate to the wealthy let alone the super-wealthy and so we don't lose sleep over it. I can't, it's a world that's totally alien to me and I do have feelings on the matter. I ain't no country-club Republican that's fer sure, hell I ain't no Republican to begin with but it's times like these when you have to let go of your personal feelings and fall back on principle, you have to see the danger for what it is. It's quite apparent at least to me that Obama is anti-wealth, passionately so, it's a core belief of his, in fact it seems to inspire many of his actions. You couple this with the fact that the Government is now taking over certain companies and so you automatically have the element of coercion at work which is NOT the way free-markets are supposed to function. So what are we to conclude here? Now I know that many even some conservatives will make the technical argument that this still ain't socialism, far from it but I don't see it as an isolated case in times of national economic emergency, not at all but part of a much larger picture. WE ARE ON THE ROAD TO SOCIALISM. Now to be fair Bush started the ball rolling in the wrong direction with the bank bailouts but I truly wonder if even he would have gone this far. In short you can be poor as dirt and still find all of this disturbing and I can only see this as only the beginning, the tip of a very large iceberg.

The Government telling top business executives how much they can earn, I don't care the context here or the purported economic exigencies of the moment, that's pure Marxism plain and simple and if some fellow conservatives find my views to be somewhat radical then don't visit here. To say that the seven firms at issue are partially owned by the taxpayer, well that's a soothing and deliberately misleading way of framing the matter but they're really owned by the federal government, I really had no choice in the matter so how could they be mine? If you find this too conspiratorial or uncongenial to the sensibilities of liberals for your tastes then go visit Joe Scarborough, I simply want my country back.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm not an extreme libertarian, I say leave the gerbils alone

I've been meaning to do a blog like this for some time now but waited for the right moment to present itself and now it seems I got one. Former ABCer John Stossel has joined the Glenn Beck team. OVERALL I like Stossel though I disagree in a few areas (e.g. drug legalization). So why has a collective movement based solely it would seem on the concept of liberty (libertarianism) never really taken off? the wisdom of libertarianism would seem to be self-evident after all. It's why prostitution is still illegal in this country and we are still suffering under the income tax. Them be funny issues, I always thought the Supreme Court reasoning in Roe applied vastly more to prostitution than feticide and I have always maintained it's no business of the Government's whatsoever if the service you're willing to provide to others involves say painting their house or retiling their roofs for a fee set by YOU. Well maybe the reason is folks still have some social concerns. If a guy on angel dust wreaks havoc against others the libertarian would seem to say the larger issue is his liberty to use a dangerous substance, most others see a greater interest in protecting society at large here. With the whores they cause traffic jamups and other problems in nice residential neighborhoods. Same thing with the strip clubs, there's always some asshole with a grievance who can't just go there to have a good time, has to slash somebody. Now this consenting adults stuff that always gets thrown in your face like if you criticize Letterman, well sure up to a point but that doesn't mean you don't have the right to your private personal views on say adultery. Now let the other ball drop and say it was Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity who had affairs with staffers, why the left-wing bloggers would STILL be talking about it. Hell there are some sexual practices I have definite opinions on, the libertarian would seem to say it's all good, I say if you like somebody to stick a sound in your penis there's something wrong with you, same deal with scatting but I ramble...

Libertarianism, what does it mean to you?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Can Jon Corzine get any more pro-abortion?

Judging from his campaign ads against Republican challenger Chris Christie you'd think Abortion was the biggest issue facing NJ. You remember Corzine, this clown was speeding without a seatbelt in his SUV going to that nappy-headed 'hos meeting, now he's got corrupt rabbis in his state laundering money but as Governor apparently feels A Woman's Right to Choose will what exactly, stimulate NJ's economy and create jobs? Still and all the polls are practically neck and neck which hearkens back to an earlier political analysis of mine, only folks who actually plan on getting an abortion sometime in their adult life would care this much about where Christie comes down on the issue. Now I hear some pro-choice grumbles in the back row there but it's just like with adultery, as one young guy at work told me "I don't think people actually plan on cheating when they first get married." Now one might make the case that if the States were free to legislate on the Matter once again Corzine's strategy might make some sense unless he's thinking Roe is so shaky it'll be overturned any day now. Corzine, I never liked the guy, what can I say?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

NFL pussies

By now everyone knows RUSH wants to buy the St. Louis Rams. As you also know the Rev. Al Sharpton went to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to nix the bid saying Rush is divisive. Al Sharpton talking about healing and unity would be like if Dave Letterman gave a seminar on sexual harassment. So today we found out that Dave Checketts, the former MSG exec and leader of the bid group that Rush belongs to kicked Rush off citing, oh I don't know something that Rush once said on ESPN about some black quarterback. OK stop right there!!

Gotta explain something about that remark and others like it. It was a racialist comment not a racist one. It's as if you said Jews kvetch alot when they go out to restaurants, you don't hate Jews but the statement does have a racial component to it, even Jackie Mason uses it in his monologues alot. How many times has this happened at work? some black worker gets away with, well practically everything and someone will say that they can't get away with the same stuff 'cause they're white. That's not racist, that's racialist and sometimes they may be right.

So what is the genesis of this now ageless charge that conservatives are a bunch of racists? Is it because we generally oppose racial preferences aka affirmative action? Is it that simple?? or is it THAT and the ancillary comments like Rush made? The Willie Horton ad used by Bush Sr. against Michael Dukakis is now considered infamous but was it really? That was a legitimate campaign issue about the furlough program in Massachusetts and if people wanted to take that as code for white fear of blacks, tapping into the crime theme well so be it. Was it a racialist ad? perhaps but it's only infamous in the minds of people like Bill Moyers and, oh hell why don't we throw in Phil Donahue too, but the rest of the country got the real lesson about liberalism is bad for society and sent little Mikey with his army helmut packing.

A Final Word -- conservative icons like Rush and now Glenn Beck in this blogger's opinion spend way too much time responding to their critics which leads nowhere. When Hannity does it it sounds like a whine like some stray cat you just fed but he keeps on with the mournful meowing, it's like what is that?? Ignore the criticism as in totally, wear your extremist label with pride, wallow in the fact that you make liberals miserable and only complain if they don't spell your name right. You'll come across as a dark figure, a kind of cultural antihero and you'll swagger in that bar where Olbermann and Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough (he may as well be a liberal) like to hang out and you will relish every minute of it, the VIBE in the room because of your sheer presence and you'll park it down right next to them, you're one cool dude, don't say ANYTHING, you have a couple of brewskies and a smoke and then leave and the ladies at the corner table sitting in the semidark will be duly impressed and intrigued by your mystery, your manly silence, the enigma of your past suffering, your very lonerhood has made you more sexy it oozes out of you and them? bunch 'o' pussies. Get with the existentialist edge already!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not a snoweball's chance in hell

Woke up this morning, popped the tube on, saw the Senate voted for some version of the health-care reform and turned it off again and went out. They're still trying to do something with this monstrosity! On my nice autumnal drive this morning up Carmel NY to catch the foliage caught some of the Glenn Beck Program and this must be a bad day or something but he played something Bill Maher just said about health-care reform on the Jay Leno Show the other night to wit "what's 60 votes? 60% of the people don't believe in evolution, they're stupid. You have to drag them to this." Thanx Bill for elucidating for the folks the very definition of communism. Here is one dark comedian who apparently sees the main point of political humor as not being to poke fun at your enemies but to destroy them. He's a hater in the Chris Hitchens mold and brings to mind the old Oscar Wilde aphorism "to be witty without being charming is an unpardonable mannerism of style." I try to think in my own blogging humor there is some remnant of love for humanity at large that tempers it all and then there was Chris Matthews saying something like someday a pellet is gonna go into Rush's head and he'll explode like Mr. Big (this is a serious political commentator?). Is it just me or does everyone need to pop a Prozac? is there something weird in the ether out there? That Obama song that those schoolchildren had to sing? Yeah I know that we had one for Bush too, thanks to Jon Stewart for pointing this out but this one was creepy like that Twilight Zone episode with the pig doctors and the pig master leader comes on the monitor to give his speech ("conformity")...if somebody can answer why Jon & Kate are important? We spend too much time behind the set anyway, gotta watch Judge Judy, Hatchett, Springer, the news at noon, the news at 5, the same news at 6 and then before we hit the pillow. You go out into the sunlight on a nice day like some blind salamander and you're squinting and covering your gaze but your eyes seem to get used to tv pixels in a hurry. Some Quinnipiac woman doesn't want her female students interning for the Late Show with David Letterman so we'll just leave it there for today.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The verdict on Glenn Beck

Many even some of those on the Right call him crazy but later on today I'm picking up his book especially for my Mom. What others call crazy I see as daring commentary, daring commentary is by definition new and fresh (simply for the fact that most others are afraid to say the same things) and so anything that is daring, new and fresh cannot be boring and Z-man considers boredom to be the bane of existence. So those are my reasons for forking over some dough for Arguing With Idiots and has nothing whatsoever to do with having to agree with every jot and tittle of what the man says. Now some are bemoaning what they call the lack of moderate voices on the Right these days but I say if you can make a cogent argument backed up by facts and actual quotes then what's the problem? Re all those radical leftists, commie czars popping up in the Obama Administration at a charitable minumum it shows a woeful lack of vetting and for that reason alone pointing this out amounts to a vast public service. Out-Of-The-Box thinking, that's me and if you can't say or even think certain things then that amounts to a kind of intellectual straitjacket. For me the vast majority of conspiracy theories are just plain wrong but geez over the course of the centuries one or two have to be right but that's a subject for another blog. Free speech is free speech and we live in an age when anything and everything is out there. It's all good.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Obama, governing hard left in a center/right country

It's like an A&P carriage with the bad wheel that always pulls to the left. At a dinner the other day at the Human Rights Campaign, a gay group, Obama went the whole nine yards. Repeal don't ask, don't tell. Yeah now the gay guy can go off to some foreign war orchestrated by a bunch of neocons and get blown away - progress. He wants a law giving domestic benefits to gay pard'ners, he wants Hate Crime legislation enacted pronto but most off all he's urging Congress to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (the DOMA). Now most folks are more than tolerant of gay folks now but the residual distaste for the act remains, they don't want to see it codified into law somehow. Now there be a few conservative bloggers in these parts of the libertarian bent who breeze all this away but for the Rest of Us enlightenment doesn't come easy, we're fine that the sexual menu has more on it today than in the past but there ARE limits. 'Member when I went to Mt. St. Michael in the Bronx and the morality/sex ed teacher said anything besides the missionary position is kinky, pity this guy's poor wife but by the same token we ain't gonna be buying a jelly fist anytime soon (the reader will note I left out any references to gerbils, I'd like to think that's a fringe thing). BTW that movie Al Pacino would like to forget about, Cruising is icky on an existential level, nobody and I mean nobody liked it, even the gays hated it. You're disoriented after seeing it and you just sit there but being the avid DVDer you just had to watch Pacino wave the yellow hanky in the gay bar and the guy in the swing. OK so this is all cultural stuff and I said a little ways back that the case against gay marriage is based more on cultural preference than hard logic but at any rate the larger issue here is that Obama doesn't care about any of this, apparently he'd rather be a one-termer who effected radical social change, it's THAT important. Abortion can't be far behind on the agenda since he's now catching up on his campaign promises so he says. IMO Obama should go to an abortion clinic himself for a few days and watch a few of them being done especially the later-term ones, at least see firsthand what he supports wholeheartedly. Do I think Obama's a communist? I'm slower to come to these conclusions than say a Glenn Beck but I could probably be convinced over time. Obama, masturbating his liberal base but will a minority but loud base in what is basically a center/right country carry him over to a second term? Well not if half the country turns gay. Moderate he isn't, triangulation ain't his thing and you probably won't recognize this country in four years. Stay tuned for FOCA...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

But who else was in the running the Dalai Lama?

Well it wasn't gonna be Bibi we know that. As long as your name isn't George W. Bush you have a shot. I understand the rationale for Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize, taking measures or trying to take measures to reduce the world's nuclear stockpile (only the most nostalgic paleocons yearn for those good ole Nagasaki days) and his outreach to Muslims in the famous Cairo speech obviously played more than a part but his mere nine months in office weaken the argument considerably I might add. Oslo Norway, known to be very liberal, don't they smoke pot over there?

So are congrats in the offing or in order from us right-wingers? not if you're Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity. Maybe O's decision to take away our radar in the Czech Republic and our interceptors in Poland had something to do with it, imagine Reagan doing this!!! but really who else was gonna win this one if you want to be totally objective about it? DR. OZ?

But Z wanted a Big News Event and he sure as hell got one!!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Where conservatism went wrong

Theories abound but nobody's hit on it yet, nobody's even warm. ION Television here on Ch. 31 has begun showing all those classic Dirty Harry movies at night and when channel-surfing I don't care how many times I've seen them I take my thumb off the remote (The Honeymooners Syndrome). Sure the movies have their flaws, they are corny and contrived in parts but you viscerally relate to the Callahan character and that's because there's the unrelenting drive to get the bad guy. Taken as a whole they are quintessentially conservative at their core and show how liberalism is bad for society as a whole. Harry ain't no liberal. Now before I open the card and reveal the answer to today's blog question can anybody guess it? Oh come on it really ain't that hard and if you still don't get it reread a few times that part in bold-type.

Now I've been around the block enough times at various right-wing forums and blogs over the past few years to know that the majority conservative viewpoint of today is that (not even seems to be, it is) it's not all that important to get Osama bin Laden (oh God I'm giving away too much already!!) For anyone let alone an independent conservative like myself to dwell on that is to be guilty of a liberal talking point (Clue #2). In fact if he's never caught doesn't seem to bother many if not most conservatives at all, it doesn't light the conservative blogosphere on fire, that'd be health-care reform. Copenhagen, cap 'n' trade, Van Jones, Kevin Jennings (look at the labels people), Savage can't land in England, Madeleine Albright has a turkey neck, Roman Polanski, MICHAEL MOORE...

My only question is what would Harry do?

Friday, October 02, 2009

Even if I were gay I wouldn't want to have sex with David Letterman

Re that extortion plot, there's something vaguely weird about it all and even my local newsman looked stunned after the report was over that David Letterman had sex with a number of women staffers. It's as if you found out Ted Koppel was plowing the chicks all these years, this stuff is best left to the old guy on FRINGE. I can't get past the images. There's the images of the Samoan tsunami and then there's this. One affair ok but looks like feminism hasn't impacted Society as much as we thought. Dave doesn't have to go to the Playboy Mansion it seems, he's his own Hef.

workplace trendoids

People who can't finish 16 oz. bottles of Pepsi or Poland Spring and complain two days later that the boss threw out their beverage even though they can't seem to finish off a 1/4-1/2 inch level of the remaining fluid at the end of the day. Finish your beverage and there won't be a problem, this was never an issue for me. People who have lockers at work, isn't that getting a little too into it?

uncool bosses

Bosses who've known you for years and STILL work you to death, who won't ease up and have absolutely no humor. You're not asking to have a few cold ones after work with the guy, you're not even asking to have sex with the guy just be a little human is all. Main problem with the World today, nobody's cool.

people who take hour-long showers

I have a friend who does this and I asked him one day what does he do in there? He says he thinks. So you're there scrubbing your nuts, Ole Socrates and somebody else has to get in there. Nice guy, even the cat is waiting to use the litter box. He recently picked up a second part-time job and I says how's it going? and he says at least it's something. So I'm lazy for holding down only one job?


A philosophical question

Does conservatism or do conservatives in general come to preordained conclusions? Should conservatives come to preordained conclusions, the Insta-Opinion? Lately it's how to treat Roman Polanski (cut off his gonads and sautee them) but it could be anything. Is this good or can we at least differ around the edges?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

After 31 years we finally have our man! now what?

The Hollywood spin is it was rape but not rape rape, a statutory thing but, um, Whoopi there was also a quaalude involved. The man has finally been caught in Zurich so is acclaimed director Roman Polanski above the law or should he be? Well technically no. Should he spend the rest of his years or most of them behind bars? Something tells me also no. Woody, Scorsese and Lynch getting a petition going to rectify the situation, I really have no problem with this and it's to be expected and the fact that his victim in 1977 now feels let's put the whole thing behind us is not insignificant. So let's get some sort of plea deal rocking (again) and, ok full disclosure

I just love the movies.

I'm sure the President has an opinion.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Let me tell you what was happening on the Glenn Beck Program today

Beth got me turned on to him and so I sampled a little more today and he seemed like a different Beck but I'll get to that in a sec. So they made fun of him on SNL, that show is so lame and so well past its prime that unless Tina Fey was involved it doesn't even merit a blip. OK so today Beck was talking about the federal government may force your kids to get the new Swine Flu vaccine and he was talking about all those mothers who say HELL NO!! So Beck and his sidekick were hashing this out, this massive distrust of the government thing. Beck said it's not healthy and he divided the mistrusters into two main groups: those who think the government is incompetent and those who think the government is up to something nefarious.

FOLKS, Beck ain't immune to criticism either, he's human and by taking on a kind of fringe element here that even he disagrees with he looks moderate and reasonable by comparison. Point of this blog is not to say Beck is extreme himself but that's the common assumption and perception that's out there thanks in large part to the media although he does use actual quotes of people in making his case, Obama's past statements in interviews about the Constitution doesn't address income redistribution for instance, that's a pretty Marxist thing to say and no SNLer can bury it with parody. So on today's radio show if you just tuned in for the first time and had no clue as to who Glenn Beck is Beck sounded like someone taking on all those folks who distrust the federal government (POT - KETTLE - BLACK) but in answer to Beck's own question why are all these Moms saying no to vaccinating their children two words -- TUSKEGEE AND MKULTRA. We all know what Tuskegee was all about but for those of you who are new to MKULTRA this was an ultrasecret project of the CIA in the '50s and '60s that involved among other things dosing different sectors of the US population with LSD without their knowledge and studying the results (I'm still waiting for some conservative feedback over this, perhaps in a future Jonah Goldberg column?). So am I on the same side as these Moms who think the government is up to something James Bondish with the new Swine Flu vaccine? not in a million years but understand root causes here and am surprised Beck didn't bring them up. Yes righties, actual conspiracies do exist on occasion, the Moon does enter its blue phase every now and then.

Is Beck losing his cojones? If you find them will you please return them?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hate speech on the Left - the murder of a pro-life activist

Go to for the tragic story of pro-life activist Jim Pouillon's murder. Jim Pouillon was sitting across a school in Michigan holding his pro-life poster when a car pulled up and did a drive-by. The self-avowed pro-life hater also allegedly killed another man and was searching for a third when apprehended.

Do pro-choicers need to police their own speech? Does Keith Olbermann need to dial down the vitriol? Should we hold the NOW gang personally responsible for Jim Pouillon's murder?

Ya wanna know something? on a theoretical, abstract and even practical plane it's all good and despite the most heated verbiage on BOTH sides actual incidents of violence is something that's really few and far between. Ya wanna know something else? some people just don't LIKE free speech, lately it's the liberal crowd. Now ever since the tea parties and townhalls liberals in general like Bill Moyers and Frank Rich and the liberal msm in particular, well put it this way their absolute hatred for conservatism is coming to a rolling boil now, all the invective they can muster up is coming YOUR way but if I can sum up their overall theme about US we're totally for the rights of the individual against the welfare of the larger society or community, we're anarchists who are totally against the government or the State, potential McVeighs, we're against charity or caring for others, we're conspiracy-mongers (although what's wrong with the notion that the occasional conspiracy theory may actually be true?), in short we hate the State (well kinda true) but the biggest thing I'm seeing of late is that liberals HATE free speech, it's always free speech is good and fine and swell and American BUT (go over what they said about O'Reilly in the wake of George Tiller's murder) but on this front what would happen if we didn't always call for tempering or policing our own speech? what if we just let her rip? what if we just let free speech be, say what we will? I submit that in general


would happen, and the few extreme cases that are alleged to have been caused by the hateful speech of others however dubious the connection does not justify in the least chipping away, abridging or otherwise curtailing or suppressing the free speech of others. OR to put it another way so Ted Bundy liked porn.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A fan of neoconservatism (NOT)

Irving Kristol, godfather of neoconservatism 1920-2009

It's not just that the philosophy of neoconservatism has led us into many a foreign adventure. This is either good or bad depending on your viewpoint, for Pat Buchanan it's bad but I really have no problem if the guiding moral principle involved is to liberate an oppressed people but here read this from a 2003 column in The Weekly Standard by Irving Kristol (bold-type mine)

and as Glenn Beck would say READ CAREFULLY (ooooooh):

"Neocons do not like the concentration of services in the welfare state and are happy to study alternative ways of delivering these services. But they are impatient with the Hayekian notion that we are on 'the road to serfdom.' Neocons do not feel that kind of alarm or anxiety about the growth of the state in the past century, seeing it as natural, indeed inevitable.

People have always preferred strong government to weak government, although they certainly have no liking for anything that smacks of overly intrusive government. Neocons feel at home in today's America to a degree that more traditional conservatives do not.

Note the not so subtle digs at paleoconservatism or the purer form of conservatism. Z makes the case that you cannot have a large state that is also not intrusive, that's a neocon fantasy, and from my vantage point you only need something new or neo if there is something wrong with the old product. OR to put it another way who's more popular right now, Rush Limbaugh or David Frum?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Obama, the Billy Mayes of American politics (with apologies to Billy Mayes R.I.P.)

Word on the street is Obama appearing on all those Sunday morning news shows yesterday to tout ObamaCare was more like a bad infomercial and will only hurt him down the road. No FOX, this shows a childish mind.

It's absolutely amazing how helpless people are and I think this explains in large part why Obama was elected, it was a vote for Bigger Government. People can't do for themselves. Having worked in a moderate-sized supermarket you'd be amazed, you cannot walk from one end of the store to the other without being asked at least five questions by customers. At least 50% (or more) of their questions are self-explanatory: "Where's the coffee? where's the jelly? where's the beer?" and some of them live at Courtesy, I think they like to have a problem. Well there are signs posted in each and every aisle directing you to each item but this is what I mean, people ask for help even when they don't need it. To separate a people from their government would be like a form of separation anxiety and that's what we conservatives stand for. All we're asking for is for folks to take their thumbs out of their mouths.

If I were to look at this Glenn Beck thing objectively I'd say the libs like Frank Rich and Bill Moyers are giving him way too much power, he's only a radio/tv guy after all and again who's more wildly successful him or they? It's all a form of penis envy.

There are things I WON'T blog about (or more accurately take up as a cause), the Hofstra false rape case for instance. Here you had four slobs who were having bathroom sex with some slut who falsely accused them of rape but one documented it all with his picture phone. It all sounds like a bad porno, the kind you buy in a gas station in a weak moment, you get home and got you're Lubriderm going and it's like WTF is this crap?!? Sorry guys, you're a bunch of pigs who shouldn't have been doing what you were doing but hey Andrea Peyser likes you.

Libs have spent way too much time on the Joe Wilson matter already. Maureen Dowd of the New York Times said it's pretty much the same thing as if he said, what he really meant was "you lie boy" (get it?). Now I disagree with many of her opinions but for some reason I thought she was more intelligent than this, maybe it was all her anti-Bubba columns in the past which led me to believe she wasn't your doctrinaire liberal, maybe she's bored with her dildo. You know what would be nice though? Next time Barney Frank gets up to blather about something if Wilson said "oh why don't you go suck a dick?" Read that one into the Congressional Record. I got my checkbook ready with quill in hand.

Friday, September 18, 2009

How to put the racism issue to bed once and for all

Elect a black conservative president next time, say Clarence Thomas or Thomas Sowell. If we still hate the nigger then ok.

The ACORN doesn't fall far from the tree

If two people walked into your ACORN office like this you'd HAVE TO know it was a sting,

then again maybe not.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What really stands out about Patrick Swayze (1952-2009)

From Wikipedia:

"Personal life

Swayze was married to Lisa Niemi from June 12, 1975 until his death."

Ghost has got to be one of the most romantic movies of all time, a must have in any serious DVD collection. I really was hoping as we all were that he was going to kick this thing but I don't think they know how to treat cancer yet. You don't know which is worse, the cancer or the chemo but this has really turned into the Year of the Famous Dead Person -- Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson (they're STILL talking about it), pitchman Billy Mayes, Walter Cronkite and of course Ted Kennedy (and others I'm leaving out but those are the most prominent, you'd have to google the rest). I sure hope next year is less dark.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West has been doing this far longer than Joe Wilson

Quick recap for those who are dim on pop culture:

19-year old country/pop artist Taylor Swift wins Best Female Video for "You Belong With Me" at the MTV VMA's (that's Video Music Awards). "I've always dreamed about what it would be like to win one of these one day. I never thought it would happen." Rapper Kanye West bursts on stage and says "Hey Taylor I'm really happy for you but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time" (for "Single Ladies" which I could never get into but that's just me). He's made previous award show rants about Gretchen Wilson, Justice and Simian (whoever the hell they are), and Britney and JT (Justin Timberlake).

First I heard of Kanye West many years ago he was known for rapping about Jesus. I thought oh good a clean rapper like Will "Getting Jiggy With It" Smith, didn't know at the time he was mental. Last I heard from him he's like the gatekeeper of the latest street lingo and told us that "bling bling" is no longer in use, only white guys use it (and that's when I was just getting into it) so he annoyed me then for some vague reason like all other people who annoy you for some vague reason (CarrotTop, Oprah), didn't know he was a thug but what I really think needs to happen here is for Obama to set up another one of those beer summits, maybe for Taylor it could be a Raspberry Snapple.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

To hear liberals tell it

the conservative grassroots is filled with Hate. First the Tea Parties and then the town halls but the way I see it is Democracy in Action,

it's all good

and have liberals forgotten their own maxim that dissent is the highest form of patriotism? So some folks showed a little passion, it's nice to know some Americans still have some spunk left in 'em and I'm trying to diagnose the lib problem here. Is it we're not supposed to critique the nation's First African-American President? Well welcome to the ballgame bro! I think it's healthy that folks are up in arms about the lack of fiscal restraint by Government which among other things is what's animating the conservative grassroots these days. It's OUR money after all. Whether you agree or disagree with the tea partiers and townhallers there's nothing even vaguely unconstitutional about it all but libs are treating it as a hate crime.

I'm lovin' it!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Why saving money is not always a good thing

Caught a snippet of the Teshman yesterday. In his "15 Seconds of Wisdom" segment he recommended drinking from the old tap with a filter of course instead of forking over a whole buck for a bottle of spring water. What the hell is this The Grapes of Wrath? Why not put your rusty old Datsun through the can machine at the local A&P? Z's gospel here is IT'S GOOD TO SPEND. Yes read that again. I've a friend, I call him a shopping addict but he insists every purchase is a necessary one but no need to justify. It's people like him who are keeping the economy going, not people like John Tesh. Tesh seems to advocate a modern-day asceticism but when he goes home to the Good Lord first question will be "did you enjoy Life to the fullest? WHY didn't you have that creme brulee when you were out with your friends that night?" I've gone on shopping excursions myself, gotten home and said to myself why the hell did I buy this stuff? but rationalized it on some level by saying well it's folks like me who are the lifeblood of the economy. Many times after work I'll stop at this local store run by Koreans for a bottle of Poland Spring and proudly fork over my dollar. I love patronizing Mom & Pop stores, keep 'em in business and is God really going to judge you on how much money you "wasted" during your life?

Poor Connie Selleca!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The MSM under the microscope

As my brother is fond of saying take an average group of people and they'll likely tend to be non-ideological, you can have someone who is pro-life but for gay marriage at the same time, you can have a conservative who bashes Big Business (that'd be me) but the whole point is there are so many opinions out there and that's good. It's pretty much an established fact that the vast majority of the msm are liberal in their political orientation, ok sure you have your occasional Brit Humes, ok you have Brit Hume but on balance they always take the non-conservative position on practically any given issue. They won't call themselves liberal of course, we're objective you know (a Marvin Kalb piece of gospel they fall back on when challenged) but they certainly do harbor certain opinions and this seeps out every now and then in their coverage of the Whatever and the seepage is known as bias. I like to think of it as cat spray, marking their territory or a little septic action in the backyard but ok, so now here's the question before the Board today (or judging by my sitemeter of late is that the Bored?) -- do these budding journalists, aspiring reporters enter college, journalism school, the institutions of Higher Learning without much in the way of a strong political package to begin with either way and then something happens within the school itself that churns out a bunch of cookie-cutter liberals OR are they liberals to begin with who are merely honing their journalistic skills to better practice their non-bias bias? Again on ANY GIVEN ISSUE, Ted Kennedy - be respectful, talk radio - Bad, health-care reform - obvious, Van Jones - Glenn Beck racist......I MEAN WTF IS GOING ON HERE???

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Introspection on abortion

Usually when I'm debating with a pro-choicer at some forum or blog, when things get to the boiling point and I'm driving my point home, when things get a tad too personal the opposition will throw the pejorative "self-righteous" in my face which they like to say characterizes the social right. OK I'm speaking only for myself here, can't speak for Sarah Palin, for the Rev. James Dobson, Randall Terry, Jeb Bush, just little old me. In my day to day I consider myself so far from the holy, for the bulk of my life I've never even remotely felt myself approaching sainthood and yet at the same time I've reached the conclusion that many pro-abortion folks are utterly heartless but it's not self-righteousness that spawns this evaluation as I've none of it to begin with. I think many pro-choicers are dark people and while I consider myself to be your rank-and-file sinner, I fully expect a lengthy stay in Purgatory at the least I don't want to take that final step over to the dark side (I hear BB cogitating a response) and the reader will note I was careful to use the word "many" here, didn't say "majority", "most" or "all" but candor compels me to admit for instance that many characters in the Terri Schiavo saga were downright creepy, I know a few liberals who feel the same way and again this is only a conclusion drawn from a sinner who is so far from the mark but draws the line at killing. As dear old Anonymous once noted "morality consists in drawing the line somewhere", you don't have to twist my arm if Beyonce and Britney, Eva Mendes and Jessica Alba are playing nude volleyball on the beach but I don't like to see dead fetuses in garbage pails. I guess the latter makes you a right-wing extremist, a fringe guy or gal these days at least according to polemical rules as defined by liberals who seem to feel that flexibility in one or more areas should guarantee your pro-choicedom. The other pejorative they'll frequently throw in my face is "Mr. Religious Fanatic" which for me is, as Mike Tyson would put it ludikwis since I've never gone out on a theological limb in any discussion or forum or blog with my latest calculations of who's in Hades these days, quite the opposite. Just an autobiographical note here SO GET IT STRAIGHT!!!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What part of we don't have the money don't they understand?

Bush's (now Obama's by default) Iraqi War, Obama's health-care initiative -- both involve massive sums of money on an astronomical scale. Sure we can google the stuff but I'll keep it brief. Now we're all supposed to be fiscal conservatives here in addition to whatever else we are (social, libertarian...) but if you apply this nonpartisan approach of we just can't afford it to a whole myriad of hot-button political issues they'd disappear overnight. Libs would not have gotten upset because there would have been no excursion into Iraq and health-care reform wouldn't even be a topic. I've come to the conclusion there really is no difference between Republicans and Democrats especially regarding money, OUR money. I've a sneaking suspicion the soapster agrees with me.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Maybe Danny Glover can go there

& Al Sharpton can come along for the ride. There have been within the past four months four cabdrivers shot to death here, three in the Bronx and most recently one in Yonkers and in all cases the motive was robbery. In May cabby Roberto Pita, 37, was shot to death on West Tremont Avenue in the Bronx. On August 17 cabbie Amadou Ndiaye, 46, was shot to death at Boston Road and Wilson Avenue. On Aug. 23 cabbie Jose Pena-Seguira, a 42-year-old father of four was shot to death by a paroled murderer near St. Mary's Park in Mott Haven (that's the South Bronx). Digression but it's not - lock Madoff up and throw away the key, KEEP SOCIETY SAFE! Most recently in the early morning hours of Sunday August 30 another cabby, Pericles Salas, 32, was shot in the head in Yonkers on Jessamine Avenue and pronounced dead at St. Joseph's Hospital which is the hospital in Yonkers if you read the local paper here that most crime victims in Yonkers seem to go to, busy place. Salas was an illegal immigrant from Mexico who supported a wife and 5-year-old daughter by driving long hours into the night. Fernando Mateo, head of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers said "there was no partition and no camera in his vehicle (as per the law and safety regulations - ed.). We're going to hold them responsible for his death" referring to the Mexicana Cab Service.

While that's all well and good the real killer here as usual is Political Correctness. Yeah we all know by now many cabbies don't pick up black fares, there's always much ado about this every few years or so in New York City. It's weaved its wave into edgy urban comic monologues but in all of this it's assumed as a matter of course for a cabdriver to do this is wrong as in racially immoral when the fact of the matter is cab companies should be allowed a certain latitude in exercising discretion and professional judgement when their drivers have to go into bad neighborhoods. OK I said it, nobody can talk about it but the elephant in the living room is black crime and when actor Danny Glover raised a beef a few years back about cabbies driving past black fares cab companies were told in no uncertain terms that this is illegal, an example of the grossest form of discrimination and ya wanna know something? when things calmed down and the racial activists had their way cabdrivers getting shot to death began to go up again. Now I've hashed this over with a good handful of people from time to time, the most honest place in the country right now is the living room and while most reasonable folk can see it from the black angle if you will they also say they're not seeing it from the cabdriver's perspective at all. It's a thankless job and a risky one as well and have the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson ever attended the funeral of a slain cabdriver? NO, they only pop up when there's a racial grievance in the air. Big Al has to go to the beauty salon every week to get his hair done for his next media appearance...

I feel the old blood-pressure rising, gonna stop here for now.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Think tanks, beavers and other things conservatives won't talk about

My friend and I are what you would call non-ideological conservatives. In my view the main problem with politics today is that the vast majority of libs and cons read from the same playbooks. Do libs have to be for abortion at every turn for instance? Anyway we got on the subject of think tanks.

Think Tanks

Many companies today use them. My friend seems to have a thing for supermarkets, always seemed to have been working in one at any given time so he was telling me he has it on good authority that the supermarket business in particular is heavy on the think tank stuff, hiring expensive consultants to implement their recommendations. Think tanks, yes they literally do meet in a house and chart the course of your workday from giving everybody only one day off a week to making most workers part-time but giving them almost full-time hours. Being pro-Big Business the average conservative is not going to talk about these things which is why you have me. On the other hand a rather small but not insignificant portion of the population seems to be happily unemployed and that's where the rest of my conservatism kicks into high gear. If I have to work so do you. At least work gives a discipline and structure to your life as opposed to all these people I just saw waiting for the library to open. What's wrong with this picture?

The Environment

Geez it would be nice if conservatives had at least some love for the environment. I remember when I was a kid my Dad took us behind Warehouse Lane in Elmsford, NY Back then it was mainly UPS there and in this stream you could see the beavers working, gnawing at twigs and building their dams, using their tails to pat the mud down and so I was telling a friend about this and we went there the other day. Have to relegate it to a fond memory though as the place has been more built up since those days with other businesses now but the thought occured: now we're not what Rush would call lefty-commie-enviro-whackos but considering that the beaver population had been so heavily decimated in the past due to early trapping when you do encounter actual beavers today in a populated area doing their thing one would think it has a special value. One would think SOMEONE would have left the place alone since a more reasonable environmental philosophy would recognize that the beaver should have a higher status than the snail-darter and so be worth protecting. In short I want the Palisades Mall AND the beaver and don't see why such things have to be overly political, either/or political pigeonholing. Gotta build! Gotta build! Well having gone there the other day it did bother me, ya gotta leave some things alone not only on an environmental level, there are romantic and poetic considerations as well. Maybe it's my midlife crisis but you should be able to relive some of your childhood memories.

So think tanks make your job rough and you don't even have the solace of looking at the beavers anymore. My schematics say something is wrong here.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our over-the-top media (as usual) - why I'm not into political necro

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy 1932-2009

I'm sorry but whenever I hear Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" I think of him ("If you told me you were drowning I would not lend a hand") but more on that in a minute. It's funny to hear the msm refer to Kennedy as the liberal lion of the Senate but that's because he described himself as a liberal so it was ok, the msm had no choice. It's kind of like coming out of the closet, the media won't do it for you (the responsible media anyway), you have to get the ball rolling yourself. If not they would have happily referred to him as a moderate because in the universe of the msm, must have something to do with the warping of space/time, parallel universes and wormholes but there are no liberals. OK on to the murky waters of Chappaquiddick.

MY THEORY and it's a darn good one is this and it was first proposed to me by a woman -- Ted was not in the car that night. He gave the keys to Mary Jo when he shouldn't have, everybody must've had some that night and so she was the one who drove off the bridge all alone. This helps enormously to help clear up some discrepancies like why he didn't notify the police immediately afterwards and why he was spotted early the next morning outside his hotel room all clean and with fresh clothes on and seemingly not a care in the world and that's because he didn't know at the time. Not exemplary behavior to be sure but not the monster he was often made out to be by right-wingers to this day.

OK a true John John story. JJ went to a nice restaurant with a woman and the head waiter told this other couple he was relocating them to make room for the Kennedy scion and so the guy was naturally miffed. JJ must have sensed this because after he came in he invited the other couple over to join them for dinner. Years later JJ bumped into the man again and remembered him and asked "so how was your dinner?" That to me speaks volumes, that's all I need to know about the man.